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К вопросу о клонировании человека в Третьем РейхеIn a very interesting correspondence titled "Homunculus" (confession of Dr. Brenner-3), journalist A. Kotov describes the attempts of scientists of the third Reich to make human cloning. In a deathbed statement made to the FBI, a microbiologist wolf Heinrich Brenner 6 November 1997. he spoke about the successful cloning of a man held his teacher Otto Siegfried Klein in 30-40 years. They say also that the Nazi scientists have used for their experiments secret knowledge lost civilization of Atlantis, saved by the followers of the Occult orders.

During experiments more like magic rituals, as stated Brenner, his teacher Klein received a viable clones specific people including his own, subsequently exported to the USA and lived to 49 years of age. In the newspaper according to Brenner, they say about the complete lack received clones of consciousness, which is consistent with the view of the Magi about the soul (mental body), which is the only one to two identical bodies. The resulting takes attended only the simplest reflexes that again fully complies with the presentation of the Magi about the etheric and astral body, which are recreated during cloning.

The newspaper also reported that the same results came and medieval alchemists who received homunculuses according to ancient recipes. Including it is reported that the famous Magician lion Ben Bezalel, the Creator of the Golem, experienced a lot of difficulties with his foolish creature. Sorry for the short and rather rough paraphrase article, but this story is a necessary prelude to my message. Being a devoted adherent of Magic and a member of one of the Orders I also devoted to some ancient knowledge. Besides being due to a number of reasons constantly incarcerous Magician (pampering the memory of past lives), I can add to the message of Dr. Brenner some details that may be of interest to both specialists and the General public. Will take the liberty, the rights of a witness and in a sense partner, to illuminate the subject addressed, which in recent times has become especially urgent for humanity.

Mages at all times worked progressista against humanity (to a reasonable extent) and I don't see much harm and departure from the General rule that a little bit to give the best specialists in a direction. First, you need to mention briefly about the intriguing wide audience occult mysteries of the third Reich, have excited the minds after the book of Pauwels and Berger "the dawn of magic". As far as I know, such mysteries really existed. German mystics, an attempt was made to bring out into the light technologies of the lost Atlantis, the science which approximately five thousand years ahead of the level of modern science. Is interesting by the way the name of the state. Why actually Reich - third? Not four and not five. The fact that throughout the history of modern civilization several times attempts have been made to resurrect the civilization of Atlantis. Fans R. Howard will find the analogy of trying bustling ancient Magician to rebuild the mythical Acheron.

Among Occultists always been considered that for such restoration is not enough powerful leader of the Messiah. The American Indians were waiting for Viracocha and Quetzalcoatl, the Tibetan Buddha Maitreya, the Jews their Messiah was called by different including Christ. Adolf Hitler in my spiritual search joined the sect of Tibetan Bon, referred to by locals as "the Black Bon", received the news: it's time, Superman, the messenger of Shambhala is already here. This by the way is consistent with the Scriptures N. Roerich reported that the coming of the Bodhisattva is coming at the beginning of the forties and signifies the beginning of a great battle between good and evil. And so where the first two Reich? Where two of the great Empire, stretched on all the Ecumene? Unlike the Communists, and not vyyasnila, you can or cannot build communism in a single country, the followers of the Occult knew that Atlantis should be built all over the world simultaneously. It is connected with reconstruction of powerful technologies that destroyed the once very Atlantis, in the conditions of confrontation States.

Accordingly, before the resurrection of the civilization of Atlantes was necessary to unite all the world to immediately exclude the possibility of further conflict with the application of the above technologies. And for such a conquest, you must have large armies consisting of experienced and obedient soldiers. Hence the interest of Mages to cloning. Immediately opens a brilliant opportunity to stamp from one of the original countless great soldiers. Remember the myth of Jason and raised them from the teeth of a dragon warriors.

