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МЕТАФИЗИЧЕСКИЕ ИССЛЕДОВАНИЯMan by nature is not affected neither death nor aging; he might be killed only by accident. In his body, that is, in its collective cells, does not leak the inevitable aging process; nothing is able to paralyze the individual. It turns out that the death can be avoided. The disease is first of all not-health, lack of rest or Santi - sweet, cheerful serenity of spirit, reflected by mind throughout the body. Decrepitude, so common to people, only shows ignorance of the causes certain mental and physical diseases. Appropriate mental attitude can even prevent an accident. Siddha says, "If properly maintain bodily tone, the body will be able to repel any infection, influenza and plague". Siddhi was not afraid of germs and never sick.


Remember: the youth is of God is the seed of love is planted in divine form of a man. Youth is the divine within man; the youth is spiritual life, life is beautiful. To live and love can only life, and it is called eternal life. Old age soulless, death, ugly, it does not exist. Deformity called old age, cause fear, grief and suffering. Beauty, called youth, cause joy, the ideal and love. Old age is only a shell, hiding the pearl of reality - the pearl of youth.

You need to find the mind of the child. Imagine that you are inside the Divine Infant. Tell yourself before going to sleep: "I perceive that inside of me - forever young, forever beautiful, spiritual body of joy. I have a wonderful, spiritual mind, eyes, nose, mouth and skin; my body to the Divine Infant. Today it completely". Repeat this several times and quietly meditate. Waking up in the morning, say to yourself out loud: "Oh, Yes, dear (name,) you inside the divine alchemist".

The spiritual force of these words will cause a change, and come out the Spirit will enrich your spirit body and the spiritual temple. Thanks to the alchemist dead and worn out cells will disappear, and be born gold forever healthy and beautiful new skin. Eternal youth is the true manifestation of divine Love. Divine alchemist forever forges in my new temple, a beautiful daughter cells. A youthful spirit dwells in my temple this divine human form. All well. Om Santi! Santi! Santi! (Rest! Peace! Peace!)

Learn how to smile as children. Smile from the heart, is the spiritual relaxation. A genuine smile is truly lovely, this artistic creation "Internal Immortal Ruler". Tell yourself: "I wish the whole world of good. They may all be blessed and happy." Getting to day work, repeat: "Inside of me - a perfect divine form. Finally I became what you wanted! Every day I imagine its beautiful nature, and then to make it a reality! I Divine Infant, I more never shall not want!"

Learn to rouse oneself. Repeat: "My mind fills Boundless Love, exciting my body his perfect life". Let you be always surrounded by joy and beauty. Develop a sense of humor. Enjoy the sunlight.

You know, what I write is the teaching of the Siddhi. This is the most ancient teaching; its history is measured in thousands of years. Teachers Siddhi instructed people to a better way of life long before they know the first fruits of civilization. From their teachings arose system rulers. However, the rulers soon forgot about the fact that everything comes from the Lord. Considering their achievements for his personal merit, they have lost the concept of spiritual and became interested in personal and material. Personal concept rulers caused the great schism in the beliefs and confusion in thought. So we understand Babel. Teaching Siddhi told to us through the centuries true inspired the idea of God, expressing itself in humanity and in all His creations, and the notion that God is All and everything. Siddhi never shied away from this doctrine, and managed to keep intact the great basic Truth".


In this village there was a Temple of Healing. Argue that since its Foundation in these walls were spoken only three words: Life, Love, and Peace, and vibration them so strong, that whosoever shall go to the temple instantly healed. I assure that vibration emanating from the words of Life, Love and Peace is so effective that any inharmonious and imperfect word spoken near the temple, loses its force. We were told that approximately the same happens with people. If he will always speak the words of Life, Love, Harmony, Peace and Perfection, soon will not be able to utter a inharmonious words. We tried to remember any inharmonious the word, and caught myself unable to speak.

It is in this temple sought our companions who sought healing. Local Masters usual custom from time to time to gather in this village for the service and instruction everyone. The whole temple reserved for therapeutic purposes and is open at any time. As to contact the Masters can be quite difficult, they convene the people in this Church for allegedly "healing." In fact, they do not cure anyone of pilgrims. Master accompany them, to show that the pilgrims themselves do not differ from the Masters and that all have the same God-given power. I even suspect that morning, after crossing the river by water, they just wanted to show us what can be above any circumstances, and that each of us must do it.

