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ТАЙНЫ ПУТЕШЕСТВИИ ВО ВРЕМЕНИ Time travel - the idea, of course, fantastic. But the fantastic does not mean unrealistic and unscientific. Until August 1945 for the inhabitants of the Earth fantastic and unreal was the atomic bomb. Many knew that developed this terrible weapon, but only a handful of scientists believed that this is possible. After Hiroshima and Nagasaki in this nightmare believe all the inhabitants of the Earth.
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Физика невозможного - Путешествия во времениIn the novel "the Equation of Janus" writer Stephen Sproull examines one of the harrowing personal problems connected with time travel. In the center of the plot of the book is a brilliant mathematician, who set a goal to solve the mystery of time travel. He meets unusual beauty, they become lovers, but he knows nothing about her past. Tormented by curiosity, he tries to find out who is the mysterious lover. It turns out that it has changed its appearance with plastic surgery. And changed floor, also with the help of operations. In the end it turns out that actually "she" was a time traveler arriving from the future; not only that, actually, "she" is he himself, only of the future. It turns out that he was making love with himself. One can only guess what would happen if they have a child? And if that child went back into the past, would have grown there and became a mathematician (the same that appeared in the early history)? Can you be yourself and mother, and father, son, and daughter?
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Прыжки во времени: рассказы очевидцев"Such stories are not uncommon, as it seems," says Kell. "But they are so strange that I'm not sure that someone voluntarily choose to tell.
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Куда могут занести перемещения во времени?For the whole history of its existence and development of the human civilization has collected a large amount of evidence such thing as time travel. In the period of Board of pharaohs of Egypt and in the middle Ages, the first evidence of meetings with strange people, machines and mechanisms. Later, similar cases can be found in the period of the French revolution, and in the years of world wars.
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Реальны ли путешествия во времени?Whether time travel? This question still has not lost its relevance, still occupies the minds of not only fans of science fiction and only unusual, but also eminent scientists from around the world. Disputes do not cease, but the information, which is usually write on these topics journalists is extremely scarce and more like speculation. Try to fill some gaps and fully support the claim that time travel is not only possible, but actually were and, probably, are constantly! In order not to be unsubstantiated, contact irrefutable facts, which are known to be very stubborn things.
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Как мы можем быть уверены, что путешественники во времени не изменяют наше прошлое?Usually, we take it for granted that our past is unchangeable. The story always goes the way we remember it. But how can we know that things are this way? If time travel is possible, that the travelers at other times can always jump back in time and change things on your own. As we will see whether it really is or not?
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Ченнелинг:Путешествия во времениTime travel, as we have said, was in Your future and the past. Although there are cases in which people temporarily transferred to other holograms time, very rarely happens that a complete transition. Your Admiral Byrd, indeed, temporarily made a real change of dispensation during his polar flight. Most of the disappearances of aircraft in the Bermuda triangle, which became public knowledge, not been ongoing transitions.
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Эксперименты КозыреваProfessor Pulkovo Observatory N. A. Kozyrev worked on the problem of time over a quarter of a century.
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Тайны и загадки времени и пространстваTime and space, probably from the moment of vozniknoveniya people began to wonder what Nepredstavlenie what is the meaning of their existence and why they do neobhodimosti? And that's been hundreds and perhaps even millions of years and it seemed was civilized enlightened by science the world has finally found an objective ubeditelnaya data and information on the process and mechanism of etehdvom main components of nature.
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Путешествие во времениFive years ago the Mexican newspaper described the mysterious story of what happened on the train, EN route from Mexico city to Acapulco. In the compartment where there was a young surgeon and a woman with a child, suddenly appeared disheveled, frightened to death a man dressed in a long coat. On his head was wearing a powdered wig. In one hand he held a goose feather, another large leather purse.
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Машина времени - тайна желанияIt is believed that the first to travel in time guessed writer-visionary H.G. wells. However, seven years before wells, in 1881, on the journey back in time to tell the world Edward P. Mitchell in the Novella "Clock that went back". However epochal phrase ime machine" invented yet wells. Since that time the idea to create the machine on which it would be possible to drive into the past and into the future, seized the masses of inventors, but to this day their attempts fail.
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Перемещение во времени — реальностьEach of us has ever heard of movements in temporary space. Many people like to listen mystical stories about how people travel in time. But as to understand, fiction or reality? What are the real facts can confirm that the person is able to move in time?
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Секрет "Машины Времени" Герберта УэллсаУэллс родился 21 сентября 1866 года. Тогда 38-летний классик фантастики Жюль Верн (1828-1905) при всем даре провидца не смог предугадать появления столь дееспособного конкурента. Да и Герберт Уэллс вряд ли предвидел свою судьбу классика научной фантастики и родоначальника мировой футурологии.
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Ловушки времениВремя – четвертое измерение. Оно загадочно и неуловимо, оно всегда движется вперед. Его нельзя остановить, с ним можно только идти в ногу.
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