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Астрология и магияAstrology is an inherently magical art. However, astrologers believe that our fate is written in the stars, but as they firmly believe that the influence of the stars person can use to your advantage.

If in order to buy a house, you have to wait for mercury and Jupiter will not take a certain position in the sky, you do the same magical operation which is, for example, medieval procedure cure sleepwalking, ordering him at a time when the rising Moon will be in the sign of Taurus, put on the neck of the patient is a kind of plant, wrapped in red cloth. In one case the energy of the moon is used for healing from sleepwalking, in another - the energy of mercury and Jupiter are used to purchase homes.

Most of the modern followers of astrology in all probability, would react to the medieval cure for sleepwalking with contempt; but if they were true to themselves, it would not rejected, in practice modern astrologers carefully ignore this problem. In an American magazine lists of days favorable for a visit to the General practitioner, dentist and ophthalmologist, but the days, good for surgery or medication, it is prudent not listed.

Arguing that the stars influence on health of the person, astrologers describe any astrological methods of treatment. And this is not evidence that astrologers try to avoid magic, and implicit recognition that their system is not working, when it comes to practical medicine.

Medieval astrologers were not so careful. For example, Alexander Treliske, influential author of the middle ages, as a means from gout advised to carry their engraved on a copper plate (metal Venus) verse Homer in the periods when the Moon is in Leo or in Libra. Arnold from Villanovy made for the Pope Boniface VIII printing from lead (metal Saturn) in the form of a lion, to limit (the influence of Saturn) pain during surgery to remove kidney stones. Apparently, print work, because it is reported that Boniface VIII treated her as extremely valuable acquisition. And in fact, and in another case, using charms - copper plate or a lead seal.

The talisman is an object (gemstone ring, plant, paper and so on), which are usually in the hand, hung on the neck or tied to the body. Astrology talisman is used to invoke the power of this or that planet. It should produce from material associated with this planet, and at a time when the influence of the planet reaches a maximum degree (i.e., when the planet is in the ascendant, or in the Middle of the Sky, when it is well aspected by or passes on to its favorable zodiac sign). Julian Rector, Professor of the University of Pisa in the beginning of the XVI century, owned by the ring, on which were engraved some secret signs. This ring is made at the moment when the Moon was in the Middle of the Sky and sign his abode Cancer. Rector treated with it, diseases of legs and feet. And the other her ring, signs on which were engraved in the moment when Saturn was badly aspected by Professor used to repel mosquitoes.

Rings that are essential for attracting planetary influences, recommend manufacturing ia following materials:

The sun - Diamond or Topaz, framed in gold
Luna Pearl, crystal or quartz, set in silver
Mercury - Opal or agate, framed in mercury
Venus - Emerald and turquoise, framed in copper
Mars - ruby or any other red stone, mounted in the iron
Jupiter - Sapphire, amethyst and carnelian, framed in a tin
Saturn - Onyx, or the sapphire, mounted in lead

Talismans are used not only for treatment of various diseases. In 1318, Archbishop of Aachen was forced to resign because of allegations classes "forbidden, cursed and reposing on mathematics art" divination. Claimed that a Jewish astrologer engraved on the Episcopal rings Archbishop signs, which enabled him to avoid illness and brought good luck. In England in the end of XIV century were made official rules and regulations for duels, among which was the condition prescribing opponents use only traditional weapons. Each duelist had to swear that when there is no power stone, magical plant, magic letters, or symbols and other mascots. In the same period, in 13S6 year, sentenced to death offender Robert tresilian stated on the scaffold that will not die until then, until it is clothing. The executioners divide it and found talismans, painted "signs of heaven" (i.e., zodiac signs), as well as the parchment with the image of the head of the devil and many demonic names. Taking Treelane these talismans, executioners hung him naked, and he died.