People living in remote places, which are not able to reach the temple, refer to the Masters, and those willing to come to their aid. There are just curious and unbelievers. Such people, of course, receive no help.

We observed clusters of two hundred to two thousand people, seeking healing, and they were all healed. Most of them it was enough to say to yourself: "I Want to be healthy", and they were healed. We met with people healed at different times: ninety percent of them never sick. And all healed in the temple, as a rule, never get sick. We were told that the temple is a specific object, located in a place which symbolizes, like all the other churches, the Divine centre, or the person of Christ himself. The Church is always open for everyone. They can visit it and to abide in him as much as you want. So in the mind of the parishioners shall be formed and approved ideal.

"Only here know where it came from idolatry, " said Emil. - People tried to capture his ideal in wood, stone, gold, silver or bronze, but any idol is only an imperfect reflection of the ideal. The image or idol, occurs only when people begin to realize that ideal exceeds idol. Instead of looking for the expression of the ideal of the idol, the person contemplating the way, mentally imagine what must be born from the inside. Later idolaters became mentally imagine a person who expresses our ideal. We should imagine the ideal expressed an idol or a person, not the person that expresses the ideal. This equally applies to the great personality of Christ. Jesus left us when I saw that the people idealizes His identity, not an ideal, which He represented. People wanted to make Him King over themselves. They understood that He will be able to Satisfy any need, but do not realize that they have the same force and are required to meet their needs. He said, "If I go not away, the Comforter will not come unto you." He wanted to say that as long as they will rely on His person, they are not aware of their own forces. People need to look inside themselves.

You can be teachers and mentors, but you have to act independently. If you're going to rely on someone else, you do yourself an idol, but will not give birth to the ideal.

We witnessed the miraculous healings. One sick enough to go into the temple, and they were healed. Others remained there for some time. We did not notice a single priest. The vibration of the Word of the Living were so strong that under his influence at all condescending grace. Into the temple of the man with palsy; in an hour he came out perfectly healthy. After that, he spent four months helped our team. Even one person was missing fingers; they all rose again. Baby with dried members and mutilated body was immediately healed; he happily came out to meet us. Lepers immediately cleansed, the blind to see, the deaf to hear. In fact, all included in the temple were healed. During two-three years, we met with some people, healed in that day, and they were all healthy. We explained that if the disease is returned, it means the person is just not enough true spiritual understanding


In the village we walked in the pouring rain, soaking wet. We are very conveniently placed; a large, well appointed room, we took under a dining room and a living room. It was so warm and cozy that one of my friends wondered where Berega heat. We clearly felt a powerful surge of warm air, but found nothing similar to the furnace. All this seemed strange, but, having had time to get used to surprises, we were sure that soon it will become clear.

We sit down at the table, as in the room come Emil with four friends. God inthere's where they came from. They emerged simultaneously in the side of the room, where there were no Windows and no doors. Without any noise, trying not to attract attention, they approached the table, and Emil in turn presented their satellites. They then as if nothing had happened sat down. Before we knew it, the table was littered with food. Meat among her was not. These people do not eat animal food.

After dinner, we sat down comfortably, and one of us was interested in how heated the room. "Heat you feel, " said Emil, is springs from the forces with which we can all get in contact. This force superior to any of the mechanical forces used by man, including light, heat and electricity, leading all of your devices. We call it the Universal Force. If you come into contact with this force and began to use it, then perhaps you would call it "the perpetual motion". We call it the Universal Force, or by the divine Power which the Father gave all of His children. It leads to the movement of any mechanical device that moves the objects at any distance without the cost of fuel, and, of course, brings light and warmth. This power is everywhere, it is free and publicly available"!

One of my friends asked her whether the help was cooked food. Emil told us that the food is obtained in a completed form directly from the Universal Substance, like bread or other products that we tasted before.
Then Emil invited us to his home for two hundred miles from here, to meet with his mother. He said, "My mother is so perfected your body that can take it with you to a different world and in physical form to receive the highest knowledge. So it's invisible. It does so deliberately, desiring to attain the highest teaching, and then to help us.

