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Исчезнувший материк АтлантидаFor over 2000 years the imagination of poets, scientists, archeologists, geologists, occultists and fascinates travelers Atlantis - miraculously disappeared mainland. In ancient times, reaching its peak, highly developed island civilization suddenly was destroyed by a terrible natural disaster. The mention of it made those who believed in the existence of Atlantis, explore virtually every corner of the Earth in search of traces of this once great civilization.
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О НАС И ОБ АТЛАНТИДЕIt's time to talk about a very serious subject. This theme concerns all of us - all of mankind, which now enters the next stage of development of ATLANTIS. Atlantis repeatedly appeared on our planet in the development of the technological path of knowledge. And not once did happen that reaching a certain level of development, it removed the upper force. Why it happened? Yes because this way for a man, a blind and self-destroying. Here is an example of an article by Sergei Trotsky. It perfectly describes how today is manifested this way of development of Atlantis. Whenever civilization is called differently, but the essence is one. And proof that it is not once existed on the planet already unearthed by archaeologists
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The legend of the sunken Atlantis is haunted mankind. There was this mysterious civilization, really? If Yes, when and where?

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Атлантида спряталась в АнтарктидеAtlantis looking for for so long now, that has had time to try it almost all the continents and Islands. Were very bright hypotheses were more dull, but they did not convince mankind that the legendary Atlantis finally found. And when eyes researchers
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"Библиотека Атлантиды" находится в джунглях Эквадора?In the jungles of Ecuador, where enthusiasts still looking for the gold of El Dorado, may be hiding more valuable treasure. They say that the civilization that existed on the Earth thousands of years ago in rock tunnels under the earth hid accumulated knowledge in order to save them from the coming to Earth of the cataclysm. We are talking about "library of Atlantis".
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Атлантида парадоксальная версияThe starting point in the hypothesis of the Rand Flem-ATA became all the same assumption about the mismatch Plato geographical terminology current notation. This assumption has unleashed the researcher hands, and he did a little experiment. Off his usual school globe with axis and began to turn him away to the North. He stopped the globe in the moment before his eyes appeared Antarctica, i.e. in the centre of the world as would be the South pole. Having examined carefully opened on the globe picture, Rand of Flem-ATA made a number of interesting conclusions of direct relevance to the problem of Atlantis.
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Атлантида - АнтарктидаAlmost two hundred years mankind persistently tries to solve the mystery of Atlantis. Time and the elements have done all that we are today. could not answer the question: "was it really is and where to look?" But is it any wonder that, if more close to us historically, Nations and States not left sometimes nothing but name, casually mentioned in some ancient record. In the Atlantic, Pacific, Indian, and even in the Arctic oceans was conducted extensive but unsuccessful search of the legendary continent, once connected America and Eurasia. And still remained, albeit insignificant, but the chance that once Atlantis still existed.
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Атлантида, где искать остатки цивилизации Атлантов?Since the ancient Greeks, this mystery does not rest lovers secrets. The eternal question, there are already two and a half thousand years. First of Atlantis wrote the great ancient Greek philosopher, Plato, works which are based today's explorers and seekers of the sunken island. All that Plato was known about the mythical Atlantis, told in his two dialogs "of Crete" and "timey".
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Монстры - генетические отбросы Атлантиды ?Annually the physical laws of our universe modified, adapted, improved and rebuilt. Distinguished Professor of physics say about parallel worlds that exist between universes, and about those phenomena that confirm it, - and such stories literally repeat the stories of old sci-Fi movies.
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История Атлантиды - ТОЛТЕКИToltecs with abundant honor and respect to any planetary consciousness. While enlightened Atlanta visited many planets in the Solar system to the physical, astral, mental and klinicheskogo plans.
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Гибель АтлантидыTo explain the destruction of Atlantis supporters of its location in the Atlantic ocean often attract cosmic catastrophe.
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Следы Атлантиды в РоссииLegends East report that Atlantic had a few, because the earth catastrophes have died, and then it was revived again. Their capital was created in new places. Consistently they were:
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Основные варианты причин гибели Атлантиды...this happened when the Earth started to revive. No one knew what might happen next. Was a rain of fire, the earth was covered with ash, rocks and trees turned toward the earth. The stones and trees were broken... From heaven fell the Great Serpent... and fell on the earth his skin and pieces of his bones... and arrows fell into orphans and old people, in widowers and widows, who were still living, though forces for the life they have lacked. And they found his own grave by the sea. Then came a terrible wave. The sky with the Great Serpent collapsed and flooded her...
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Есть ли надежда найти Атлантиду?Hope dies last. Proverb. Only one thing can finally solve the problem of the existence of Atlantis: the discovery of what was left on the seabed. If this event will take place, most likely it will radically change all ideas of mankind about their own history.
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Атлантида — остров, канувший в вечностьSince the ancient Greeks, this mystery does not rest lovers secrets. The eternal question, there are already two and a half thousand years.
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