Medieval magician and astrologer Cecco d'Ascoli described the method of manufacturing mascot, attracting love. The mascot should be made from tin - metal Jupiter, the planet of success. Molten tin poured into the form at the moment when Venus was in the Body or in the Fish. Taurus - the abode of Venus, and Fish is a sign of its exaltation. When the metal is poured into the form under its powerful influence in these signs, Venus modified the proportions of the elements from which consisted tin, turning it into an effective love talisman. (In the end Cecco d'Ascoli fell victim of the Inquisition condemned him to death as a heretic. Him and written astrological works burned at the stake in Florence in 1327.) in the book by Francis Errata "Magician, or a secret agent of heaven", published in 1801; it is argued that, when wearing a talisman, engraved on the silver under favorable aspects of the moon, you will always be good-natured and cheerful, will be respected by others, will be able to travel in complete safety, and also will improve your health and financial situation. If you will produce lead mascot in the period when the Moon will be in bad aspects, and bury this talisman under the floor at home or near home, he will bring misfortune upon the inhabitants of this house.

In the textbook of magic "the Great Albert" describes the talisman bringing good luck in gambling. To make this mascot, you should take a big piece "virgin", a completely new parchment, on the first Thursday (the day of Jupiter, the planet of prosperity) of the lunar month, Jupiter, before sunrise, on the parchment need to write the following phrase: "pop licet ponare in egoborna quia pretium sangumus". Then wrapped in parchment head vipers and tie it with a red silk ribbon. Before you sit down at a game, the mascot should be suspended on the left hand, and good luck will be on your side. Latin phrase that supposed to write on parchment is distorted b verse 27~first Chapter of the gospel of Matthew. When Judas Iscariot, covered with remorse, returned the chief priests thirty pieces of silver, they decided that "is not lawful to put them into the Treasury, because it is the price of blood" ("pop licet ecs mittere in corbonarr. quia pretium sangumus est") . Since the thirty pieces of silver should not come back to the Treasury, your bet this talisman will not disappear in the pot.

Modern astrologers on the topic of talismans, as a rule, is not clear. However, Eduard Satiro in the book "You and your stars" provides instructions for making a planetary mascots, however, makes no representations and does not represent that they necessarily will work. U. of Pavitt and K. of Pavitt in his study on talismans and zodiac gems, questioning many ancient superstitions associated with mascots, however, argue that in some cases, these tools could work, and give an explanation from the positions of modern magic: "Many people are willing to admit that the thought may have some powerful force-a force that takes the material form of talisman or amulet".

Mascot allows a mage to focus on the purpose it serves just as a wax figure helps to concentrate the will power on the object of hate or love.

Different astrological considerations for centuries played magic extremely important role. Mages (in particular, for example, Kabbalists) connect the planet with the great forces of the universe, as in ancient times, the planet was identified with the gods. Power over planetary influences is the power over hidden motive pulses guiding the course of things in the universe. Because the planets move regularly and predictably, and it ~ one of the reasons, which astrology respected in the ancient world. ancient deity behaved arbitrary and unpredictable as those natural forces they represented, lightning, thunder, wind, earthquakes. And the planets of the Greeks found gods, following strict and unchanging laws; Plato in old age has recognized that the true gods dwell in heaven. All forces, subordinate to the immutable laws - such as a planet or numbers - take in the magic of the most important, because the magician can fully rely on them and use them when needed.

The influence of the planet can be magically "catching" with the help of objects and phenomena related to this planet, such as "catch" force of Mars, use the color red, iron and number 5. In addition, energy celestial bodies can be brought under control by the magical power of words.

Itt method is used in interesting magical operations, the goal of which is to win the love of a woman. This operation is described in Grimoire "Griir.crium Verum" as is "experience in attracting the amazing power of the Higher Intelligentsia". First of all, the magician must draw on "virgin" parchment two concentric circles, surmounted by a cross. West point should be marked by the symbol of the Sun, East - the symbol of the moon, and the North star. In the inner circle MAG writes the name of the woman that he wants to awaken love, and on the reverse side of the parchment - names force "Delhidelhi" and "Earaches".

