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Просветленные о вознесенииThe ascension of the planet Earth - the phrase for many terrible. And it is associated with death. But the ascension and the death incompatible things. So if you are a believer, you should know that there is no death, but have eternal life. But in any case, the ascension, about which I will say, this is not exactly what is described in "the lives of the saints".

It describes "classical ascension” - frequency increases, the physical body burns instantly, and the soul ascends in light body. I'll talk about "soft” ascension, but it is nowhere described as will be implemented for the first time on such a scale. Various information about this process reflected the multiple channel (read more ), and the name of the Kryon (more) probably familiar to You, since You are reading this article.

Now, more. Let us remember what I wrote in the article about the Healing. Our soul, manual reducing vibration, making their projections on the lower dimensions that kind of budding. Our Highest structure (relatively high) - Cosmic soul is at the level of 12-th density. All the wood division conventionally called the Spiritual monad. The soul gets the experience at the same time (if this term is applicable for densities, where there is no time in different dimensions and on different planets. But in this case we are interested in the world of 3D - three-dimensional matrix of our world. To get here is very difficult, it takes a long time to grow physical body and conditions of use of Energy is severely restricted.

To start several terms:

Processional alignment, planetary rise: supply of energies higher energy structure, in fact the higher level, which corrects the matrix of the universe to complete the current and the beginning of a new stage of development. Usually (before) ended global disasters and the destruction of all life. There are two types of alignment: the planetary (26 thousand years and galactic - once in 106 million years). Now these two alignments are the same, which gives the opportunity to serve in this sector of the galaxy is a very powerful energy (one of the signs of coming to the planet five additional rays of service (and their Archangels); 12. Alignment has already started and will reach a maximum 21.12.2012 (all started), but don't be nervous, disasters are not planned (at least the global and all participants and helpers try these processes to mitigate.

Crystal Lattice matrix (a kind of operating system)which sets the properties of - Laws System. It manages all the processes, transfers his property to all incarnate. At this point is still valid Dual lattice 3rd dimension. The new grid 5th dimension (often referred to as the Christ consciousness grid) has already begun to act, it is run by initiating preserved Atlantic Master crystals and will be fully activated in December 2012.

A bit of history:
When the experiment on Earth (the real name of our planet - Gaia) was just beginning, it was an ordinary integral world with the current vertical connections. Souls were free to move from one density to another and explore them in parallel. But it was the free world, here came researchers from different parts of the Galaxy.

At the same time (in fact, the difference may be in the billions of years) Divine structure of the high-level began the experiment on search for an alternative (not a Divine source of Energy. This experiment was led by the Archangel Lucifer. The experiment was developed the concept of the dual worlds, worlds that energetically formed polar areas (light-darkness, good-evil, joy, pain and so on). It allowed to increase the efficiency gain experience, created for the soul effective mechanism of knowledge and learning. Although the experiment on the search for energy failed (almost always lead in the parasitizing on the divine source, which did not allow to keep balance), duality remained effective engine of evolution of the soul and the souls of many Galaxies (including You) has directed to our system to gain experience. The first result on the planet (Pandey) failed miserably, attempt to fix aggressive genes inhabitants caused a reaction, and during the next processional leveling (exam at the level of galactic systems civilization was destroyed.

The next civilization - Mu (later - Lemuria) reached its highest development, but disaster struck: the conflict aggressive creatures came with the system of Orion, living in neighboring planets - Maldek and Mars, the planet Maldek was completely destroyed (zone Phaeton). An explosion has damaged a system of protection of Gaia and all the victims have begun to incarcerate on our planet. The level of vibration of the planet dramatically lower and began the process of collapse of the higher structures, which are called "the Fall”. Lemuria during the next processional alignment perish, but have managed to preserve their achievements (Telos).

"The fall" reached its climax in the Holocaust following civilization of Atlantis, when during the war was destroyed artificial Earth satellite - Arcturian crystal and was destroyed by the crystal lattice of the Christ consciousness and energy matrix that support the structure of the 5th dimension. The Atlantean civilization was destroyed, lost (the truth had been hidden several Atlantic crystals, which is activated only now) and the planet is plunged into a three-dimensional world in chaos, with impaired energy and the complete degradation. Only the intervention of Higher structures has allowed to stabilize the situation: the Solar system was declared a closed area, was established the law of balance of light and dark axis launched the mechanism of Karma. Planet became an experimental platform to develop complex situations (some kind of MES). Soul again and again incarnated on the planet, trying to make amends and to gain experience for the return of lost capacities. But everything is over and the time of the experiment, too. Now is the time next to the process of alignment, and our arm of the Galaxy served energy of the Central sun and have the opportunity to make a breakthrough up. In this crucial period on the planet (bidding) embodied the greatest Masters in different areas to help the planet and all living things to come for the next stage of evolution is to make the ascension in the 5th dimension. To do this, with the help of other civilizations and divine structures to create new portals for supply of energy, created a new pattern of Christ consciousness, increased frequency of vibration of the planet.

