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Мистерия племени догоновFor many centuries the small African Dogon tribe has unique information about the stars that were open Western scientists only in the middle of the XX century. The Dogon argue that the knowledge they received from space aliens about a thousand years ago.

In southern Mali, there are mountains of Gombori. Here live in caves and in primitive huts, the Dogon tribe. Topographical and cultural isolation from the rest of the world for many centuries has allowed this tribe to preserve their identity.

In 1931 two French anthropologist Marcel Grill Germain and Dieterlen stumbled across this wild, but very peaceful tribe. Scientists has brought to Africa quite different tasks, but making unique "Nakhodka”, which for each of the anthropologist is a wild tribe, they remained there for almost ten years. And even on the study of life, customs, myths and religions of the Dogon not stopped: the French came in Mali and in the 40-ies and 50-ies.

Open and sincere interest of scientists to the life and customs of the natives quickly marked the beginning of their friendship. During the ten years of active work among the natives of the French got a lot of curiosities for historians and anthropologists of the material. They were given tools, which had not met before in any other separate the wild tribe of the planet, all kinds of statues of stone, bone and wood. Later it turned out that many of these items, no less net! Scientists were surprised by the unusual way of processing and irrigation Dogon land.

But the main thing. The friendship of the French with the Dogon have led to the fact that one of the sorcerers revealed anthropologists some of the mysteries, which were later produced in the academic world a bombshell.

The sorcerer had drawn for the French right on the sand map of the sky in which the Central place was occupied by the star Sirius. The most surprising, that map the native next to Sirius was attended by two unknown to science stars: the sorcerer called them On Tolo and Emma Ya (about the existence of Emma Ya in a while Western scholars did not even know). The sorcerer stressed that orbit On Tolo around Sirius is ellipsometry and a star is moving on it for 50 years. When skeptical French asked the native, how he is so deep astronomical knowledge, he told them that many years ago with the heavenly land On Tolo to the Dogon came the messengers of the heavens. They were unusually high growth and "a fish in nature”: breathed water and therefore was always in a transparent helmet. filled with liquid. The Dogon called alien nommo, which in the language of the natives means "drink water”. Nommo stayed in Dogon tribe hundred years. During this time they taught the natives to irrigate the land, to tame wild animals, to make the medicine from plants, improved agriculture, hunting animals and showed them how to harvest the forage. And in a hundred years they flew on In Tolo. promising to come back.

Then the witch doctor lifted the small seeds of some plants and told the French that the earth By Tolo so heavy that even such a particle of soil distant star will not be able to lift or move all of his people. Hence the name On Tolo: the small seed, and Tolo - star.

According to the Dogon, Tolo has three characteristic features: extremely white and bright (as argued by the sorcerer, looking at On Tolo, you can go blind), extremely heavy and very small.

On the star map, drawn by a native, was marked Saturn and its rings, and Jupiter's satellites. The sorcerer showed scientist four calendar, used in his tribe: the Sun, moon. Sirius and Venus. Unfortunately, the anthropologists Grill, Dieterlen better versed in mythology than in astronomy, and therefore recorded the story of the witch as a religious myth and "just in case” sketched map of the starry sky. I think if they knew better astronomy, you would ask talkative to a native issues, which would have helped to solve the mystery of the appearance in the primitive tribe sensational document.

Soon Grill, Dieterlen found that the star On Tolo known under the name Sirius B (or Sirius Large - first detected a white dwarf). Its existence Western scientists began to guess until 1844, when I noticed some features of motion of Sirius in its orbit. Astronomers realized that some heavenly body has a strong influence on this star, which prevents its uniform motion. In 1862 it was possible to calculate the existence of stars, which due to its unusually high density and a huge weight has an impact on the movement of Sirius.

In 1940, the scientists proved that Sirius B is a white dwarf, the representative of the smallest of the visible stars. They are very bright and have a huge density and mass. For the first time Sirius B was watching through a telescope only in 1928, and the capture was only in 1970 that is much later visits Grilem and Detelina Dogon tribe.

French scientists stunned some more facts. It turned out that the sorcerer Dogon called completely accurate figure of the orbital period of Sirius B (time of one turn around Sirius) - 50.04 +(-) 0.09 years - and the weight of one cubic metre of a ground of Sirius B - 20 thousand tons!

As you know, Sirius is the brightest star in the sky. And here marked characteristic. This star is the most vibrant in the period when it is approaching Sirius B. the words of the sorcerer of the Dogon tribe of the extraordinary brightness On Tolo also confirmed.

Grill, Dieterlen many times visited the Dogon tribe and noticed that the knowledge of the star maps have exclusively local sorcerers who were not willing to share it with anyone else, including their own. But among ordinary people Dogon tribe legends about the star of Tolo and Nemo, aliens with her. According to one, several nommo in the period of unusually dry season, when the land of the dogons collapsed hunger, give their body to be eaten by the natives, to save them from death." But then nommo rose. According to the General belief of the Dogon, nommo will return to Earth again, but this time in the form of people, and will rule the world.

Legends about the nommo the Dogon tell you with great love and respect for these "kind and wise” to newcomers.

The story and the star map of the sorcerer of the Dogon tribe seem incredible. In many religions there are mentions about that "someone will come down to earth, but to deal with maps of the sky, which marked not yet discovered the science of the stars, not often. And this makes us more time to think about many things...

Roman Aleev
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