So you became clearer, let me explain: my mother has achieved what you call the Kingdom of Heaven, where Jesus dwells. This place is sometimes also called the Seventh sky. For you it is probably the secret behind seven seals. But believe me, no mystery here. The Kingdom of heaven is the plot of consciousness in which revealed all the secrets. People who have reached this state of consciousness, already went beyond the end, but you can go to talk and to instruct those who are able to understand them. They can appear in bodily form, because they have improved their body so that they take them with you wherever you want to. They can return to the earth, bypassing the chain of reincarnations. All the people after the death moved to another physical shell and return to earth. The body is initially spiritually and completely, and we need to take care of its preservation. People who lost his body, and leading a life in the spirit, understand that they must regain the body to improve it".

Before you get up from the table, we were divided into five groups, each of which is headed by one of his comrades Emil. It was essential to facilitate and expand our work; besides, we could further explore the phenomena of telepathy and invisibility. We broke into five subgroups on average, two people in each. Now we can get to a great distance, communicating with each other with these wonderful people, always ready to help and advise.


The next day was made final preparations. I was included in a group of three, headed by Emil and just. In the morning all five groups accompanied by servants and agents dispersed in different directions. We have agreed to conduct a detailed diary travel and to meet in two months Emil houses in the village, separated, as already mentioned, two hundred miles. To communicate with each other we could through conductors.

Every night they shared the news on the distance or moved from one group to another. If we needed to say something to the head or another member of the expedition, we were told our guide, and in an incredibly short time he had the answer. We wrote down every detail message and time it is sent to the nearest minute; a return message, we did exactly the same. When we met again and verified his account, the match was full. In addition, our friends moved from camp to camp and talked with us. We conducted a detailed record of these visits, noting the time, place and topic of conversation, and subsequently have carefully verified the account.

We went sometimes on huge distances: one group went to Persia, one in China, one In Tibet, the fourth - in Mongolia, and the fifth in India. Our friends never left us. Sometimes they become "invisible" and, covering one night a distance of a thousand miles, kept us informed of what is happening in each of the camps.

The group, which included me, was on his way to South-West. To a small village, situated on a high plateau at the foothills of the Himalayas, was eighty miles. Provisions we are not stocked, but the food was always enough, and have always waited for the late night. We arrived on the fifth day, before lunch. Released towards the delegation of peasants were settled us in the apartments.

We noted that people show respectful obeisances Emil and Just. Emil, as it turned out, haven't been here, but just visited these places. The first time it called for help three peasants, paws caught in a fierce snow of the people inhabiting the wilderness regions of the Himalayas. Now occurred a similar case. "Snow people" - this rogue and pariah, who settled on the snow-capped peaks and glaciers. Of them formed a tribe that have adapted to live high in the mountains, far away from civilization. Yetis are not so many, but they are very fierce and warlike; the one who will cater to their feet, do not envy. As it turned out, mountain savages captured four peasants. The villagers mind could not be applied as to save them, and in the end he sent a messenger to the Just. Just immediately came to their aid.

Of course, we have heard stories about snow people, but little they believed. We wanted desperately to see with their own eyes. At first, we thought it would be organized rescue brigade, and hoped to join. We were disappointed: Emil said that they will go with Just two and not wasting a second.

They instantly vanished into thin air and came back only in the evening of the next day. Four of the prisoners whom they had saved, tells the bizarre story of their adventures. Strange snow people who attacked them, go, it turns out, naked; their body, as in animals, covered with thick hair, and they easily withstand the most severe frosts. They move with lightning speed; they even say that the snow people come upon in the pursuit of wild animals living in their habitats. These tribals called masters of the "People of the Sun" and always give them their captives. Master had hundreds of times trying to get to this tribe, but their attempts neither to no avail, because of the snow people they are terribly afraid. Their fear is so great that when Masters are no longer eat and sleep and lead-the-clock watch. Snow people have lost all connection with civilization; they live in complete isolation and forgot even that once communicated with the other races themselves came from them.

Emil and just talked about this strange tribe of very reluctantly and refused to take us. Here is what they said: "Snow people are as a child of God, as we are. Just the other people for so long reared their hatred and fear that they voluntarily isolated himself, completely forgetting that they themselves belong to the human race, and considering himself wild animals. Moreover, they have lost even the animal instinct. After all, if the animal feels that the person belongs to him with love, he reciprocates his feelings. As we can see, people who are in captivity of their delusions and falling away from God and humanity, can fall below the animal. Makes no sense to lead you to them. You only hurt. And yet we do not lose hope that someday we will be able to pay at least one of them, and then we shall save the whole tribe".

