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Мир умерших существуетNo one probably wouldn't never know after almost a century after the death nesamerigo Greek writer Dimitrakopoulos, if he had not issued a new, previously unknown novels of Victor Hugo. Moreover, in French, which the Greeks did not have a chance to own. So where are the lyrics?

From the Hugo, assured Dimitrakopoulou. Personally, he didn't write, but only recorded, while in trance. Dodgy Greek tried to expose especially his ignorance of the French. But first confused fell "guguletu": building plot, literary style, even the language nuances - all true.

Finally skeptics ceased, when during one of mediumistic seances staying in a trance Greek photographed. The print next to the writing Dimitrakopoulou clearly viewed translucent figure Victor Hugo. Opisany case is far from isolated. XIX, enlightened age, as it turns out, first of all was the century of mediumship. The number of people that tried to information and to communicate with left this world, reached 50 million. It is the same number of researchers, having satisfied himself that the dead did not disappear without a trace.

The literature on the scientific evidence of the reality of the other world, thousands of volumes. The problem, of course, that convinced in the existence of That light has not managed to convince the other, or rather, has not created a strictly scientific methods indisputable evidence. But millions spent thousands detailed experiments just to the darkness gullible do not write off. Clairvoyant Alan Davis has published a great number of philosophical works, highly appreciated by his contemporaries. But not many knew that by profession Davis was a shoemaker. And even this is too much said, uneducated and clearly unable even to a simple training, he remained an apprentice. 't grown to a shoemaker, but also a renowned philosopher. However, this honest man was not exaggerating its own merits, admitting: "I am only a tool for writing".

Even in the annals of mediumship huge number of cases, when the level of knowledge, awareness, education due to the relation of the spirit was immeasurably higher than that of having contact with him people. Moreover, Ruth brown wrote the music plays on behalf of Liszt and Beethoven, not knowing the musical notation. But musicologists confused silent, seeing little of what is excellent, previously Unknown works, but learning style of these composers. But as you are not able to draw a medium who in the course of the session in complete darkness creates paintings, and two at once - one right, the other with his left hand! Finely executed tricks, fooling the gullible, reading of information from the subconscious present? There are, of course, and such cases. They, and give rise to exposures. But many cases where fraud is no place. Deceased father had a dream the same night, daughter and son. In both dreams he complains: wolves dug up his grave. Brother and sister rush to the cemetery and see a damaged the burial and on the ground - the tracks of wolves.
"Need not rush"

Vsevolod M. Zaporozhets - man in science, honored doctor of technical Sciences, Geophysics, many years studying geomorphological patterns. This fact in his biography is mentioned, who had not thought of: in the other world may believe or crazy, or ignorant. This scientist is not just believes he got a huge amount of evidence. Losing a quarter of a century ago, the beautiful wife and yearning inconsolable grief, he thought: where is she now, see, hear me? Making friends and Church sermons were few, I irrefutable evidence it has not disappeared without a trace. Not being a gifted medium, Vsevolod Mikhailovich began to search among friends those who are able to communicate with The world. For fifteen years there has been more than fifty. The scientist found and perfected the technique of experiments trying to increasingly indisputable evidence. A particular problem was always check for interference.

For example, automatic writing (when you are in a trance medium writes or draws "dictation") is very impressive for the next, but the interference is unstable. Therefore, there is always a reason for the skeptics not to recognize the results. More than five hundred conversations with the dead is conducted in the apartment of Vsevolod Mikhailovich. In the former Marxist-Leninist times - secretly, secretly. And in the current liberal - without fanfare: the study of the underworld scientist Lavrov will bring. Evidence-based cases. "I was told that you were in the Church. Well done!" - transmits dead wife from there to his beloved husband. He actually today was in the Church. What at previous sessions begged wife. And which, under the terms of the experiment, the current medium didn't know. Who told her?

On the wish of a widower quick connect in a better world he receives an objection: "need not Rush, all very sad about the earthly life. Live as God will give you. You can not hurry, God can be angry for this". And in fact there are worse all the suicide: in the words of the dead, those who willfully broke the gift of God, in the throes of conduct nudity term and only then join a quiet happy life of the underworld.
Connected afterlife hooligans

In That world there are no wars, no sickness, no old age, no physical deformities. However, there is no sexual relations, but keeps the love, including married. Information from there is not a dark and terrible. But not only pastel-rayed. There also has its humour, its fun, its hooligans. Many mediums, including strangers to each other, constantly run into "afterlife of radiohooligans" Zhenya. He often breaks in communication, displacing called. Zhenya, according to accept texts, inveterate redneck, ham, and mouthed. Women mediums, reminding his remarks, not just came out of the trance, finding it difficult to pronounce his strong words. Zhenya, apparently, is in hell.

And then complains about his unenviable afterlife sudbinu, it boasts a: "In hell well - bastard all here, and they are funny". However, he himself often contradicts itself. On the question why, unlike other, Zhenya doesn't work, admits: "I'm retarded". Then pribaltyvaet: "My job is for you to track". However, according to Vsevolod Mikhailovich, over the years, even replica Zhenya became less rude and vulgar. There, according to the scientist, not a struggle of good and evil, as evidenced by the Church.

On the contrary, there is a constant evolution, spiritual perfection. Dead now and then are moved from one spiritual reservoir to a higher one. So in That world is not each capable of communicating: living on different "floors" are inaccessible to each other. 94-year-old Vsevolod Mikhailovich, speaking about the approaching death, dreamy smiles: "Joyfully look forward to meeting with his beloved wife". Waiting, but not in a hurry - he knows that is impossible.
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