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Конец света назначен на 2014 годIn the kitty lovers end of the world and other mystics have added another date is 2014. This time, however, the forecast of the Apocalypse is not based on polyterrasse tablets Mayan, and quite scientific reasoning.

Professor Nicholas Boyle teaches the history of Germany in Cambridge, and at leisure is engaged in the gloomy predictions of the future. His theory is based on historical Parallels, with which he came to date 2014 - "the great event", as it solemnly calls himself a scientist. The idea Boyle is that at the beginning of each century is one such event which determines the course of history for a hundred years.

Indeed, in the history of Western Europe in the last century it was the beginning of each of the next century was a turning point. So, in 1517, Martin Luther began the Protestant Reformation, which put an end to the unity of the Catholic Church and has split Europe into two camps. In 1618 the Protestants and Catholics began between the Thirty years war, which claimed many lives and for a long time determined the course of development of both Germany and the entire European continent.

However, with the XVIII-th century the Professor had some difficulties. Instead of death of Louis XIV and the beginning of the war of the Spanish succession reason he chose a purely local date - the return of the Hanover dynasty in England. Not less difficult Boyle and with the next century - the Great French revolution of 1789, he missed in the end it's just France, not England, but as a turning point called the Congress of Vienna, completing the cycle of the Napoleonic wars.

Ends the Boyle begin to converge closer to our time. In 1914 the First world war - indeed, a key turning point in the history of the twentieth century. Apparently, similar to 1914 Boyle and led his own date of 2014. However, why is it not 2013 or, say, 2015, he explains quite vague.

"The year 2007 saw the tremendous economic changes that will continue for a long time. And large economic changes lead to the same changes in politics, but we have not yet seen" - says a British Professor of history.

Let's remind, the end of the world most commonly "assign" 2012, based on the prophecies of the Maya. Half a century ago in Mexico, workers dug up polytrichosa plate, on which was written, that this year the Earth waiting for some strange changes associated with the war. What they will end, it is not clear to the end of the text cannot restore. However, scientists have long known that the Mayan calendar ends just in 2012 - then they simply don't have dates.

This has generated a lot of rumors and speculation, especially for the West. They even made a film "2012", where the role of global cataclysm is overheating the planet due to the unusually strong flash on the Sun.
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