They said that if we want so much to look at yetis, we can do it yourself. Master promised to protect us and help out if we get in trouble.

In the evening we were told that tomorrow we will visit one very ancient temple located thirty five miles from here. Two of my friend decided that the temple is not so interesting, and wanted to pay a visit to the savages. No matter how they persuaded the two peasants, those flatly refused to be agents. None of the villagers had not dared to go beyond it, while nearby wandered snow people. Nothing can be done: asking Emil and constructed the road, my friends fastened to the belt on the holster and hit the road. The wizard took them promise that shoot at people they will only at the very least. Warning shots are also permitted, but to kill is the last resort.

I did not even know that we had firearms, and even more colts 45 caliber. Its something I long ago already thrown away. Probably, Cooley put in the baggage of a pair of pistols, just in case, and they stayed there.


The conversation was interrupted, and all wished each other good night. In the morning we got up early and at half-past decided to have Breakfast. Out on the street, we met his friends, who walked and talked among themselves, as mere mortals. When they greeted us, we expressed his surprise that caught them in such a mundane task. "We're just as human as you are, " they said. - Do you still believe that we are different from you? Fullness! Between us there is no difference. We simply more than you, develop a God-given ability.

To our question: "Why can't we do the same as you?" followed by answer: "Why not everyone with whom we associate, follow our example and do as we are? We cannot and do not wish to impose on someone his will; all people are free to live as they see fit. We just demonstrated the most simple and easy way to live, which, having tested it on ourselves, we are pleased."

At Breakfast, the conversation revolved around the everyday themes. To my surprise there was no limit. In front of us at the table were four people. One of them lived on the Earth more than a thousand years. He was so perfected her body that she could take it with you anywhere; it was the same young and vigorous, as tridtsatipjatiletnego, and this perfection there were about two thousand years. Next to him sat his descendant in the fifth generation. He lived on the Earth about seven hundred years, but he could not give more than forty. They talked with us as normal people. Emil changed already the sixth hundred, and looked for forty years; Just was about forty, so much about him and gave. They were talking to each other as brothers. Neither shadow of superiority, the kindness and simplicity and - iron logic and reasonability of each word slightest hint of mysticism and magic - so commonly spoken among themselves mere mortals. I could not rid myself of the idea that you see all this in a dream.


When we got up from the table, one of my comrades took out his purse, intending to pay. Emil stopped him and said, "You are our guests", gave the maid empty hand; a good looking closely, we noticed a few notes. Our friends were not the money, but never felt shortages. As needed, they received them from The most high.


Came a short pause, and one of my friends asked about the Relativity of Matter. In response mother Emil said, "the Real world is a Substance, or Relativity Substance. Let's consider the five kingdoms of minerals, plants, wildlife, humanity and God's Kingdom. Let's start with the lowest - with minerals. Each piece expresses one life - the life of the Lord. Divided and split particles of minerals, mixed with elements of air and water, form the ground, every part of which retains the original life - the life of the Lord. Following the minerals is the vegetable Kingdom is a higher expression of the Lord. Plants borrow part of life in minerals; increasing and multiplying it, they climb one step higher to the Kingdom of God. Then the animal world is a higher expression of the Lord.

Animals borrow part of life in plants; increasing and multiplying it, they climb one step higher to the Kingdom of God. Over the animal world is located humanity - even higher expression of the Lord. Humanity borrows a part of life among animals; lifting one step higher, it still is below the Kingdom of God is the highest expression of life. When a person reaches this Kingdom, he realizes that all originated from the same Source and contains the same life - the life of the Lord, and that person takes all of the material world. But it doesn't have to stop; you need to keep moving forward. Men are waiting for new conquests. At one moment we understand that the entire universe, the entire cosmos contains the same life - the life of the Lord, and that everything comes from one Source or Substance. Then the matter and will be for us relative, you agree with me?"


Thought about the difference exists only in the finite mind of man. You just look to what it has led people: to terrible wars, to unremitting hostility between peoples, families and even family members! And all because of one Church organization, you see, decided that her creed or doctrine better than others. But in fact the doctrine of equal value, because lead to one. Everyone has their own heaven - well't it absurd? So, every person, of blessed repose in the bosom of a certain Church, after the death shall wander in the maze of others "heaven" in search of the only Paradise, where else on earth are identified. Religious organizations and religious men are getting closer to each other, and already the day when they come together. And when everything will become one, there will be no need in the "organizations".