At eleven o'clock, armed with this mascot, the magician goes out and puts the parchment on the ground face down. Stepping right foot on parchment and holding a lighted candle in his hand made of white wax (large enough so she could be on for hours), he falls on his left knee, directs the view of the highest star in the sky and begins to read the spell. "I welcome and encourage you, Oh beautiful Moon, of the beautiful Star, shining light in my hand". With these words he connects the moon and a star with a candle. "The air that I breathe the breath concluded in me, the earth, and which I touch, I adjure thee!" Thus the heavenly powers are transferred from the air through the breath of the magician in his body, and then through the parchment with the name of the woman in the land. This "grounding" - traditional precaution. Otherwise heavenly forces can incinerate mage, like lightning. Taking care of its security, the magician continues to read the spell:

"All the names of the spirits-princes, dwelling in you; the ineffable name, who created all things of the world; you, of glorious angel Gabriel with the planet mercury, Michael and Mendalam! I charge you all the Holy Names of the Lord to send down your power, so that this one was persecuted, tormented and confused body, soul and all five senses S., the name which the written down here, so that this one came to me and quenched my desires; and do not give my love to nobody in this world like this N., as long as she is to me indifferent. And she would not stand it and let it become obsessed, let's suffering and tormented. So go now. Go, Delhidelhi, Brechas, SATEL, Ferial, Marga and all who are with EAME. I charge you by the Great Living God to obey my will; I, n, I promise to fulfill your will".

This spell is repeated three times. Then the magician burn the parchment on the candle.

Thus it burns in the name of the woman heavenly power that has connected before with a candle: the woman has to burn with passion until, until you obey the enchantment. The next day the magician puts ashes of parchment in his left Shoe and wears it until this woman will never need it are.

Another magical way to attract the planetary influence is to conduct the ceremony in the day and hour of the corresponding planet. Each day and each hour has its ruling planet. Sunday is the day of the Sun, Monday - the day of the moon, Tuesday - the day of Mars (in the German tradition - Tiiu Kuik have conquered, the Teutonic God of war), Wednesday is the day of mercury (Wotan), Thursday - Jupiter (the Torah), Friday - Venus (Freyja), Saturday - Saturn.

The rules for determining planetary influences, required for a particular magical operations, are given in "the Key of Solomon" in one Grimoire - "True black magic". In short the days and hours of the planets meet the following objectives:

The sun is to Get money or support of powerful persons; to win someone's friendship or to establish harmonious and friendly relations between other people; find the treasure;

The moon is to Cause the spirit of the dead; to achieve love and reconciliation; to call upon the vision; to become invisible; to steal the desired thing; to spend a magical operation associated with water, ships or travel;

Mercury is to Acquire knowledge; to look into the future; to spend a magical operation, trade-related, fraud or theft;

Venus is to Spend a magical operation associated with love, sex, pleasure or friendship;

Mars - the Kill, destroy or be sown in the hearts of the people of hatred, strife and bitterness; to call upon the spirit of man, who was killed or died in battle; to spend a magical operation associated with military Affairs;
Jupiter is to Achieve wealth, high social status or friendship; improve health; to become invisible;

Saturn - to Spend a magical operation associated with death, destruction, or damage; to call upon the soul from hell; to acquire knowledge; to carry out the operation associated With houses and other buildings (in Kabbalah Saturn commands the forces of stability and inertia).

Waning Moon favorable for rituals of hatred and discord. On the eve of the new moon can be magical operations associated with death and destruction, but also aims to become invisible. In new moon, so that when the connection of the moon with the Sun, no magical action should not: during these periods, they are doomed to failure.

In some textbooks magic is planetary classification "spirits", or Supernatural forces, which the magician tries to take control.

In Grimoire "Magic Arbatel" lists seven "Olympic spirits"managing the seven planets:

Aratron rules over (Saturn), Betar (Jupiter), Faleh (Mars), Oh (Sun), chagit (Venus), Opial (mercury) and ful (Moon). Each of these Supreme spirits subject to the squad low spirits; each of them controls phenomena corresponding to his planet, and has the magic power in this area.

