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Любовь как проявление ГармонииOn Earth peace Numbers that controls the Universe, replaced by a world of feelings and emotions. Instead of strict geometry thrive words, which laid the music and tone. We are given the alphabet, the order and number of such letters, and every phrase should push us to the understanding of the law of Numbers ruling the world. Key values of the world of Numbers and geometric order are integrity and harmony. And the manifestation of harmony of Space in the material world is Love! Science has already recognized the integrity of the world, but it has not yet matured to the recognition of Love as the greatest energy!

In "Revelations to the people of the New Century" on this occasion said: "You people, their Love for each other must create a World of Harmony between people and Nature, between people and Space, between people and the Creator, meaning to establish the World order, the World of Numbers, the World geometric space... Your tests, your life on Earth is the attainment of Love as a component of Harmony".

To achieve a harmonious state, state of inner peace, one must take off from their fields, the surplus of energy is one of the signs. And, therefore, it tends to condition the energy neutrality. It is the ability to establish harmonious (neutral) the relationship between you and your inner self, and a people, Nature, and God is called in human life wisdom.

Generally, the pursuit of harmony inherent in man initially, at birth. This is not surprising, for harmony rules the world, determines the balance of all forces of the Great universe. That is why everything existing in the Universe seeks for harmony. The top of harmony and its emotional manifestation, is Love. That's why the Universe in which everything is in a state of harmony, so glowing with Love. We are talking about Universal Love that binds the Universe together, without which it is simply impossible its existence! The love between man and woman or a mother and child is the only fractal Universe of Love.
As the highest form of energy exchange, Love allows you to remove any excess energy to lead to a state of harmony of any system. Love is the achievement of the resonance frequencies!
Striving for harmony, people looking for Love, looking for that unique complementary* half, which was separated from him, when before the birth on Earth energy-informational essence of man was divided into two energies of Yin and Yang.

In "Revelations to the people of the New Century," said, "Man was divided into two components only in virtue of the conditions of the World dense energy, when the necessity of reproduction man had demanded the inclusion of the mechanism of cell division".
But not for reproduction God created man. The task was different: people had to learn how to create harmony in all things, he had become a God. Therefore, a more important task of the two power entities is the task of the subtle world is to achieve Love and harmony between the two began at a subtle level. For two harmonious half of merge not only ensure the reproduction of posterity, but also provide Space huge impulse of Love!
"The feeling of Love is the feeling of Harmony two principles (male and female), there's a sense of Harmony shower!... Love is the Subtle world in you, which is not given to everyone in vain, and is only given to those who are prepared to Love... On Earth is determined by the word Love!... Your temptations, your life on Earth is the attainment of Love as a component of Harmony, the attainment of harmony, balance and the balance of power is the path of man on Earth".
When a person is looking for its second half, it looks for the missing harmonic vibrations of the opposite sex, necessary for the inner state of harmony. Intuitively or consciously each of us is looking for exactly what it lacks. A search in the subtle world, where people are monogamous (!).THEY each Yang is, it's the only thing Yin! Each of us is looking for the one and only in the eternity of the energy entity that would fit him as the key to the lock (the principle of complementarity). For a perfect match, perfect marriage can only be achieved if the harmony of the spirit and harmony of sexual relations, one without the other cannot.
Unfortunately, people are too often treated to Love consumer as to clothing, trendy today, but out of fashion tomorrow. All my life longing for the Love, and when you are lucky and we find, how long does generated by this beautiful impulse in his heart?

