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«Великобритания будет смыта, также как и большая часть Северной Америки», прогнозируют ученыеA large part of the glaciers of Greenland melts before the end of the month, said NASA specialists. Scientists record unprecedented rapid melting of ice. Just four days the surface of the glacier has melted by 97%. Melted ice island could lead to Apocalypse literally destroy all life on the planet. The details -- Svetlana Belova.

Petermann glacier in Greenland has attracted the attention of a few days ago, when he broke block with area of 120 sq. km. It happened right before the eyes of tourists. Video instantly spread across the Network. This is the second iceberg, separated from the ice island. Two years ago from Petermann went even bigger piece -- 260 sq km, it is one and a half times more than the area of the state of Liechtenstein. This block is now drifting between Greenland and Canada.

Now scientists observe the rapid melting of the Petermann glacier. The ice melts two times faster than usual. Never before in the 30 years of observation Petermann experts have not seen anything like this. NASA has called the emergency situation. First of all it is necessary to save the ships that go in a dangerous region, told in an interview to channel Skynews geographer Carsten Stefan.

"We usually know the routes of ships and imagine where there are dangerous places, which are formed due to the melting of glaciers and the emergence in the coastal waters of a large number of icebergs. With the latest information on this account, we will contact the captains of the vessels and inform them about the situation there," he said.

Usually in the summer months the glacier melts 50 percent, but this year the melt has reached epidemic proportions. Ice broke even in the highest and cool place Greenland -- in the area of the research station "Summit". Scientists still cannot understand what is happening, admitted the Deputy Dean of the historical faculty of Moscow state University Alexei Vlasov.

"There is a version that it is one of the stages of global warming and one of the indicators that this process goes faster than, say, the previous five to seven years. But there are scientists who believe that there is a certain circularity in this process, and there is nothing beyond the normal state of the natural environment in this region," explained he.

Most experts predict a planet quick death. After the melting of Petermann glacier will move layers, sagging under the weight of ice. Between the North American and Eurasian plates formed a huge rift. There will pour ton of water that reached the upper part of the mantle of the earth. It will look like a giant frying pan, which sprayed with cold water. The earth will go to the tsunami, destroying everything in its path. When it will be in two years or 20, unknown, but one thing is clear -- the catastrophe is inevitable, said the candidate of geographical Sciences academician Nikolai Zhavrin.

"Go super-tsunami that will leave thousands of kilometers, will affect the whole of Russia, from edge to edge. But, of course, not as much as, say, the United Kingdom, which will be washed away and destroyed pieces, as well as a large part of North America", -- he predicts.

Giant glacier in Greenland in height comes in the centre of the island up to 3.5 km area of the reserve - 972 thousand sq. km
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