Bator rules wealth and social position (like Jupiter in astrology) and can give the magician money and high status, chagit manages love and beauty and abundance of the magician these benefits, and can instantly change copper (metal Venus) in gold.
Each "Olympic spirit" has its own magical symbol has its own "print", or the signature is equivalent to "true" in the name. True, the "Arbatel" argues that the knowledge of the character of the spirit in itself does not give the magician power over him - and this contradicts the traditional magical doctrine. According to "Arbatel"that the spirit may be invoked only through prayer is addressed to God request that He sent the spirit to help the magician. That God will grant this request, the magician has to fall into a deep thoughtful reflection, and powering to God in sincere love.

However, other authors write that for calling planetary spirits or planetary influences enough just to use the "image" as real or imaginary pictures expressing the profound nature of the planets, In 1489 of Marsilio Ficino, Florentine philosopher and physician, has published a textbook of medicine called "Litori de Vita" ("the Book of life"), in which he had recommended to apply these "image" to attract favorable forces.

Students wrote Ficino, sometimes ill or fall into depression after too hard work, as a reflection and learning manages Saturn associated with a melancholy temperament and hostile forces of life and youth. Pretrazivaca students and the elderly, whose vitality is low, should try to attract energy favorable planets - Jupiter, Venus and the Sun.

For example, to find health and happiness, you should use "image" Venus - a picture of a beautiful young girl in a white or yellow dress, flowers, fruits or apples in his hands. It was suggested that the famous painting by Botticelli Spring" was conceived as such described mascot of Venus.

Ficino reports planetary "image" with obvious reluctance, fearing that he will be accused of the practice black magic. But one hundred years later Giordano, Erano picks up this idea has been with genuine enthusiasm. He describes a variety "image" the Sun: laughing Apollo with onions, but without the quiver; killing wolf Archer, over which soars crow; a bearded man in a helmet riding a lion (on a man's head a Golden crown, and the helmet of his cock with bright colored crest). These paintings represent the nature of the Sun is exactly the same as Tarot cards symbolize the Supreme power of the universe, or path and) Symbol Bator b) the Symbol Oh) Symbol chagit.

Some planetary "image" Ficino borrowed, apparently, from "Picatrix" - Arabic books of the XII century on magic and astrology. In another tutorial magic, the so-called 4th book "Occult philosophy" Agrippa of Nettesheim (which was added to the labour Agrippa and later, apparently, another author), the spirits of the planets are described in the same way. Spirit of the Sun may appear in the guise of a king with a scepter, seated on a lion; the king on the throne, resting your feet on the ball; or in the form of a lion, the cock or the scepter. Spirits of Venus appear in the guise of playing virgins, calling the magician to join their fun; as a Nude girl; king riding on a camel; in the form of a goat, a camel or a dove. The spirit of the moon may take the form Archer, riding on horseback on the fawn; the appearance of hunters with bows and arrows; a little boy; cows, geese and arrows. The spirit Mars is as an armed man; as king riding a wolf or a lion with his sword in his right hand and cut off a man's head is on the left; like a horse, reindeer or fleece. Spirits of Jupiter take images of the king with the sword, seated on a lion, eagle and the dragon; and the priest in the miter; girls, crowned with a Laurel wreath; bull. Deer, or a peacock, and sword. The spirit of mercury comes in the guise of the king, riding on horseback on the bear; in the form of a fine boy; women, holding the wheel; the dog, bear, magpies or a staff. Finally, the spirits of Saturn take the form of a king, riding a dragon, bearded old man; woman; boy; dragon; owls; black clothes, sickle or juniper tree.

These descriptions are, apparently, serve the same purpose as the planetary "image" FishinOh and Bruno. They help the magician to call and to take control of the spirit of the planet, focusing on the characteristic form. They are akin to those symbolic descriptions and pictures, which are in abundance included in their treatises different alchemists. Alchemical symbols were used as subjects for contemplation, and helped to convey ideas and concepts, just to Express that in ordinary language it is impossible. In alchemy to understand the Philosophical Stone meant to find it. Similarly magic to know the nature of the spirit means to master it and to bring it under control.
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