But it is impossible to dump all the blame on religious denominations. Few people realize the true meaning of life. The most part just goes with the flow, feeling insecurity, frustration, confusion and disappointment. Each person must understand the meaning of life and purposeful, with clear action to Express those gifts, which has given us the Lord. No one will live for us in our lives. No one can Express it for us, and no one will tell us how you want to Express. "As the Father has life in Himself, so He has given life to the Son, that they might have it Myself." If a person doesn't understand it and goes with the flow, so he just does not want to Express a God. The Lord has chosen that man became His divine image and likeness. And the main purpose of human life is to Express what was in store for us by the Lord. Remember the wise words spoken by Jesus in the sermon on the mount. He realized that people can use their abilities to the full extent only in case, if he has the true ideal and a clear goal in life. So He established in his sublime intention. The seed begins to grow when firmly rooted in the soil. The inner power of God will be able to produce a true desire, if a foothold in the human soul. Follow Jesus, we must all understand: first spiritual impulse to the expression is a persistent desire to speak.

Under the words, "blessed are the poor in spirit," Jesus meant that any life limitation, able to create a desire to rise and get rid of it, positively. He realized that the requirements laid down a condition for its satisfaction. He considered the needs of soil ready for planting. If you throw the seed in there and give it to grow and develop, it will satisfy the need. The desire and need sometimes incorrectly interpret. Many great teachers believed that desires need to suppress. Jesus said, "Woe unto you that are full now!" If you are satisfied then you stopped. To establish the full connection with life, you must seek its full expression. Leads to this expression. Charter grovel on the earth, man aims to fly; and he begins to search for manifestation of the law, which would raise it above the current restrictions. Knowing this law, the person gains the ability to move anywhere, regardless of time and space. They say man proposes, but God disposes. If God is a person, then the person can do the same as God. Did the Son cannot do what he seeth the Father doing?

Because foreign objects can satisfy the soul; it is beginning to look within himself. And then the individual discovers I AM; he understands that he can by its own efforts to meet every need and desire of his soul. The whole chain of disappointments forcing it to seek peace within himself. When he understands that I AM - it is the fulfillment of his desires, it is automatically executed. Strive to fulfill the desires alone, without the help of God, - madness. In order to open up for real, man must open themselves to the Lord.

When a person begins to see clearly and attains I AM, he perceives that in him are strength, substance and intelligence, give form to all forms; that, as the only true and certain idea of desire becomes intellectually decorated to her flock strength, intellect and substance of spirit and make it to the light. Isn't this heavenly treasure that we have overlooked? Inside us in unfinished form of hidden untold wealth. It is understood by all who have found their pearl. "Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you." Hearken to the meaning of these words. "All these things", because all created from the substance of the spirit. When the consciousness will receive the Spirit, it will be able to do your stuff.

The awakened person is aware of creative principle; life gives him the opportunity to implement this principle. He represents himself or aware of his abilities. Feeling's creative power, he recalls his fondest wish; it becomes the ideal or matrix, which must be submitted strength and substance. I SEE is the internal representation; this is the promised Land, or a dream come true for which the soul of the believer. Even if he can master it unconsciously, she still finds a visible form.

The soul must overcome the wilderness experience, and only after that it will be worthy of redemption. Realizing that sees the promised Land, that is the ideal, which is to be realized in the soul begins to see only the good, became the object of her desires. Now any hesitation can have fatal consequences. You have to be true to his vision, and to hurry up. It happens to all; it is as necessary to man as drawings and instruction - Builder. One must closely follow this vision, as a Builder should drawings and instructions drawn up by the architect. Forget about everything in the name of truth.


Mother Emil was the last to speak; she spoke English, and her voice was clear and loud. Here is what she said: "every day We are by forces over which people laugh, staying in captivity restricted views. We make every effort to make people aware of what freedom they have, if they understand that their hands are always perfect things, just waiting his incarnation. Once a person shall possess these forces, they will become much more real and alive all the other things that people desperately clings; and chainis it for them because they can see, touch, or smell with limited human senses.