That's so detailed and pathetic. Moreover, purely earthly, dual. But You (who thinks that I came here by accident), and nothing else waiting, as if you were ready to think quantum (as befits lifted up), the information would be received directly from its Top structures.
But that's not all. Now a new global experiment in total "soft” Ascension of the whole planet and all its inhabitants (those at the level of the Soul decided to complete the dual experiment, and carried up). For this Soul should raise your vibration and activate your Higher aspects. This is very hard, by the constant Spiritual work and a series of energy cleansing. Simultaneously with increase of frequency of vibration is on the rise, consolidation of consciousness in the higher dimensions, kind of "Elevator” and its expansion.

Thus early in soft ascension some of the parameters of the process becomes frequency vibration (it should reach frequency vibrations of the new planet matrix - Christ consciousness Grid frequency 999), the number of activated layers of DNA (initially activated one level, and only 12 of them) and the Level of consolidation of consciousness (CCS), varying from 3, (like most people) to 12. This is accompanied by activation of advanced abilities, clairvoyance, the ability to heal, telepathy, levitation, etc. Body must undergo a transformation and become an organic silicon to withstand the new high frequency of the planet in the interim the 4th dimension. At transition in 5-th density, we receive the body of Light and we wish to pass from one body to another.

So the ascension process is running, despite the fact that we participate in it or not. We have nothing to do that depends, is that not resist the processes and not to abuse the violation of the Cosmic laws, which will exacerbate the situation and may discard personal evolution another 100 million years before the next precessional alignment.
Do an experiment: draw a semi-circle, divide it into 10 sectors and sign- 0%, 10%... 100%. Now let's make a simple pendulum (such as a ring on a string). Concentrate, ask a question: "I Ask your Higher self to say: what are the plans of my Soul for the coming Planetary Ascension?” and start the pendulum. May argue that the value will be in the range of 50% and above (if you practice Reiki exactly 100%). Those who are not planning the ascension won't read this text and if you read, you will find his delirium and for him it was the right decision, it has not finished getting my experience. Its mission is to contain the rapid growth of vibrations (which would have led to large-scale disasters and to teach us the "recent lessons". Thank him. And You expect the Ascension and should be aware of. Especially important is the fact, and it is up to them and addressed this text, whose values are planning to 50%. There are few of them. They have not made a final decision. Either - or? Remember, "Who was the last - will be the first"?

By the way, this way you can check for accuracy (better to say, the unchanged) given me information. What have You got? I - 96%, a very good result.
Do not expect that someone will help you, to find the information for themselves and think that You do.
I can say only one thing, the sessions of Healing (and this is the intensive cleaning) changes the number of planning the ascension from 50% to 100%, and CCS 3 points up. Not the fact that your physical bodies will be healed, but the ascension process starts. It is possible that in some cases there is no need to waste energy on the restoration of the old authorities need to concentrate on building higher structures.

Not the fact that it fits all, but You also, with the help of the pendulum can identify what You need (so you can determine the level of CCS, the frequency, the suitability of the products and much more, not only advise you to ask questions about the future, and any questions that are not related to You personally).

The get settings Reiki - next (someone first) is a natural stage of the ascension. Masters of Reiki, as a rule, up to 8 levels of CCS, and Teachers - 12 level (note: this statement is valid at the time of writing. Now the numbers CCS rose to an astonishing level).

The way everyone chooses for himself. They can be different and are determined by the objectives of Your soul.

But know one thing, You are all Masters. There is no simple. You are Gods, just don't remember this.

Good luck in the rapture
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Бред сивой кобылы!!! Никакого вознесения не будет и не предвидется. Хватит прараноидально-бредовыми идеями мозги людям пудрить. Если обкурились, то это не значит то, что ваши трипрепорты должны быть выданы за действительность. Нам достаточно и нашего правительства, которое тоже пудрит мозги людям, считая их за бандерлогов, т.е. неполноценных.




Статью однако, почитали, перед тем как говнокоменты писать lol
Я считаю, не нравится - не трать время не читай и не пиши ничего :) лучше потрать его на что нибудь более полезное:)


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