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Onua.org - this site created to familiarize the user with the world of the unknown, news of technology, space discoveries and mysteries of the Earth UFO, Video , Photo, the Witnesses, the mysteries of history and ancient civilizations.
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Марсоход Curiosity впервые опробовал свой бурThe Rover Curiosity was first tested in operation installed on his arm miniature drill is intended for receiving samples of the thick stone, reports Planetological society (Planetary Society), a non-governmental organization which works to promote space research.
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Украинец может полететь на Марс навсегда — гарантий его жизни нетStudent of NAU can go to live on the Red planet. 22-year-old Kyiv student Dmitry Nosov in 2023 may become the first Ukrainian leg which sets foot on Mars.
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Нужны кандидаты, которые хотели бы поселиться на Марсе… навсегдаPrivate organization begins to look for candidates who would like to live on Mars... forever. Dutch organization Mars One, which is planning the colonization of the red planet by 2023, recently published criteria for the proposal and announced that, finally, will choose the first earth men for the flight to Mars.
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Глубоководная золотая лихорадка угрожает биоразнообразию морских глубинLast year the government of New Guinea issued a canadian company with the speaker called Nautilus Minerals twenty-year license for the extraction of minerals in the Sea Bismarck (new Guinea sea), in the field Solwara-1 ("Salt water-1"), located in 30 km from the coast. In this story there are only two unusual moment - the depth and breadth.
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"Любопытный" начал бурить Марс.Curiosity приступил к первому в истории бурению на другой планетеCuriosity Rover (Curious) started the first stage of work with the rig. This is the first in the history of drilling on another planet. The purpose of drilling operations is studying the possibility of existence in the geological past of Mars conditions that could exist bacteria.
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Берегите тропические леса: они правят ветрамиWhere does the wind? Somebody will say the work is in the difference of temperatures: hot air rises, cold drops. In school textbooks and write.
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Ученые обнаружили первые доказательства существования жизни в воде подледного антарктического озераThe first signs of the existence of traces of exotic life forms were determined in water samples taken from subglacial Antarctic lake Willens (Lake Whillans)that are covered with ice at a depth of 800 meters. In water samples examined under a microscope in certain light were seen glimpses of control green light that gives special fluorescent paint, sensitive to the presence of DNA molecules. "This is the first proof of life or its traces in the water subglacial Antarctic lake" says Douglas Fox (Douglas Fox), which covers the events connected with the studies of lake Willans held in the framework of the program of American Science Foundation.
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Горячий Юпитер «бросил тень» на свою звездуDarkening in the light of the stars of HAT-P-7, caused by the powerful gravity of Jupiter was recorded by scientists. Preprint, which will be published in the journal the Astrophysical Journal Letters, laid out in the archives of Cornell University, and a summary of its ScienceNow.
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Внутренний мир Земли — АгартаLet's start with the Buddhists in their theology fervently believe in his existence. They believe that this is a world super men and women, who sometimes come to the surface to monitor the development of the human race. They also think that this underground world contains millions of people and many cities, and the capital of Shambhala. It is believed that the Master in this world gave the Dalai Lama of Tibet and it was his earthly representative. His messages were transmitted through certain secret portals linking this inner world with Tibet.
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Обитаема ли Земля?Researchers from the University of Pennsylvania (USA) stated the need for revision of inhabitation zone as concepts and suggested that, based on more accurate, in their opinion, the accounting for the effects of greenhouse gases on planetary temperature.
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На Карибах возможны сильнейшие цунамиMore than three thousand years ago, the tsunami has caused severe long-term environmental changes in the Caribbean.
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Исчезнувшая нефть "залегла" на дно?Recently scientists have found out where he had gone more than a hundred litres of oil spilled during the accident in the Gulf of Mexico in 2010 and who could not find those who were engaged in cleaning the water. In their opinion, disappeared "black gold" need to look... at the bottom of the Gulf. The oil came from a surface in a sinking bodies of dead plankton organisms.
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Калифорнии пора смыватьсяWill you do the "Golden state” the fate of Atlantis? Sixteen major lithospheric plates of the planet are in motion. That they do not stand still, we are reminded of the earthquake, which for the last 7 years killed more than half a million people. The most devastating were the quaking of the earth in Southeast Asia in 2004, Haiti in 2010 and in Japan in early March. Where is the next time can occur powerful release of energy to the surface of the earth's crust? One of the most unstable places scientists believe tectonic the San Andreas fault on the West coast of the US. And some even sure what the impact of elements can be fatal to California...
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Интенсивное энергопотребление может сдвинуть изменение климатаHow long have you been in power in the winter? Remember how hot exhaust non-uniformly mixed with cold air? Easy to convince yourself that the mere burning of fossil fuels (not even the greenhouse gases released during the incineration) leads to climate change.
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Атлантика может взять на себя ответственность за часть глобального потепленияIf you look at the graph of global temperature of the last century, in the eyes rush failure in the area of 1960-ies. About this cool period, said many. Some suggest variations in emissions of aerosols (small particles that reflect sunlight. The others nod on the circulation of the Atlantic ocean, the cycle of change which is called the Atlantic multidecadal oscillation (AMO). The situation is complicated by the fact that the first may affect the second and the effect of both is accumulated.
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