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Будет ли конец, наконец?Well as you can! Isn't it time to stop scaring us? The Lord has commanded us to think in terms of hope, not despair. Fortunetellers, seers, futurologists, prophets, just dreamers somehow look into the future, as in the Bank with spiders: frightened and squeamish... Oh, how wonderful discoveries we -- or, pardon me, as we all terrible already predicted to date! And the truth, how much?

Good day to die!

There are many people who would be affectation to prove that the end of the world is not far off. Argument "so many of them already announced" not valid, although you can try again. And about the Maya, and about the Egyptian priests speaking of sunset and falling down to Earth, well known. Thoroughly prepared for the judgment day montanita - followers of the prophet Moetanos - in the middle of the second century of our era! Suppression of the flesh, the rejection of any kind of property - the least, which was required by these sectarians from coreligionists. Well, that all the Crusades were carried out under the sign of the close of the Apocalypse, and say nothing - at school, you know. Christopher Columbus in his "Prophecies" attributed the end of the world in 1656. But mankind and he survived.

And how much was published books with the signs of the approaching end! And all of them became best sellers - and in the XVII century and in the twentieth. Sadly, there are fanatics who had their hands trying this end of the world to bring: declare themselves prophets, lead to madness hundreds of thousands of people... at least arrange some kind of self-immolation, and even organize a mass suicide, murder gullible followers.

The bloody "end of the world" was described in 1900 in Kargopol district of Russia. The members of the sect "Brothers and sisters of the red death" announced the date of the Apocalypse - 13 November. The leaders of these fanatics issued a proclamation, which stated that the Lord will be very happy if they would offer himself as a sacrifice by self-immolation. Of course, the news about the planned mass suicide flew to the capital, but where St. Petersburg and where Kargopol. Until directed by the government troops arrived, more than a hundred sectarians have already died. A hundred years later, their example almost followed, fanatics from Penza under the direction "Messiah" Peter Kuznetsova...

Judgement day - tradable goods

The peak of fashion "end of time " necessary in modern history in the 1970s and 1980s years. At this time books by the end of the world prophecies were sold like hot cakes: how many quacks had Pogrebi hands on them, it is hard to say, but some, like engineer Edgar Whisenant, earned millions. Yes that book! One Korean "prophet" in 1992, just bonds issued, the maturity of which has expired two months after the promised end of the world when money is no one will need you. The public bond bought, the end of the world did not wait, and "the prophet" earned half a million dollars. Enterprising Americans created a public Institute "Watch Millennium", engaged in this institution with the problems of the end times.

But progress is progress, and the most popular prophet was and is Nostradamus. Of course, predictions of its obscure and ambiguous, but it would wish to see there can be anything. Well here is an example: "the Year 1999, seven months pass. First will come down from heaven, the great King of terror, to resurrect the great king of Angola, then the same will rule on Mars happiness to all". Isn't it, "clearer" nowhere? However, in his other predictions threatened us more real trouble: live in the midst of a major war, plague and famine... And he promised terrible winds, terrible flood, the universal fire... As they say, "if you do not think about the future, possibly, it to you will not arrive". This Is John Galsworthy.

And well said Confucius: "If you want to read the future, study the past". That is, the prophets of old were scared contemporaries those terrible disaster that has happened to humanity, only exacerbated the picture to the scale of space. Well that is the law of the genre: the nightmare ant should be the size of an elephant and the elephant - with mount Ararat.

Alas, nothing is eternal under the moon, and the end of this light ever come. But let's in anticipation of a universal catastrophe won't scare each other and themselves to death, and that in fact is simply discard skates from fear.

The truth about the end of the light

Attack of the media on our consciousness, associated with the end of the world, who allegedly predicts the Mayan calendar in 2012, has created confusion, hysteria and fear. But this theory is based solely on myths. Let us consider some of them.
The first myth is the Mayan calendar

Without going into complex astronomical and mathematical calculations, not figuring out meticulously, why should they have these multimillion periods that do Mayan not used, look at the calendar easier. Is in itself a stone circle, which depicts, frankly, unpleasant face, probably, the author shows us the language. On the sides of the sectors with icons. And that is all. All! Since no written evidence, any interpretations from the Mayan we do not. Yes, and the authorship of the Maya researchers doubt.

Therefore, the phrase "as said Maya", "the Mayans predicted", "Maya we were warned" untenable. All interpretations, all signs, all of the calculations the calculations were made by our contemporaries. On what basis? And that they were looking at this stone circle. Even the starting point of the calendar (although the range of what may be the beginning - it is a circle!) it is not revealed. We didn't catch neither forward nor back. Since no reference points, alpha, there is no omega. You should ask the author, where he set the point at which he began to count. But the author of the calendar, as the author of folk songs and anecdotes, does not exist.

