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В магнитном поле Земли скрываются порталы в параллельные мирыPhysics NASA say that at the moment of collision the magnetic fields of the earth and the Sun space is distorted so that you can get into another dimension.

Specialists of the American space Agency claiming to have found a portal to a parallel dimension, which are located in the Earth's magnetic field at a distance of several thousand kilometers from the surface of our planet.

The idea portals in parallel worlds has been variously described in the works of fiction and is that in a certain place, the space is distorted, then there is no longer the traditional laws of physics. Time is speeding up, distances are reduced and you can reach any point of the universe almost instantly.

And now the specialists of the University of Iowa, funded by NASA, claiming to have found in the universe such portals, called X-points. Of course, they are unlikely to take anyone on the opposite end of the universe, but they really see the change in the physical properties of matter.

"We call it X-point or electronic diffusion, " says Professor of Iowa state University, Jack Scudder (Jack Scudder). They are where the Earth's magnetic field is faced with a more powerful field of the Sun - this usually occurs at a distance of several thousand kilometers from the surface of our planet".

Most of these portals, or X-points are small and appear in a very short period of time, but there are just huge objects, distorting the surrounding space. Passing through these portals, charged particles heat the upper atmosphere of the planet, causing geomagnetic storms.

Now NASA is seriously interested in the study of X-points and runs for this Magnetospheric multiscale mission (MMC), which is supposed to start in 2014. Within its framework, to the portals will be sent four spacecraft, sensors which will record changes in the magnetic field and the behavior of charged particles.

The only problem faced by scientists, was the search for X-points, because the magnetic portals are invisible, unstable, open and close without warning. However Scudder found out, analyzed data from a space probe Polar, carrying out kosmicheskuyu mission in the late 1990-ies.

According to the information of researchers, Polar faced with a large number of X-points. Based on these data, scientists have identified five specific conditions of the magnetic field and the surrounding charged particles to be able to say that in this place there is a magnetic portal.

Now the work of planning the mission will end, and two years later space probe will go in search of places where the strongest magnetic field distort space, and now scientists from the University of Iowa tell about their achievements in the journal Physical Review Letters.

Source: Phys.org
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