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Шаманские пророчества XXI векаSeers and prophets lived on Earth at all times. For some, their divination was a cause for deep reflection about life, for others they were only able to satisfy their curiosity, well, while others didn't want to hear or were too sceptical. But whatever the criticism did not undergo prophecy, the fact remains the fact - many of them already reflected in reality and, judging by what is happening in the world changes, the greater their number will materialize in the near future...
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Экстрасенс Александр Литвин: 2013 год принесет удачу тому, кто впряжется в работу с 5 январяOne of the most famous psychics Russia gives the forecast on Jan. Alexander Litvin - one of the most famous psychics Russia, expert on energy and its impact on our lives, the winner "psychic Battle - 6" tells that awaits us in the first month of 2013
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Предсказания индейцев майя: что ждет мир в 2013 году?As promised Indians, December 21, 2012 end of the world did not happen. But a new era has begun!
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Предсказания Ванги на 2013 годAccording to the predictions of Vanga, 2013 will be rather unusual and complicated.
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21 декабря 2012 года - обычный день. Катаклизмы начнутся в марте-апреле. ПророчестваOn December 21-23, 2012 nothing significant will happen - ordinary days. But some prophets predict that should be expected global earthquakes around the world in the spring of may 2013. According to the predictions of St. John Chrysostomos, there will be four strokes from the ground floor.
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Известный экстрасенс Александр Литвин: В 2013 году будет Всемирный потопThe winner "psychic Battle" gives the forecast for 2013. Alexander Litvin - one of the most famous psychics Russia, expert on energy and its impact on our lives, the winner "psychic Battle - 6" tells that awaits us in 2013
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Стража и надежда пророка Аввакума650 a year before the birth of Christ. God's chosen Israel, forgetting what he was saying was in the salvation of his people, the Lord, hit in ecumenism and combined visit Solomon's temple with sacrifices to the idols, even ritual burning of the children. God suffered, hoping that the Israelis will come to their senses, but the external being of many has zacepilo eyes. And only the prophets, not defiled spiritual dirt and God-lovers, heart felt disgusting crime will not pass for nothing. Among these deputies was Habakkuk of the tribe of Simeon ... ...
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Предсказания Артура КларкаSuch is the nature of man, that he always wants to look forward into the future, to learn what it can to wait there. That is why, probably, soothsayers, who believe that only their predictions of the future truly correct, a dime a dozen. There is, however, a really unique persons, it is unclear how we are really able to see what is hidden from the eyes of ordinary people.
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Видение С. Докториана о ближайших катаклизмахThe prophecy of the American Samuel Doctorine about the future of tectonic cataclysms. The vision was revealed to Dr. Samuel Doctorine on the island of Patmos in 1998:
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Кем был Барнашка? Необычная история бурятского прорицателяBaikal has given the world not only the most clean water, but also a special energy. She and different ages have different effect on the condition of the surrounding peoples. One Genghis Khan - say, a native of Transbaikalia for something. But it was, it appears, at Buryat people and no less memorable prophet - grandfather Barashka, resident of the village of Solute.
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Рао Махараджа о появлении первых знаков грядущего конца светаAmong the modern Indian astrologers may be noted Kotamraju Narayana RAO, or RAO Maharaja. It is also called Dr. RAO. His papers and numerous trips around the world, he gives a correct understanding of Indian astrology.
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Пророчества Серафима СаровскогоIt is significant that the miraculous revival of the seven youths of Ephesus is remembered by the Church on October 22/November 4, simultaneously with the Kazan icon of the Mother of God. It is also interesting that on the Bogoliubsk icon of the Mother of God between the virgin and the upcoming (Prince Andrew and the Moscow Hierarchs) - shows the Seven youths of Ephesus in the cave. Holy Nobleborn GreatPrince Andrei Bogolyubsky associated with the appearance of the icon, was considered, as is known, the first Russian Tsar. In his memorial day in 1918 in Yekaterinburg ascended Golgotha, the Family of Nicholas P. Image youths of Ephesus on the Bogoliubsk icon, therefore, is associated with prophecies about the end times, and therefore that which was spoken of the last Orthodox Tsar.
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«Астральный антимир или случай пророческого сновидения»Dreamt I was in a hotel in the city of Arkhangelsk. I awake there never was. Yes and the dream was it the first time. Neither in reality nor in Navi I had no circumstances and things that would be connected with Arkhangelsk.
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Пророчества сатаныFrom the XVI century in the secret basement of the Vatican are stored ancient tablets on which are engraved the story of the last battle between Good and Evil. Chilling events must put an end to our world and become a prelude to the accession to it of the Devil. About inscribed on these tablets predictions decided to tell in 2001, when everybody in the world will be convinced that the world will not end.
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В каждом из нас живет НострадамусIt would be great if our body can prepare for our event, which we do not yet know! I think this is kind of fiction? Not at all: the body can really predict future events without any prompting from the outside. This is the conclusion of the staff of North-Western University, USA, after analyzing the results of research carried out since 1978 and 2010.
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