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Астероид с пол стадиона пронесется мимо Земли в середине февраля An asteroid the size of half a football field will fly on February 15 27,7 thousand kilometers from the Earth. He will be the first asteroid that size, passed so close to our planet since the beginning of regular observation of space objects, says the Manager of the NASA program for the study of objects in earth orbit don eomans.
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В марте 2013 года будем наблюдать за кометой C/2011 L4Astronomers hope that in March 2013 for comet C/2011 L4 can be seen with the naked eye.
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ЛУНА — ОБИТАЕМЫЙ МИР?After another successful expedition to the moon "Apollo 17 in December 1972, the Americans suddenly stopped exploration of the moon seemed to have lost interest. He woke up only in the spring of 1994, when the moon went launched by the Pentagon (and not NASA) intelligence AMC "Clementine" ("Clementine"). Officially it was reported that its main task is a photographing the entire lunar surface for the subsequent creation of the obtained images is full of "mosaic" map of the moon. However, some American selenology believe that it was not the only and perhaps not the main objective of the launch of the "Clementine".
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Today it is the most realistic plan for the construction of the first Lunar base. It will be more effective and cheaper to implement than any of the existing alternatives, because it uses a three-dimensional printing for quick conversion of the lunar soil in the inhabited dwellings.

Так, скорее всего, будет выглядеть первая лунная базаТак, скорее всего, будет выглядеть первая лунная база
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Роботы-геологи штурмуют астероидThe company Deep Space Industries engaged in the development of the project of extraction of minerals from asteroids. To use this document and orbital robotic explorers, which will determine the value of cosmic bodies from the point of view of the presence of rare earth materials. The first unit is planned to be launched in two years.
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Астероид 2012 DA14 не тронет ЗемлюRecord convergence for objects of this size will change the orbit of the asteroid, and with us, nothing will happen.
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Разгадана очередная тайна ВселеннойIn 2010, NASA experts have discovered four stars, in comparison with which all other stars will be nedorostkov. They at least 300 times more than our Sun and twice exceed the limit, which, as previously thought, scientists, could not overcome any of the stars.
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В 2014 году НАСА запустит самый большой солнечный парусThe U.S. space Agency plans in 2014 to launch the largest for all history of the solar sail, covers an area of 1200 square meters. With the approval of the heirs of Arthur C. Clarke, the famous writer, developers named their project Sunjammer that literally means "viimastel of the Sun". Registered such name is written in 1964 story about Clark races on "sun boats".
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NASA будет изучать темную материюNASA officially announced that the Agency becomes a member of the program Euclid European space Agency (ESA). In the framework of this program in 2020 on earth orbit will depart the space telescope, with which scientists astronomers will be engaged in the exploration and study of such mysterious phenomena as dark energy and dark matter.
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К нам приближается зеленая комета Lemmon, она прибудет вслед за кометой Pan-STARRSAccording to Space Weather, 2013, will likely become the year of the comet. Comet Pan-STARRS will also be visible to the naked eye in March, will follow it, perhaps, the Great comet ISON in November. Now we should add to this list the green comet Lemmon (C/2012 F6).
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Вездесущий "шестиног" для лунных колонистовIf you ever begin to build a base on the moon, you have to solve the problems of cargo transportation in the conditions of loose surfaces and low gravity. To this end, the jet propulsion Laboratory of NASA develop conveyor ATHLETE (All-Terrain Hex-Limbed Extra-Terrestrial Explorer), or "cross-country of the six-legged extraterrestrial Explorer".
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Откуда взялись магнитные поля?How in the Universe appeared a magnetic field? Before, it was believed that this could not happen immediately after the Big Bang - these fields appeared only with the birth of the first stars. However, new studies of American and German scientists say that is really weak magnetism could arise earlier. But how exactly did this happen?
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Космические базы на поверхности Луны будут снабжаться водой с помощью кометAleksandr Bagrov (fellow of the Institute of astronomy of RAS) and Mikhail Kislitsky (St. Petersburg KB "Arsenal") has proposed an interesting hypothesis about possible sources of water for the lunar space station. In their version, this source can be a small comet, each containing hundreds of tons of water ice.
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В гигантских лунных дырах могут разместить инопланетные базыThe spacecraft NASA's Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter has provided the most detailed pictures of two huge hole in the lunar surface. According to experts, they are like black holes, which go deep into the satellite, and their study is very important for science.
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Белые карлики показали обломочные дискиBen Zuckerman from the University of California in Los Angeles (USA) together with colleagues found evidence of the presence in the atmosphere of the white dwarf from the congestion of Head that a hundred light years from us, traces... pollution. Contamination is characteristic elements of rocky bodies, such as fragments of asteroids that were extended to a dying superdense star and destroyed with the passage of the Roche limit.
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