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Onua.org - this site created to familiarize the user with the world of the unknown, news of technology, space discoveries and mysteries of the Earth UFO, Video , Photo, the Witnesses, the mysteries of history and ancient civilizations.
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In mid-December photographer Gavin Heffernan and his team suffered severe frosts in Death Valley (USA), to get a beautiful delayed filming dunes and stars.

However, they did not expect that the frame will get a strange flying object, which appeared in the night sky. According to them, they deliberately avoided the term UFO, as yet not sure what they saw. Strange object made three broad range over the desert. According to witnesses, the object is not uttered no sound, so it definitely was not a helicopter.

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A few minutes - and the house is shining purity! Modern household chemistry beautifully packaged, smells and acts momentalne after using it Housewives often suffer from allergies, and even get to the hospital. The correspondent of the program visited the factory in Germany and found out why the European Housewives can wash and wash your house without risk to life. In Russia the same brand of powders and gels very dangerous...

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The cylinders of the pharaohs is just one of the many mysteries that conceals the civilization of Ancient Egypt.
Mysterious objects in the hands of the sculptural image of the pharaohs has long been concerned scientists, researchers, historians. Just recently, after years of research physicist Vladimir Kovtun understood the purpose of these mysterious objects. But is it? Whether he was able to unravel an ancient mystery?

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GMO is genetically modified organisms. If you buy in the store product that says "GMO", it means that the product is created without the introduction of any alien genes.

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The Elbrus region. 2001. Here archaeologists have made a surprising discovery - presumably remains of the city Ciara, the capital of the first Russian state of Ruskolan that existed at the beginning of the first Millennium. And long before that, in the XVIII century, on the territory Pyatigorsk, was discovered unique statue, which is unique in the world are not found till now. It was a big stone in the form of human figures, by its edges were carved ancient inscriptions, on which was inscribed the Orthodox cross...

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Are there animals-psychic, animals-psychics, animals, can foresee the future? Is it true that man to avoid the danger just to closely monitor the behavior of animals? a critical moment animals think only about yourself or trying to warn people? Is it possible to develop extrasensory capabilities in animals?

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The whole truth about UFOs in this release. Why American interplanetary station sends to the earth encrypted signals? Who threatens scientists and what they are forced to be silent? Where on earth appeared ancient artifacts depicting space stations and strange creatures? Why has science does not know whether in the earth's oceans to be rational beings? Where are brothers in mind and why don't they come in touch with us?

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"Food of the gods" is a fascinating journey into the world of ancient cooking, seasoned with vivid scenes of making the "divine dishes and episodes of the latest discoveries of scientists. "Food of the gods', will entice even the most sophisticated metropolis dweller... You know where to come to us corn, cocoa, wheat, dates, tomatoes? That they are in your DNA? Where on Earth were the seeds of cereal? Vegetarianism is a heritage of ancient or fashion nowadays? What are preparing the elixir of life? How could ancient people to think of all that yourself? Myths say -- is the art of cookery people were given the gods. All the mysteries and legends of cooking -- in a new documentary "Food of the gods".1 initial release here

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