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Onua.org - this site created to familiarize the user with the world of the unknown, news of technology, space discoveries and mysteries of the Earth UFO, Video , Photo, the Witnesses, the mysteries of history and ancient civilizations.
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Предлагаем восстановить, заказать, купить диплом Вуза в любом городе России. Только настоящий бланк ГОЗНАК с гарантией.

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Чимкент: природные и рукотворные красоты старого города

Чимкент – это старое название одного из самых красивых и крупных городов Казахстана. Этот город сможет удивить вас, даже если вы бывалый путешественник. Сочетание красок природы и результатов труда художников и архитекторов отличает этот город.

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Человечество по своей природе создано хорошим – сотрудничество перевешивает эгоизмThere is the perennial question that even some of the greatest thinkers of history, philosophers and theologians were not able to answer: do good by nature, man? Many have tried to find the answer to this mysterious puzzle, and for many was one depressing the result is that the person is doomed to roam the world in selfish agony, or that only divine intervention can redeem humanity viciousness. However, maybe this question will be answered by science?
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Зачем мы нужны Богу?For most people, the subject of the title will be unexpected. They - on the basis of their original self - think quite the contrary: do I need God?, why should I have the sense to take Him in my Outlook?
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Те, кто бросает курить до 40 лет, живут почти так же долго, как и некурящиеAs shown by a recent study, smokers who quit Smoking at a young age, can live almost as long as never smoked people.
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Везунчик и неудачник в одном флаконеThere are in the world the people, it would seem that plays jokes fate itself. They managed somehow to avoid serious danger, and sometimes they are killed by the fault ridiculous case. Although some after numerous tests live happily ever after... Parapsychologists believe that there can not do without the intervention of supernatural forces.
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Красота не спасет мир...As shown by recent research scientists at Yale University, many people are gentle and sweet creature appears subconscious desire to cause him pain and suffering - albeit under the guise of (or in combination with tenderness). That is, "aggressive sympathy" or "frustrirovannosti tenderness"? Or maybe just the usual sadism?
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Больные, что ли? Основную прибыль фармацевтам приносят 200 выдуманных недуговIn medicine regularly there are new methods of diagnosis and treatment, new technologies, medicines and biologically active substances. Most often, of course, they are the already known diseases, but sometimes for promotion on the market of novelties both "open" and formerly unknown diseases. Or to announce a disease that have not been considered.
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Запивать пищу опасно для желудкаThe matter is that getting food during a meal, the stomach secretes digestive juice in the quantity necessary for the digestion of this food. If you drink the water directly to the food, it will disturb the concentration of hydrochloric acid and enzymes in the stomach.
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Ананасы – «фонтан здоровья»Pineapples are a rich source of nutrients, low in calories. They contain fructose, which does not cause a surge of insulin in the blood even with excessive consumption.
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Курьезы науки: как отучить ученых врать?Unfortunately, in recent research papers containing false and openly falsified the results. But what makes scientists to lie? Psychologists believe that this shame is the focus of scientists exclusively on positive result. Otherwise they simply will not get money for new research.
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Почему при спешке мы не можем найти то, что ищем?When we fuss, our movements ahead of the ability of the brain to process what he saw information. Such divergence motor and receptive systems makes us not to notice what we're looking for, even if it is in plain view.
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Ученые объяснили пользу "кофейного чая"Cup of tea, made from the leaves of coffee, combines the beneficial properties of both drinks
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Астрология:Звездные вехи годаIn General, 2013 promises to be difficult, since, firstly, the year of the Snake usually in itself ambiguous, secondly, the main planet luck - Jupiter - practically the whole year will be in connection with a Black Moon. And, third, in the current year Water Snake Luck (Water) conflicts with the element of Life (Fire) is also contributing contradictions and reduces the likelihood of success.
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Лук и здоровьеNews about the use of this culture appeared more than four thousand years ago. Popular onion was in the regions of Central Asia and the Mediterranean, and South-West Asia. Grown in huge quantities, and was used not only as an edible product, but generally accepted as a healing agent. In ancient Egypt was cultivated onions on the huge territories, which showed his popularity, in spite of the particular smell after consumption.
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Конец эпохи хорошего кофе близится к концуCoffee lovers expect hard times, and no matter whether you prefer three double espresso a day, or only from time to time catch cappuccino. The fact that climate change will hit the coffee industry, filling 1.6 billion cups a day. Not far off is the time when an afternoon espresso will be more expensive wines.
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