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Предлагаем восстановить, заказать, купить диплом Вуза в любом городе России. Только настоящий бланк ГОЗНАК с гарантией.

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Заколдованное озеро в украинеЛюбителям всего мистического стоит отправиться на Украину за приключениями. Здесь очень много всяких диковинных мест. Сегодня мы отправимся в Донецкую область на Соледарское озеро. Место это поистине необычное и специфическое. То ли чудо природы, то ли аномалия, то ли волшебство.

Заколдованное озеро

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Инопланетяне зачастили в нашу страну

Number of aliens who visited Russia last year, increased slightly compared with the previous year. These data are presented in the annual study prepared by specialists in the paranormal phenomena and UFOs.
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Астероид с пол стадиона пронесется мимо Земли в середине февраля An asteroid the size of half a football field will fly on February 15 27,7 thousand kilometers from the Earth. He will be the first asteroid that size, passed so close to our planet since the beginning of regular observation of space objects, says the Manager of the NASA program for the study of objects in earth orbit don eomans.
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В марте 2013 года будем наблюдать за кометой C/2011 L4Astronomers hope that in March 2013 for comet C/2011 L4 can be seen with the naked eye.
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Найдены метеориты родом с МеркурияНайдены метеориты родом с Меркурия

German collector bought a few Mercurian meteorites. Meteorites are heavenly bodies that enter the Earth's atmosphere at speeds. Usually supplier of meteorites is a large asteroid belt.
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Убийца динозавров мог быть двойнымNotorious meteorite, which helped to cleanse the Land of the dinosaurs, in fact, could be double, that is, in the planet crashed two asteroids that were in orbit each other.
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Астероид 2012 DA14 не тронет ЗемлюRecord convergence for objects of this size will change the orbit of the asteroid, and with us, nothing will happen.
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What did the snow and frost - short days without the sun as the reason for winter depression. According to statistics, are affected more than half of Russians. Spring forward as a miracle, but, announced this week, forecasters, spring may not be. Because of the shifting of climatic seasons after winter immediately can come summer. No romance. That is, in the Russian climate there is a new tendency - will not be more than four times of the year.

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 В России поймали снежного человека и не знают, что с ним теперь делатьThe servicemen of the Frontier Department of the FSB of Russia in Ingushetia in the forest in Dzheyrahsko district of Ingushetia caught a strange two-meter-like creature Bigfoot, informed the Agency "Interfax-Yug" Minister of labor and social development of the Republic of bahaudin Marsani.
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Лженаучная комиссия14 years have passed since the establishment on the initiative of academician Vitaly Ginzburg so-called "Commission to combat pseudoscience". Hiding behind the noble goal of "saving people's money from attacks of various kinds of crooks from science, academicians of the Russian Academy of Sciences for its many publications in the media, in addition to discredit breakthrough technologies and theories, just distract the people and the government of Russia from its inefficient work, which spent an incredibly huge amounts of money.
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На Карибах возможны сильнейшие цунамиMore than three thousand years ago, the tsunami has caused severe long-term environmental changes in the Caribbean.
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Ученые: современный хлеб опасен для мозгаBread is one of the oldest food in the human diet. He nutritious and useful, at least as regarded even by experts. However, the known American cardiologist William Davis argues that modern bakery products, at least not bring any benefit to man, and it would be better if they do strike out from the diet.
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A member of the U.S. army Ted Daniels during the fight in the Afghan province of Kunar fastened on his helmet video camera and began to film the events to the house to show the video to their children. The movie, which the military considered heroic, his superiors and YouTube users appreciated otherwise, the Washington Post reported.

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В Италии может начаться извержение Супервулкана. На Флегрейских полях поднимается земляFor several weeks land on the so-called Phlegraean fields near Naples, where there is the Volcano rises stronger than before. Indicates whether this for the next eruption?
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In Brazil there is a growing number of victims of a fire in a nightclub in the city of Santa Maria in the South of Brazil. According to police estimates, killed more than 200 people. Just as in the time of fire in the building, there were about 2 thousand visitors. They came to a rock concert.

During the pyrotechnic show from the sparks lit up the floor to the ceiling. People panicked stampede people suffocated because of acrid smoke. Before the arrival of fire those who managed to get out, began to make the victims on his hands. The fire had been brought under control, rescuers continue the rubble. Dead bodies continue to do in the local sports centre which is the procedure of identification.

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