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Onua.org - this site created to familiarize the user with the world of the unknown, news of technology, space discoveries and mysteries of the Earth UFO, Video , Photo, the Witnesses, the mysteries of history and ancient civilizations.
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Предлагаем восстановить, заказать, купить диплом Вуза в любом городе России. Только настоящий бланк ГОЗНАК с гарантией.

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Пришельцы среди насIt is believed that these aliens poselyaetsya to us, that is, enter the bodies of people.

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Земная правда и лунная ложь.Что заставило американцев пойти на фальсификацию?The moon, as the closest to the Earth astronomical body, which has always attracted the attention of the people. With the beginning of space age she became immediate goal. The pioneers of space-Russians - in terms of the conquest of the moon ahead of the Americans landed on the Earth's satellite.
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Главные теории американского политического заговора за последние 100 летAccording to a recent survey of Fairleigh Dickinson University in new Jersey, 63% of Americans say they believe at least one theory of political conspiracy. It is approximately two-thirds of the population! Two thirds of citizens believe that their government has something to hide. So they hide? Here are all the events that were the subject of the main conspiracy theories of all time, and they all happened in the last 100 years.
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6 December 2012. supel into force of the law on the Unified Register of Demographics, binding each citizen of Ukraine to take biometric passports with RFID chips inside. The film tells about the main dangers of this innovation.

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В создании международной шпионской сети подозревают россиянFive years unknown cyber spying on government organizations worldwide.
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Wikileaks: Идет тайная война с НЛО в АнтарктидеDuring the last occurrence of water UFO 40 people died.
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США и Новая Зеландия тайно создавали цунамиThe US and New Zealand conducted secret tests of underwater super bombs to generate a tsunami. Interestingly,the tsunami in 2004 to Indonesia that killed around 300 thousand human lives whether it was the tsunami natural?
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Тайная встреча в ООН: НЛО рассекретят в 2013 году!Michael Salla, PhD, Director of the Institute of ECOPOLICY and author of several books. He believes that currently, with the Terrans in one form or another interact 17 different extraterrestrial civilizations, and several are constantly monitoring our planet. And here this man received an e-mail message from two friends ufologists who completely trusts. Their names - clay and Sean Pickering. Dr. Salla immediately published in UFO Digest what he had to learn from them. The news was picked up by other media.
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In September 2012, Gordon Duff (Gordon Duff) chief editor Veterans Today ("Veterans today, the prestigious American specialized edition of veterans of the American army and employees of the Department of state.) told the world that are "war on UFO", and that China and the United States have joined forces to fend off the UFO off the coast of San Francisco. Gordon Duff not usually prone to sensationalism.

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Конец света придумали в ЦРУThe issue of the possible end of the world, which according to the Mayan calendar should occur on December 21 this year, replaced with the world agenda of almost all the other news. Serious Newspapers and TV programs, scholars and fortune-tellers, even politicians are seriously discussing the news.
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Произошла утечка доклада экспертов ООН по климатуThe document contains data that can "break" a stereotypical idea about the anthropogenic causes of climate change.
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Тайное совещание в Лондоне: против Сирии замышляется война без согласия ООНRemember how we were told that Libya will not be another Iraq is a disaster, he says, "lessons learned"? As expected, destroyed cities and social structure Libya to frost on the skin resemble Iraq. Now turn to Syria, but Syria "will not be another Libya", Yes, mistakes were, but the lessons learned again.
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Какие тайны скрывает от нас НАСА Richard C. Hoagland and Ken Johnson - former NASA officials that in 2007-2009 decided to open the world previously unknown information that, according to them, NASA was specially kept for many years from the public.
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Шпионы не у дел: от науки до помощи детямLet's imagine what could be Mata Hari, if it is not executed on charges of espionage. The first time, probably, would have continued to dance - it was her profession. Russian intelligence officer Anna Chapman before joining the police station new York businesses. After the expulsion from the USA to Russia girl found not only in politics, journalism and television. Leaven businesswomen, coupled with falling popularity allowed her to earn good money for their candid photos. But among all this ridiculous fuss and noise Anna established a charitable Fund of assistance to the blind and visually impaired children "the Right to smile".
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Медведев: «Президент знает про существование инопланетян». У Владимира Путина другое мнениеThe sensational statement of Prime Minister of the Russian Federation has sounded on air after his interview to the Federal television channels on 7 December 2012
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