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Сны и сновидения. Что такое сновидения и виды сновDreams are magic, and the amazing thing is that we create it ourselves. They are filled not always clear and fantastic images that seem to be absurd. Our dreams baffle us, waking up, we don't understand it. But if you dig deep, and our thoughts are not as clear as we would like! However dreams cause we curiosity, and sometimes mystical fear: because any strong feelings we have concerning the dread to bliss!

Dreams are closely connected with our conscious life and passed to the consciousness of their messages. We all noticed that our concern is reinforced by the evening and decreases in the morning. In dreams we are rid of the excess voltage, dreams can help us to "let off steam". In most cases this is their meaning. "That had accumulated in my heart, was racial in a dream", so says a Chinese proverb.

We are creating in a dream, processed information, future. Often people forget their own dreams, but still: they are always part of it. Dreams are colour or black and white. Experts believe is more emotional than man, the more "colorful" he dreams. Therefore, more sensitive, creative types have, as a rule, more vivid dreams. Black and white dreams come from the nearest subconscious, hidden behind a person. They help to understand yourself better. Their impact on us lasts for 2-3 weeks. When a person sees only black and white dreams, so he relies in his life only in the mind. Dreams that have color or fully colored, reveal the fullness of human emotion, affecting his much deeper. The impression from them stronger, but despite this, people, seeing such dreams, more rest. Their effect lasts much longer - about 2-3 months. The stronger the color stands out in a dream, the more value it has for dreaming. Especially when in black and white sleep presents only one color or all color dream painted in different shades of the same color, and if the object is painted custom color.

Dreams reflect the perception of itself as a mirror of his soul, relationships with people and events in life. In them we see colors, feel the sound, cold or heat, taste, odor, pain and other emotions experienced in life. We act in dreams, running, jumping, flying, kiss or kill, and it all seems very real. Our subconscious in dreaming works as a psychotherapist, helping to rid of nervous tension accumulated over the day. Thus, in our subconscious mind is hidden powerful potential for healing and improve their lives. Dreams can be different: some show our psychological state, others are our future, present and past. How to understand all this? Maybe it helps dream interpretation is a new interpretation of dreams,which will help to understand the meaning of the dream and interpret what we saw...

Types of dreams

1. Compensation dreams
They allow a person to experience your life experience to solve a similar problem already occurred in his life. We are experimenting, developing a variety of solutions. Our subconscious is trying to lead normal psychological state, and give vent to the accumulated emotions. Children can dream sweets, toys, of which they dream. The man, who was a harsh mother can see it kind and tender, as a drunken father is strict but fair. They also help to realize what we consciously strive in my life, but subconsciously suppressed own desires, because we believe them impractical or unethical.

2. Creative dreams
Since ancient times, people used dreaming for solving creative tasks. Such dreams writers, poets, designers and many ordinary people, revealing to them the information they need. Creative dreams can be extremely productive.

3. Actual dreams
Basically it is a dream-memories, where we experience the passed events. One girl told this case: "I lost my gold chain and for a long time it was looking for. I had thought that the chain broke, when I was returning from her friend. And when I lost all hope to find her, I had a dream: I enter the apartment, take off the chain, opened the Cabinet, and at that moment the telephone rang. I throw it in a box and go to the phone. When I woke up, I realized that the chain I don't put it in the casket. He opened the closet and began to look for her. However, in the box that I threw the chain in the dream, it was not. But I found in him a small crack. I began to search in the bottom drawer and found the chain". Sometimes these dreams show us directly future events. And if in a dream conductor requires you have the money for travel, and you know you have to pay, and money you have, before you leave home better check, took whether you wallet, and whether there is money.

4. Recurring dreams
Dreams, pointing to the need to review their actions or thoughts, as the problem is not solved yet. The subconscious mind gives us the disturbing emotions to deal with the task.

5. Dream with continuation
Testify about a changed point of view and that the problem starts to be solved.

Tisiologia dreams
Category such dreams reflects mainly sexual problems or the condition of our health. Main in the interpretation of dreams is your feelings.

7. Warning dreams
They show us that we can change and prevent unpleasant events. If you see that someone pushes you into the abyss, try to be careful and think about their actions, may be, you begin to realize their actions, which can lead to the collapse of your life. Also in these dreams you can see the cracks on the subject, broken furniture, destroyed buildings, disaster. All this says about the collapse of plans and hopes. If you see that a loved one goes, does not want to communicate, closes the door, " it serves as a warning about the tense relations, and we need to think how to change them. When in sleep you something does not work, then something is wrong.

8. Prophetic dreams
In them he sees the things that he cannot see in the usual way. Why am I having these dreams, is not known, but still see them many. They are bright and saturated, and in addition easily remembered. The feelings expressed in them very clearly. Although not every bright dream is prophetic. If in the sleep you something very surprising, then, most likely, this dream is a prediction of the future events. For example, one such dream: "Suddenly appeared in front of me a man. I was very surprised and asked him, "who are You?". He said, "I am Aquarius, brought thee potatoes". During this time she was looking for work. In September, the woman went to work, and in early February, which sign matches the Aquarius, her salary was increased.

9. Lucid dreams
In them you realize that you are dreaming and dreaming. The ability to manage events and their actions in such dreams shows your great ability.

10. Expressive dreams
In these dreams he sees scenes, which is impossible in real life. This shows the great imagination of the dreamer and the power of his feelings.

11. Dreaming awake
When in the inner world of man there are strong taboos may arise dream symbols in reality. Thereby, giving him to understand that it is necessary to urgently sort out their problems.
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