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Today it is the most realistic plan for the construction of the first Lunar base. It will be more effective and cheaper to implement than any of the existing alternatives, because it uses a three-dimensional printing for quick conversion of the lunar soil in the inhabited dwellings.

Так, скорее всего, будет выглядеть первая лунная базаТак, скорее всего, будет выглядеть первая лунная база
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В 2014 году НАСА запустит самый большой солнечный парусThe U.S. space Agency plans in 2014 to launch the largest for all history of the solar sail, covers an area of 1200 square meters. With the approval of the heirs of Arthur C. Clarke, the famous writer, developers named their project Sunjammer that literally means "viimastel of the Sun". Registered such name is written in 1964 story about Clark races on "sun boats".
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Лженаучная комиссия14 years have passed since the establishment on the initiative of academician Vitaly Ginzburg so-called "Commission to combat pseudoscience". Hiding behind the noble goal of "saving people's money from attacks of various kinds of crooks from science, academicians of the Russian Academy of Sciences for its many publications in the media, in addition to discredit breakthrough technologies and theories, just distract the people and the government of Russia from its inefficient work, which spent an incredibly huge amounts of money.
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Лазерная турель защитит самолетыThe U.S. Agency DARPA signed with Lockheed Martin a contract for the development of compact laser defense systems for airplanes. This laser turret promises to be much more effective than any automatic gun - she has unlimited ammunition, high accuracy of fire, the possibility of intercepting missiles and low collateral damage.
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Знакомьтесь с настоящим биороботом RexScientists have created man from artificial limbs, known as Rex. It is a small robotic exoskeleton, consisting of an array of artificial limbs and organs, collected around the world.
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Ученые: Тайны генома улиток позволят человеку жить до 500 летScientists of Australia believe that a person can not get old. According to scientists, this discovery was possible thanks to the snails. Experts believe that in snails have the ability to slow the aging process during hibernation. In case if it will be possible to identify these genes, it will contribute to the prolongation of human life. According to biologists, some snails can prolong his life from 3 to 23 years, which can be compared with the prolongation of human life up to 500 years.
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Магнитная левитация позволяет вырастить искусственное лёгкоеWhen scientists want to check something on living tissues, they are used to this layer of cells grown in some special vessel. It is easy to guess that such a two-dimensional layer is not too similar to the real body, where the cells are organized in a three-dimensional structure. And is that really reliable results need to confirm their experiments with these organs, cells which communicate the most natural way.
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Бесконечно повторяющиеся истории Вселенной относятся скорее к философии, чем к физикеFrancisco Jose Soler Gil from Seville University and Manuel Alfonseca of the Autonomous University of Madrid (both Spain) considered two of the most popular variants of the concept of an infinite Universe in which history repeats itself an infinite number of times in various far-spaced points of space.
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Земля исчезнет мгновенноIf neighboring measuring the Earth formed, or our physical laws do not apply, the result of a breakthrough in another space appears that the us simply does not exist
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НАСА разрабатывает шестиногий транспортёр для лунной базы Any construction base on the moon (and not only) will require effective means to move freight in conditions of loose surfaces and low gravity.
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Разработана технология, позволяющая развернуть космический солнечный электрический парус, радиусом 1 километрSpecialists of the research laboratory of electronics of the University of Helsinki has developed design and technology deployment electric space sails (ESAIL)with a radius of 1 kilometre, which, interacting with the charged particles of the solar wind, would ensure constant acceleration of the spacecraft traveling to a long and distant journey into the depths of space.
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Создан искусственный аналог природного фотосинтезаA group of British physicists and biologists in the framework of the pilot research project has developed a technology that reproduces the natural process of photosynthesis in artificial conditions. According to the authors of the project, the goal of such research is the more efficient use sunlight as a source of electricity.
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НАСА разрабатывает тепловой ядерный ракетный двигательNuclear rocket engines are not a novelty. In 1960, the U.S. and the Soviet Union developed and tested thermal nuclear missiles. Now, in the framework of the expanded programme Exploration Systems NASA plans to demonstrate the viability and evaluate materials thermal systems of nuclear power plants for use in future deep space missions.
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Золото и платину начнут добывать в космосе уже с 2015 года"Using inexpensive technology solutions and combining inherited space program with the innovation of the current technological young geniuses, we will be able to realize what was considered impossible just a few years ago," said the head of the Deep Space Industries Rick Tumlinson.
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Взрывчатка уходит в отставкуAny weapon, based on previously not used physical principles, more and more attracts the attention of the military, because the promises great benefits to those who will manage its first use. One such innovative projects is magnetohydrodynamic explosive weapons MAHEM, striking objects jet of molten metal.
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