Love, as a spark ignites in each person. In a fit of Love, man ascends to the divine frequency, enters them into resonance and start ringing as the thinnest string. Remember your first Love! As it was clean and beautiful, what caused the impulses of the soul, the emotions aroused in you.
Try being honest with yourself, to remember and count how many time you rioted it's a great feeling? Why gradually disappeared?
Because the frequency of divine Love, the one we all dream of, high and constant, and the frequency of your Love AC. A month, a year, two, you are ready to do anything for Love, and then accidentally occurs thought: "How many times have I saved you. I can not longer, can't". You see, we're tired of yourself and begin to regret. Vibration frequency of your feelings is reduced, and you can not live for the sake of another, cannot continue to ring as a string, for Love for you is not normal. And you are automatically returned to its usual low level of life, often accompanying this "way home" claims, accusations, scandals, etc. as a result, lost Love, but having had a rest, you will again begin to look for her, because life without Love is meaningless. And then everything repeated once again.
Looking back, many people will be terrified: the great feeling of Love held in the best year, but most often only months or weeks! It turns out that we live his life without Love, but just in search of Love and lose it faster than we have. The love that should be stored in the human heart forever, is quickly fading feeling!
But we have come to Earth to achieve harmony, came to learn how to love! To ensure internal comfort (or energy neutrality) we choose as friends not just anyone, but quite certain people, vibrations which come into resonance with our vibrations; we prefer to live in the natural environment, which is consistent with our inner world. The Bedouin, for example, will never feel yourself cosy and comfortable in the forest, as in the Siberian wilderness. Thus, a certain level of harmony we currently provide. Anyway, aspire to it.
More difficult to learn to love people." In Russian love is all that pleases us. We love the husband, wife, children, dog, love to sleep in the output, drink, eat herring and so on. Of course, we invest in one and the same word different vibration that is felt in his mental field of varying intensity, but to love drinking neighbor, disturbing to sleep at night, too beautiful soslujivtsy wearing better than I, the chief, who was not smarter, but much more successful than I... " that is too much. How to love? In the end, I am not a God to love everyone!
It is difficult for us to understand how you can love everybody, because we cannot imagine Universal Love. We touch this great miracle is possible only when we literally breathtaking before the Majesty of the starry sky, to the beauty of nature. This unusual feeling of flying a young soul, ready to fly up to the sun to melt the ice in the souls of men; it is an unforgettable feeling of the woman, who had just given birth welcome the baby; this is an amazing thrill the hearts under the influence of beautiful music.
It is only the spark, the particles of the great Universal Love, the Love that the Creator loves us with all our advantages and disadvantages! And love is not "something", but simply because we are all His Creation.
It's easier just to love someone for something that pleases us. To love someone who causes us negative emotions, love just for the fact that he, like me, is a creation of God, is not so simple. This can only Mature soul. We are left with one thing: if you can't force myself to love, you can force yourself to respect the rights of other people, another person. Change, we will change the world around.
Our society is an energy system (matrix)in which all the glorious representatives of intelligent beings connected through the exchange of energies of different levels of the density (vibrations). This relationship of people impressively illustrates the way the Network Indra, well known in Indian mythology. Imagine a huge, infinite network, on joints of threads which strengthened diamond beads. Thread through the beads, strengthen the structure of the network. Each diamond bead is reflected in the neighboring beads and reflects them on the surfaces of their faces. These reflections creates the indescribable beauty of the network.
I must say, the Network Indra instead of our human society. Imagine that each of the beads is a symbol of the "single" of human existence. In this so-called "single", the existence of people of all the many facets associated with the surrounding people, we are all reflected in each other. One bead is of little value, it shines, only reflected in the other. We all influence each other, and if you pull at least for one connection, we all predetermines.
This link is provided not only to exchange the products of their labour, but also the exchange of psychic energy in the form of thoughts or mental images.
