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ТАЙНЫ РЕИНКАРНАЦИИ - предыдущее воплощениеThere is on earth a single person who would indifferent to death. Most often thought about the possible cause of death in people fear. Why? After all, we are not afraid of such unpleasant things, like a disease. Not glad to her, of course, but got used to the idea that ill - natural thing, especially with age. Maybe the secret is that about the disease, even the most difficult, we know a lot: it's already someone was sick before we left to live. Or still lives, still hurt if the disease is chronic. People are quite willing to tell you about their diseases, if they ask. Death we know nothing. And to ask nobody. The most terrible thing that thanks to materialism, in which we were brought up, we for the most part are convinced that with the death of our existence is terminated categorically and forever. We no longer are able to meet the dawn and watch the sunset, not the kiss of the beloved, do not take at the hands of her baby. We stop to see and hear, feel and think - what can be worse?

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Археологи находят весьма много доказательств тому, что пришельцы навещали Землю очень давно, еще в древности. Конечно, доказательства эти косвенные, их нельзя считать абсолютно правильными, но и опровергать тоже нельзя. Уфологи верят, что еще в древности инопланетяне передавали  целым народам свои знания и опыт, а изображения, которые находят археологи, и есть свидетельством этих контактов.

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Что ждет нас в 2014  годуMany people has become a tradition before the coming of the new year to read, what awaits them, according to the predictions of clairvoyants and prophets.
This year, again predicting the end of the world. In 2014 it is planned on June 1.
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ЛУНА — ОБИТАЕМЫЙ МИР?After another successful expedition to the moon "Apollo 17 in December 1972, the Americans suddenly stopped exploration of the moon seemed to have lost interest. He woke up only in the spring of 1994, when the moon went launched by the Pentagon (and not NASA) intelligence AMC "Clementine" ("Clementine"). Officially it was reported that its main task is a photographing the entire lunar surface for the subsequent creation of the obtained images is full of "mosaic" map of the moon. However, some American selenology believe that it was not the only and perhaps not the main objective of the launch of the "Clementine".
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Люди - результат генетических экспериментов?If we examine carefully the frescoes of churches of Egypt, only the blind will not see that here was the most natural "genetically engineered landfill"
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Судьба передается по наследству?Some people believe that their life is predetermined by the stars. Others believe that their fate man creates himself. And third, try to rationally explain all the events that happen in life. For example, predetermination of Genesis, from the point of view of science, can be explained through genetics, one of the greatest discoveries made by mankind. But this is a rather controversial issue.
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There is a strange coincidence between the nature of the weather in the East of Australia, the emergence of a powerful tropical cyclone "Oswald", which is reflected on the map of the status of the HAARP installation and activity of the system of high-frequency impact on the ionosphere.

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Ядерная зимаWhich has already become generally accepted estimate, by taking into the stratosphere of smoke and soot from large fires, caused by the explosion of 30 - 40 % accumulated in the world of nuclear warheads, resulting in a significant increase in the number of reflected sunlight, the temperature on the planet everywhere will fall to the Arctic. Such a change in the climatic conditions of life on Earth and is called nuclear winter.
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Бесконечно повторяющиеся истории Вселенной относятся скорее к философии, чем к физикеFrancisco Jose Soler Gil from Seville University and Manuel Alfonseca of the Autonomous University of Madrid (both Spain) considered two of the most popular variants of the concept of an infinite Universe in which history repeats itself an infinite number of times in various far-spaced points of space.
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В 2013 году могут случиться коллапс интернет-сети и мегаизверженияCompiled by the world economic forum report, which lists the natural phenomena that can destroy our planet, suggests that worrying is pointless, says Elena Dusi in an article published on the website of the newspaper La Repubblica.
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Ученые уверены, что астероид «Апофис» не столкнется с Землей в 2026 годуNASA scientists now believe that an asteroid "Apophis" will not threaten the Earth during the subsequent migration in 2036. Integrating data from 2011 to 2012 after new data obtained through observation of the asteroid during its flyby of Earth last week.
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Девятая планета спасла ЗемлюIn the Solar system once existed nine planets, five of which were giants. Ninth planet was literally vyvinute outside the system that has saved the Earth from catastrophic destruction. So says astrophysicist David Nesvorny from the Southwest research Institute in San Antonio.
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Веды про Конец СветаIn two words: the end of the world will not soon, and certainly not worth it to wait in December 2012 year, although major disasters and other troubles is not excluded.
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Поглотит ли нас черная дыра?In our Galaxy astronomers have found an enormous concentration of stars.
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В 2013 году ученые предсказывают Солнечный АрмагеддонElectric networks and systems-GPS on Earth, as the observations of researchers who become from year to year more sensitive and vulnerable to solar activity.
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