All kinds of comforts in this hall and in your room, including light, heat and even food, delivers one of these forces. Can call it light rays or as you please. We call it the great universal force is hundreds of times more efficient than steam, electricity, gas or coal; however, we consider it the least of forces.

This power provides not only all the necessary energy, but also gives him warmly at any time and in any place without any fuel costs. This power is completely silent; when man learns to use it, he will do away with the noise and bustle that now seems inevitable. This force is always at hand. For ease of handling it surpasses electricity and steam. When man learns to use it, he will understand that all other forms of energy, and transportation - only surrogates, invented his mind. He believes that he has created them; but he can produce only what is perceived by human senses.

It produced imperfect things, but if he realized that all the gods and all of God to display himself, he would generate only perfect things. Man, endowed with freedom of choice, usually chooses the most difficult way; not recognizing their FILIAL rights and is not using the assets of the Lord, he is so all life on it goes. But, in the end, comes to the conclusion that there Must exist and be sure there is a better way. He finally realizes that there is one way of God. And then he begins to Express the perfection inherent in him by God himself.

Don't you understand that it is necessary to focus on the Father inside, drawing from Him all their possessions; that all the forces of your nature must manage this divine personality? At the beginning of any expression is God the Father who dwells within; you can neither Express nor to cause any other God".

Then one of us asked the impact of our words and thoughts on our lives. The woman pulled up one hand, and soon it appeared a small object. "Let us throw the pebble into the water, " she said. - Vibrations caused by contact of stones with a surface of water, diverge in concentric circles to the edges of the Cup, that is, to the external border of the water, hit the wall, they seemed to lose its force and fade. But actually this is not so. Reaching the edge of the water, vibration steadily back to the place where he dropped a pebble.

The same thing happens with all our thoughts and words. A thought and a word in motion certain vibrations that go like concentric circles, until we cover the whole universe. Then they return to the one who caused them. All our thoughts and words, bad or good, certainly return to us. This return symbolizes the day of judgment spoken of in your Bible. What were your thoughts and words, so shall the death sentence. Any idea (pronounced mentally or verbally) becomes a seed; the idea is planted in the soil of the soul (keep in mind), then it becomes a concept that we Express or produced on the light in physical form. Committed thoughts or ideas bring perfect things; imperfect thoughts or ideas generate imperfect things.

The sun and the earth by joint efforts produce and mighty tree, and a tiny flower; it all depends on what seed cast into the ground. Similarly, Soul and Spirit responds to the man; he receives from them everything that asks mentally or verbally. From heaven person separates only the fog materialistic thoughts, created his own; that's where does the mystery surrounding all the divine manifestations. When you draw back the veil of mystery, and he will understand that no secret is actually not.

People whose various religious organizations, it is advantageous to surround God aura of mystery; they believe that it is easier to take over the minds of his flock. But we all understand that God's greatest achievements - is a simple facts of real life. Otherwise, what is in them good? All of us present here are aware that the Church is only a symbol of the Christ Consciousness that dwells in the man, the symbol of the Divine the centre of mankind. Realizing this ideal, we cease to worship the idol, made limited human thinking. Just look around: the heresy grow as mushrooms. With all their differences, they all lead to one. Will they, in the end, all of the Church to the true consciousness?

We so have improved their body that can take them with you anywhere; we have achieved what you call the Kingdom of Heaven. Most people believe that it is in Seventh heaven. for them it is a secret behind seven seals. That's where starts a man of his limited thinking. But there's no mystery no, not really; we have simply reached such a level of consciousness where can get higher knowledge; this level is now Jesus. We realized that rejected the death becomes immortal; that man is immortal, sinless, unchangeable and eternal as God is, Who it so decided. We know the true meaning of the Transfiguration; we were able to communicate with God eye to eye. We realized that all people can come to obtain this knowledge and to become like us. And soon when all of you will raise your consciousness so that you can talk to us eye to eye. People don't see us only because our consciousness exceeds their ultimate consciousness.

We need to focus on three great events. The first took place many years ago and it symbolizes the birth of the Christ Consciousness in man; it's Christmas. Second comes, when your great nation will accept and implement the Christ Consciousness. We all look forward to the third and last, the greatest of all events - the second and final coming of Christ, when we all know and accept Christ and will live, move forward and grow, and grow as the Lily. This will be the Atonement."

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