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Украинцы вскоре забудут о зимах и будут срывать с деревьев мандариныSoon instead of Apple and pear Ukrainians in home gardens will grow oranges and bananas, and the Windows have to be closed down mosquito nets to protect against malaria mosquitoes. Such changes can become a reality already in 50 years, say climatologists.

With the first signs of such natural surprises are already facing Ukrainians in different regions. For example, in the black sea and Azov districts caught poisonous karakurt, who previously lived in Asia. And this summer the residents of Zhytomyr region several times seen in its region tarantulas, before preferred steppes of southern Ukraine. There are already the first victims of this poisonous spider - died calf. Fortunately, poison tarantula not dangerous to humans - pain from the bite of a hornet and swelling appears.

Climatologists say further climate warming will lead to the fact that almost in all territory of the country may wind up not only poisonous spiders, and Scorpions, rattlesnakes and even mosquitoes. "And it already threatens least cholera and other tropical diseases, " says the expert on climate change Andriy Martynyuk. - Such precedents already in Germany. Therefore, we must prepare for the invasion of insects that carry the infection, now." Undergo changes and flora.

"We have not so long ago appeared poisonous plant Heracleum, or Hogweed (typical Caucasian regions. - Auth.). He has already settled in the Carpathian region, but soon can fill all available space in Ukraine, as in his time ambrosia. Hogweed is very poisonous, after contact with him are painful burns on the body," says Martynyuk. According to him, the rush to adapt to climate needs and farmers: "it Is necessary to select new varieties of crops - wheat, corn and others who would stand high temperature. Otherwise, we're going to get rich harvest, as before".

STRIP OFF THE WINTER. With expert agrees and the weather center. "Our climate becomes more and more like Italian or Greek, but retains its own peculiarities. It is likely that we can completely disappear winter climate, that is, when for several months kept the temperature is below zero, - said Today the head of the meteorology Tatyana Adamenko. Fortunately, in parallel with the higher temperatures we have seen, in particular, in the South of the country, increases in precipitation. That is, we are not threatened that the South will turn into a desert. There are formed favorable conditions for growing some exotic cultures, for example, bananas, dates, aloe. Such experiments have already been successful at private traders in the Crimea. But the climate may soon be allowed to put them in more Northern regions".

According to her, if moisture is enough, then in the near future, you might think about olive groves: "But as long as you can take part in traditional for our territory crops and to harvest twice a year, as in the South. For example, the same potatoes. As many of culture we have in recent years to Mature faster and freed the square again for planting. And precipitation enough to fall again to get the harvest."
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