The second myth - the end of the light

21.12.12 - according to the Mayan calendar, the end of the world, so we are told by those who interprets the end of the world as the end of the world. But first, even in studies of the scientists said about the end of the world, but only about the end of the next cycle, which represents the beginning: as changing weather seasons. Of course, if interpreted autumn as the end of the world for butterflies and Armageddon for tomatoes and Colorado beetles - then surely the end of the world. And if we have these tomatoes were rolled up in a jar, store firewood and we have a roof, then this is the perfect time to enjoy the autumn scenery. However, unscrupulous authors, for obvious reasons, I snap shift cycle at the end of time - and get scared.

The third myth is the center of the Galaxy

Following the commercial value of prophecy, we are being threatened with imminent synchronization, that is, the leveling in the slope of our Solar system with the inclination of the plane of the Galaxy. Supposedly we now kosobuko stand relative to the Galaxy, and therefore it cannot be synchronized at the core of the planet. But as soon as our roll is equalized, and it will take place on the specified date, then we will show galactic get off.

The truth is that this synchronization occurs from time to time, as our Solar system "wiggle" on the waves of time, and never any end of the world in this regard has not happened. So, the myths about the end of the world though amusing, but not wealthy. To amuse them, but to put in your consciousness should not be. It can be useful for us to reality.

The fourth myth - Nibiru

By strolling on the Internet to rumors, in December of 2012 the Earth will hit the planet Nibiru, which, naturally, will kill the human civilization. So much so, that Internet users are bombarded official laboratory NASA questions about this planet and about what awaits us in connection with her appearance. NASA decided to respond. One of these responses, signed by the senior researcher of the Institute of astrobiology at NASA David Morrison we provide.

- For the first time that ancient Sumerians predicted the end of the world, said the science fiction writer Zacharias Sit rank. In his book, "the twelfth planet", published in 1976, he wrote that he found some unknown official science Sumerian manuscripts and they tell of the planet Nibiru. The planet revolves around the Sun, but to make a complete circle, it needs as much as 3 600 earth years, so still no one could see. And recently, this, in fact, the hoax was superimposed on another legend: allegedly, according to the ancient Mayan calendar, December 2012, the last month of the existence of our Universe.

Now, the claim that Nibiru is a planet which was opened by the Sumerians, were born out of conjectures and suppositions same Sitchin, based on nothing. Yes, the Sumerian civilization had high culture. But they never knew that the planets revolve around the Sun. The first ideas of heliocentrism appeared in Ancient Greece, through two thousand years after the disappearance of the Sumerian civilization.

In General, Nibiru - fiction. With the development of astrophysics no "invisible" or "undiscovered" planet in our system cannot be.

The end of the world is transferred to 2026?

According to the forecast of Forbes magazine, in 2026 many jobs will vanish away. Cashiers will not be needed as shops will switch to automatic payment. Will disappear postmen, because "paper mail" will be gone. Instead of military pilots will fight unmanned aircraft. Will disappear projectionists of cinemas, trade Union leadersry, miners and oil companies (mankind would switch to other energy sources). But will appear and new professions, such as a lawyer animals - it is assumed that by this time fauna equalize in rights with men.

Here is an extract of the forecast concerning geopolitics, Mark Leonard, Director of the Department of foreign policy at the Center for European reform in London: "In 2026 China's economy will be larger than the US economy. India will have greater economic power than any European state separately. Russia, Brazil and Indonesia will yield only slightly. With the development of these States appetite for raw materials and intellectual capital insatiable I will be all. Will be a global clash over oil, water and specialists.

However, the vulnerable will be even great powers. Privatization law for elimination - from computer fanatics acceptable to the global chaos of his youth centers, and finishing with terrorists, zapasaemaya on international markets of weapons of mass destruction - will allow individuals and small groups to declare war States". Gloomy forecast, isn't it?

12 August 2026 will be a total solar Eclipse. But on November 13, (it is also Friday!) 2026 in his time was promised and kind of the end of the world. It turns out that even in 1960, the prestigious journal Science published an article that was later reprinted in other publications. It was reported that a well-known mathematician and one of the founders of Cybernetics, Heinz von Forster is estimated that 13 November 2026 the Earth's population will reach a level that will not be able to feed ourselves.

Author: Vladimir Kravets
Source: "Interesting gaeste. The Oracle"
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