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Загадка светящихся ангеловScientists are seriously engaged in search of biblical Paradise and hell: some are looking for them on Earth, others in the surrounding planet cosmos.
Usually space are absolutely quiet place. But astronomers from the U.S. was willing to swear that this is a misconception. With the help of instruments they found a strange noise coming from deep space. This growl in his power in 6 times exceeds all known sources of radio emission in the Universe combined.

By linking the appearance of a strange noise from published in the 1990s, experts NASA photos orbital telescope "Hubble", scientists have suggested that came across... hell and Paradise. After all the shots, which for several decades, sealed... flying angelic figures.

The mystery of shining angels

It happened during the examination of the galaxy NGG-3532. Sensors "Hubble" recorded appearance on Earth orbit seven bright objects. At first transferred the pictures scientists were ready to assume that the orbital telescope has captured a few UFOs. But then instead of "plates" on photo recognized slightly blurry shapes luminous winged creatures resembling the biblical angels.

They were about 20 meters in length, - says project engineer "Hubble" John Patchers. - Wings achieved a size of wings modern Airbus. These creatures were shining. We thought they wanted their picture taken.

Amazing images Hubble interested in the Vatican. The Western media wrote that there were consultations of representatives of the Catholic Church with the scientists. The Church reacted to the message of the angels in space skeptical. The Vatican not only denied all allegations near the end of the world (according to the Bible, he is marked by the appearance of the angels), but expressed doubts as to the angelic nature, found in space beings. Pope John Paul II suggested that perhaps these creatures are not so bright, as it seemed at first sight, because, as you know, demons also have wings.

The reason for a new wave of discussions of cosmic Paradise was the removal of the "secret" from the archives of the Soviet space program. In 1985 on the orbital station "Salyut-7" had an emergency. A crew of 6 people (three "old-timer" - Leonid Kizim, Oleg Atkov, Vladimir Solovyov, and "guests" - Svetlana Savitskaya, Igor Volk and Vladimir Dzhanibekov) saw a huge cloud of bright orange gas unknown origin. "Salute-7" into it. Rushing to the window, people were stupefied: on the other side of ultrastrong glass in the orange cloud of gas is clearly seen... seven giant figures. Convinced that the astronauts promptly decided that the space before them the heavenly angels.

They smiled, then told the astronauts. It was a smile of delight and joy. We are not smiling.
After 10 minutes accompanying the station space create disappeared.

Paradise place

Spanish scientists in the World Perez and Jose Wines differently explained the appearance of the angels on earth orbit. Shifting on the physics of the words of the prophet Isaiah about what heaven is the place where the light of the moon and Sun, the same power, the astronomers calculated: heaven must be at a distance of 200 miles from the Earth. However, the conditions here were far from Paradise - the temperature here in this space reaches minus 232 degrees Celsius.

This conclusion does not agree scientists from the CIS. In their opinion, the sacred biblical Paradise is still on Earth. However, the place for him they chose too specific - Antarctica. Their findings, the scientists from the former USSR based on the calculation of magnetic and energetic fields of the Earth and the so-called anomalous points of the planet.

Also been used for the development of clandestine laboratories Nazi Germany, who persevered quest for the sacred places of the Earth. In particular, Admiral Doenitz at the time was reported to the Fuhrer that his divers discovered the Antarctic coast entrance in an earthly Paradise.

According to scientists from the CIS, in Antarctica is not by chance meet fern plants and fungi. Two underwater expedition, exploring the shore of a mysterious ice continent, proved the theory that in the oceanic depths really are oases, washed with hot thermal current.
One such oases located at the entrance to the underground grotto, comes bright glow of unknown origin. To enter the grotto submarine cannot at all, this is only the diver in light equipment. The participants of the expedition had to return to base and not having completed studies. They hope that the third campaign in the underwater world of Antarctica will finally give the answer is, where is Paradise.

Where is hell?

The original ideas of modern science advances and on the whereabouts of the Bible hell. True, there have been several versions.

Version 1: purgatory - in the middle of the Sun

In favor of this version, according to some scientists, supported by the following facts. In August 1978 American astronauts explored the solar flares using spectroheliograph, which has witnessed all changes in the photograph. During surveillance in the Sun has been a tremendous explosion. From the depth of the ball of fire at 800 thousand kilometers rushed up the post of helium. And suddenly the eyes of the astonished observers liquid gas flow... froze. About 70 seconds, the unit recorded a picture: in this pillar of fire appeared hundreds of thousands of human persons.

And in 1995 the American media wrote: using a specially crafted instrument and telescope for observations in the infrared radiation, NASA researchers took a strange phenomenon in the open space soared ghosts of dead people and animals. This event caused a controversy between scientists, parapsychologists and priests. However, the authenticity of the pictures were recognized by all.
One of the American scientists-physicists commented on a picture: "These forms is the result of electrical impulses. When people die, electricity of the body goes into space. And that is all".

Version 2: sinners are tormented under the ground

A larger number of scholars in favour of the traditional location of the Christian hell - in the depths of our planet. These include, for example, the Spanish World Perez and Jose Wines. On the basis of calculations, researchers found that the temperature there is +455 degrees - this is enough to melt sulfur, which, according to the Bible, in hell whole sea.

Called scientists and estimated the depth at which there is a hell. According to calculations by the German Professor of Geology Gero Helmer, it is located in the Ground at a depth of 14 kilometers. In turn, the scientists from the CIS insist that hell is at a depth of 5,000 meters. They were based on the results of years of research, carried out in Uzbekistan, Iran and near the coast of Antarctica. Conclusion scientists from the CIS presented in the report.

In this document they are, for example, drew attention to the promulgated in 2006 the information that in the early 1990s microphones Soviet scientists recorded the cries and groans of the people on the depth of 12 thousand meters in ultra-deep well on the Kola Peninsula. In the spring of 2006, scientists from the Institute of physics of the Earth of the Russian Federation resumed research of the well. However, faced the condemnation of the local people. They considered that the scientists are making a big mistake, disturbing "the gates to hell", and that and look will Wake Satan.

Author: Ruokokoski
Source: "Interesting newspaper. The world of the unknown" №10, 2012
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