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Как планеты влияют на погодуOne of the oldest areas astrology - astrometeorology. It is a system of knowledge used for weather prediction, taking into account the location of the planets, their interaction and the strength of their influence on different geographical areas.

Now astrological methods weather prediction are not popular. Ordinary meteorology without "Astro" inspire people more trust. Because it is based on observations of objects may capricious and not always predictable, such as the movement of atmospheric fronts, but still quite material and more accessible. Unlike doubtful to many of influence on the earth's weather planets located far away in space.

And yet every, even the most distant planet in the best of their ability makes the weather on Earth.

The sun

The sun gives heat. By itself, without influence from other planets, which is rare, it is clear, hot dry weather with a warm, dry wind. But if a strong interaction with another planet, the Sun more manifests the quality of this planet, but because the result might be the weather is not Sunny. The duration of the established weather depends on speed of movement of planets and their mutual arrangement. If the planet conflict, the weather can be calm, even storm.

Weather changes during the day most often occur around noon, when the Sun is at the Zenith. During the year, the strongest factor influencing the weather, are equinox and solstice, they can program the weather for three months. Inharmonious influence of the hostile energy planets in coming to the equinoxes and solstices days can cause a storm.


"The moon gives moisture. From its impact depends on the amount of precipitation during the month. Weather moon - humid, cool, rainy. But the Moon as the Sun, does not make the weather one, and mainly in the "company" somehow arranged to it planets and, of course, the Sun. Influence on weather and signs of the Zodiac, in which the Moon passes. Many people will, related to weather prediction, based on observation of night star. However, they often contradict each other, which is not surprising. The moon is very changeable, and sign, podtverdili in practice, can work for you and Vice versa. The speed of the moon is high and so is its impact on weather changes not on days, and on hours. Sometimes it can even not notice. As for predictions of weather on phases of the moon, it's quite possible, though not as easy as it may seem. At the beginning of each lunar quarter is the "reset" - set the weather for the duration of lunar phases. But not necessarily the weather should at this time to change


Mercury provides the wind. Depending on what the "relationship" is he with the other planets and various earth terrain, it may cause and easy pleasant breeze, and akrways all the storm. By itself it does not create no heat, no cold, no forms of precipitation. But is actively involved in the distribution of all of this on the earth's surface. "Favorite" weather mercury - changeable, windy, the wind changes its direction, then dispersing the clouds, then bringing them back. Under such conditions, the weather can't be too warm, as the wind carries away heat, or too humid, as it causes evaporation and rain clouds does not spill out completely.


Venus gives moderation. In the manifestation of all of the elements nothing excessive, in violation of the harmony in nature. Weather Venus warm, quiet, moderately humid, although to some it may even seem cool and damp. Planet of fertility are not indifferent to the rain, quickening and power plants, and it is a big enemy of their withering heat and wind. Even at very inharmonious interactions with other planets Venus may not cause drought, but the rain, the storm with rain and even flood - completely. Usually it manifests itself in the dew and fog, the white clouds in the clear sky, warm summer and winter rain, soft snow falling in large flakes.


Mars gives dryness. It raises the temperature and causes often Passau heat and strong, dry, hot wind. It is the fault of Mars may be long periods of drought, be dusty and ice storms, tornadoes and hurricanes, and other extreme. Together with other severe planets Mars may cause hail or strong thunderstorms, often deafening thunder and blinding lightning cost without the accompaniment of rain. Moderation Mars is not typical, and if it is included in the formation of the weather, any element under his influence can be devastating.


Jupiter gives clarity. Weather Jupiter, as a rule, warm, clear and dry, without excessive manifestations of these qualities. Jupiter is the planet of plenty, and the weather conditions are favourable for agriculture, and also for travel, especially of navigation. Jupiter forms long periods of stable weather. But there are costs of this stability and the tendency of Jupiter to large scale. Inharmonious Jupiter may cause long period of strong daily thunderstorms or permanent, all the time, blowing in the same direction of the wind. Prolonged dry weather often contributes to the fires, which can spread over a large area. Especially high risk when Jupiter is in Aries is a fire, managed the Mars sign. Last time it was in 2010 and in the first half of 2011. In Russia at this time, everywhere was raging fires, and in other places, too, was raging elements.


"Saturn gives the cold. His cold weather no matter the time of year. Saturn is more inclined towards dryness than to moisture, but it's cool dry turned into ice water and fragile crystals of snow. In a hot climate Saturn have nowhere to turn

Higher planets

The so-called Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. Despite its remoteness from the Earth, they also affect weather. Cycles of these large planets, in the same token they are for many years, so their impact is long and often perceived as climate change.

Uranium gives a sharp deviation from the norm, often in the direction of cooling. Sudden snow in summer, strange precipitation, unusual strength of hurricanes and strange atmospheric phenomena, strange flash of lightning lights.

Neptune gives unclear, partly cloudy weather, rain. It may be damp mist that covers the sky rain clouds from which no end is sown a fine rain or solid curtain of rain. If the Moon determines the amount of rain a month, Neptune indicates the periods in several rainy or dry years.

Pluto gives long-term weather anomalies, mostly in the direction of warming, such as abnormally warm winter, when in the places far from mild climate several years in a row in January, no snow, and everywhere green grass. At first this surprised, but then you get used to.

astrologer Nina STRELKOVA

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