They by the way attacked his Creator, which indicates their mental defects. The first known now attempt was the March mythic Frame, the leader of the ancient Aryans (hence all the talk about the true Aryans). Abba Frames identified in Occultism with Abraham, one of the Mages who led the invasion of the survivors of the disaster Atlanteans on the mainland. The Magicians of Atlantis title Abba meant powerful member of the Hierarchy. The second attempt was great campaign of Alexander the great. Further in history followed by an unsuccessful attempt to join the world by Genghis Khan, the knights Templar and Napoleon Bonaparte. As failed, they of course will not count, so that Adolf Hitler had some reason to believe his third attempt.

In the process of working with reincarnation (restoration of the memory of past lives, or in the language of modern science fiction genetic memory) author came across some memories related to Germany during the war.

Your humble servant in those days was carried out on the territory of the Reich a mission to which were involved in the Occult lodges England and Germany, as well as special services of allies. In that life I was not far from experiments colleagues Dr. Kline, and with the assistance of the disgraced the fascists occult organization "German Order", engaged in the problems of creation of German psychotronic weapons (so that there were more problems). It is the weapon, not nuclear called Nazi bosses "Vander waffe" miracle weapon. According to his service, I had to deal with the issue of growing nerve cells of human artificial environment. German scientists have tried to create a radiating super brain, growing nerve cells in the nutrient solution thus the task of human cloning (known to me yet on experiments medieval alchemists) I was standing not too far away.

I must say that occult configured German scientists were not complete bozos in Magic. They were familiar with the works on creation of medieval Homunculus, and had in his hands a lot of occult texts supplied by the special services of Germany from all parts of the world. Of course they are not too hoped that created the clone will have the mind. From ancient descriptions they knew how and for what used a cloning Sorcerers of Atlantis. This was done not for stamping copies of such person, and not for parts of the original (as it seems to modern scientists). Atlanta able to move the consciousness of a man, his mental body) to his clone, which gave the original almost infinite ability to change the old phone to the new. This technique is the key to real biological immortality, not excluding of course accidental death from accidents. By the way speaking, in the times of Atlantis author of these lines twice had to repeat this procedure. Unfortunately the death of the Empire of Atlantis put an end to these experiments with finding me personal immortality.

Thus the sensation of the late Dr. Brenner agitated without a doubt the modern scientific world, there is a second part, of course known to the deceased as Cline, but obviously not reported him to the student as a person are not adept secret knowledge. The second part, on how much I know this is a projector can move the mental body (consciousness) from the source in the cloned body. Description this machine for centuries quietly rested in the library of one of the Tibetan Buddhist datsans ( possibly or even probably this treatise were copies). The Germans learned about it from Lam Bon, was sent to Tibet in search of the texts consistently several expeditions caught in network Magic Orders, decided to prevent the Nazi bosses in their quest of immortality. Not having received the second car, the SS biologists continued his experiments, trying somehow to use clones. However, no matter what good they already don't have enough time.

So where did the second part of the puzzle related to personal and achievable immortality? There is reason to believe that such a machine was built after the war on the territory of the Soviet Union. Known to a narrow circle of fans phenomena Chinese scholar Jiang Kang Cheng (sorry if misspelled name, I don't have a reference), in his younger years he visited Buddhist datsans and can be (not saying categorical) borrowed from ancient texts description created by him in consequence of the machine (this is the projector of Atlantis). This scientist has used his car to get kazaktelecom and other hybrids. For I know descriptions machine Jiang Kang Jena consists of two chambers of the United kind of installation.

In the first chamber scientist was placed source animal, second, the pregnant female is another kind, or a fertilized egg birds. In the projectfunctions the female rabbit, which was projected goat was born "cosmocrat", and from chicken eggs, irradiated duck "Kuroda". However, the Chinese scientist was unable to obtain viable copies. Projected from the body And in the body B instances could not consolidate and safely departed to the other world, leaving behind shattered projection of the body. Thus in the hands of modern humanity are the two halves of the key to individual immortality. German reports on the experiments could not seem to disappear without a trace. I assume that they had to be in any recesses of the Nazis. Maybe they were hidden at the bottom of the Amazon river, a German submarine, discovered about ten years ago, or in the recesses of the mountain caves of Germany. Maybe these documents have long lie in safes, or the archives of any of the powers of the winners.

So I wanted to draw public attention to some aspects of the now-popular idea of cloning.

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