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Onua.org - this site created to familiarize the user with the world of the unknown, news of technology, space discoveries and mysteries of the Earth UFO, Video , Photo, the Witnesses, the mysteries of history and ancient civilizations.
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Крымские привидения правда или миф

Есть в Крыму такое интересное место – гора Демерджи. Называют ее еще Долиной привидений.  Это место привлекает множество туристов и любителей душераздирающих историй про заблудшие души и призраков, ведь здесь, как считается, их можно встретить! Кроме того, славится гора как Место Силы, поэтому частые гости здесь не обычные туристы, а экстрасенсы и те, кто хочет восстановить энергетический баланс и душевное равновесие.

Души заблудших воинов в тумане

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ДУХИ БОЙНИЦКОГО ЗАМКАA lot of mysterious events with participation of ghostly beings from the other world was (and is) in the countries of Central Europe - in particular in Slovakia. In this predominantly mountainous country well preserved ancient castles, fortresses, monasteries. Well, these ancient monuments of architecture - a favorite place of stay of ghosts, spirits, and other aliens with "the other world", which represents their deceased owners and inhabitants. The memory of these events is saved in the form of legends, as well as documented by cases.
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Ужасы в замке ГлэмисAbout historic Scottish castle Glamis, built in the XIV century, told a great many most incredible stories - probably more than any other castle in the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland. He is known as the home of the legendary monsters, vampires and a whole lot of horror spirits. However, it is unclear how they are related to people living here.
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МЕСТА С ЧУДЕСНЫМИ СВОЙСТВАМИLovely property is not to be confused with the Holy places. As a rule, lovely property is ancient pagan temples and buildings. There are various and strange things. For example, in such places sometimes changes the weight of the items - they become either too heavy or too light. People in such places begin to experience inexplicable mood swings, to see reality some pictures, to hear strange voices or noises. They consider it a hallucination - auditory or visual.
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КОЛДОВСКИЕ МЕСТАMagical places are those places that require the sorcerer for normal operation. As a chemist may not conduct experiments outside the laboratory, the witch doctor is not able to fully utilize their capacity, if it appears in place, poorly adapted for this, so for their classes he selects the most suitable premises or open space. Much of course depends on the activity of the magician, but there are rules to break undesirable.
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ВОЛШЕБНЫЕ ПАЛОЧКИ, МАГИЧЕСКИЕ ЖЕЗЛЫ, КРИСТАЛЛЫ, КАМНИMagic wand, how we remember the tales, is the main attribute of the fairies. And the fairy - she's a witch. This wizard also has its own magic wand, simply it is more often called a magic wand. Interesting, but a descendant of this magical wand - the Royal scepter, that refers, of course, in the old times, when the Royal and ecclesiastical powers were vested in one man.
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ДРЕВНЕЕ КОЛДОВСТВОMagic exists. This ancient art, once available to people. Anyway, if magic was a lie and fiction, there would be no ancient magical texts, no people who have been subject to much more than if they were just people. Magic was once the alternative science. And she honestly worked until there was our scientific knowledge.
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Порча и сглаз. Определение и признаки сглaзa и порчиWith the terms of the evil eye and spoilage already established certain values mystical sense, and to deal with this, at least, useless. Damage, evil eye is a type of verbal and nonverbal impact. The brain is a kind of biological computer, which can be programmed to certain reactions. In humans mental and bodily closely interrelated.
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Тайная книга индийских заклятийAtharvaveda, the most ancient collection of the Indian spells, sorcery zagovorov this book, one of the four sacred books - the Vedas, Ancient India restrained perceive themselves Hindus? What you are looking for in her texts and representatives of other religions - Buddhists and Jains? Why do these ancient writings translated into modern languages and why to use the knowledge embodied in a book called the Atharvaveda ("Veda spells"), can only people with a pure heart? For three thousand years devoted to apply magical incantations, Atharvaveda...
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Эзотерика и Древние традиции волхвовWhen a person should only their own lusts - it develops by itself, with no support in the outside world. When people follow the tradition - he finds a collective force. He was stronger than individualist in terms of Power and is capable of reaching great heights in Society, or in his Art form.
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Нечистая сила при полуденном светеSome spirits in the Slavic mythology could hurt people not only at night but also during the day. We used to think that the time for secrets and mysticism - is primarily night. At this time of day, dark silhouettes illuminated ghostly moonlight, sneaking some shade, creak of the floorboards and mysteriously howling wind. Same day as it is not particularly suitable for mysteries. See, the sun is shining, no mysteries.
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Память душиThe soul on the Path of ascent comes with many of the worlds, both subtle and dense. In them she gets his individual experience, trying on clothes from different bodies, different life forms, species and races. From the vegetable Kingdom, lo highly organized divine structures and civilizations. The experience accumulated in these lives and worlds, can be called the Memory of the Soul.
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Загадочный феномен озаренияMankind has more than one Millennium interested in the mysteries of the universe, trying to understand the laws of evolution, to find ways to public and scientific progress, to find out what is the meaning of life. Undoubtedly, people have achieved in this area of great success, but a lot still remains unsolved and unsolved. This can be explained not only by the fact that the answers to these questions are "buried" in too deep, but also the fact that the work of the human brain in the process of cognition has its own characteristics. On learning of his own brain in people took hundreds of years, but people still know about it much less than about Space.
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Почему болезни и несчастья боятся амулета?Among the huge variety of objects of the surrounding world are those who constantly care about preserving our health and longevity. This is the subject of power, and, simply, talismans, amulets and charms. However, the rituals of their use have their secrets... Axiom proven: it is better to be rich and healthy than poor and sick! And even better, if the wealth and health are combined with what is called happiness.
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Про меридианы, ауру и эмоцииRecently I got the impression that all the necessary facts for revolutionary changes in the scientific picture of the world are already open. You only need to look at them as something else. Moreover, it will affect not only science, but also metaphysics, because modern physics by the degree of madness outdone even the most absurd of revelation mystics. And today, on the contrary, only metaphysics able to return to science a little common sense.
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