So, farmers, expressedShiva bread, gives it the excess of the artist who, putting his picture on the exhibition meets the spiritual needs of the grain-grower. The bread is changed to the beauty. Steelmaker, viplala steel, reaching for the manufacture of medical equipment, gives a part of his work to the doctor, who, with the help of this equipment it cures the disease. Steel is changed to knowledge. And so on. If there was a natural exchange of products of our activities, we would see those with whom they share and who shares with us. However, money, extending the possibility of barter, hid our dependence from each other. We stopped to see the results of our labor of people who use it and the results of work are used by us. The result of our work were money.
Money in my pocket, and it is nothing like "the pieces of work" neighbor, artist, steelworker, doctor and so on, give us a sense of independence, but not mutual respect and relationships with other people.
And passing by a neighbor, co-worker or boss, we, with money in his pocket, and therefore proud and independent, at best they do not notice or with disgust think about one, with hatred of the other, with envy about the third. In General, feel themselves masters of the situation, which allowed to think anything. In such situation there is no sense to speak not only about Love and harmony, but even about simple compromise.
But it turns out that the drunken neighbor in a sober periods able to produce something very necessary for you, for example, the system blocks for paralyzed native person bedridden. When you as a result of long searches will appear on your neighbor as class wizard and he shared with you the product of your labor, your attitude towards him involuntarily will get a positive direction. Or else: your boss that you can't stand, no long calls gives you money in the debt on urgent operation to a child at that moment, when all the friends and acquaintances turned out to be helpless. You will surely change your mind about it.
What actually happened? Yes, simply and in fact, and in another case, a man was shared with you your problem, your pain, your sorrow, showed solidarity with you. Your changing mind is a manifestation of the feedback, your answer on the subtle level. You, and if he had not attained the energy neutrality in a relationship with these people, then, at least, have approached this. You, as the bead was reflected in the neighboring beads in them, and they to you. That is the way to Harmony! This is the birth of Wisdom!
Such a harmonious answer may be not only in business, but also on the mental message. As an example we present a case that has happened to our daughter, when she's ten-year-old son were walking in the Park.
"It was a warm summer evening. I was sitting on a bench, and Kirill close to enthusiastically picked a stick land. High blue sky, green lace trees lit by the sun, and silence was created in the soul a sense of tranquility and peace. Thought about God and Eternity, about the spiritual!
Have passed two homeless. My attention was drawn to one of them: high large middle-aged man with grey long unwashed hair, overgrown with dense hairs. He carried the bag of dirty-grey color.
Short, barely reaching her ankles, trousers, no socks and long arm sticking out of the short sleeves of his jacket, creating a sense of his helplessness. I felt awfully sorry for this big man, thrown a life on the margins. I looked after him, and a wave of pity and compassion broke over me. It was growing and there is Morgen pain began to speak in my heart.
And at that moment he stopped, turned and walked to me. Instantly disappeared pity and compassion, and there was a sense of fear, mixed with disgust. Thought: "I'll be right and hit dirty paw".
He came over and untied his sack, rummaged in it, pulled out a squirt gun green, handed it to me and said hoarsely: ' On! Give your kid!" I was stupefied, and he turned and left."
What is the promise, is the answer! The strongest message comes from our hearts, and always receive a positive response.
To communicate through the heart, we need to be at the same level of vibrations with Nature, with the Universe, with God and, of course, the people around us. Nobel laureate the Dalai Lama writes: "If we want to survive in this world, we must develop feelings of brotherhood, love and compassion."
Remember the love, the state of the hill. In this heightened state of the person may not notice any earthly problems, it is "in flight", transmits "all the waves of the earthquake". The man in the state of Love to yourself, to others and to nature, for God is not terrible and Quantum transition!
The law of Love Is an Absolute law of the Universe - is the basis devices of the Great universe. Whether we like it or not, we, the people, to survive you just need to follow this Great Cosmic Law of Love that is in the earth conditions carries emotional and manifests itself in the Trinity, in the form of the law of reasonable sufficiency, of the act of free choice and the law of retribution (law Echo).

(Continued in next issue)

*Complementary means suitable as a key to the lock.

Tihoplav Vitalii,
doctor of technical Sciences
candidate of technical Sciences

Vitaliy Yurievich tihoplav, doctor of those-
technical Sciences, author of three monographs,
297 published works, 13 copyright
certificates and 16 patents; 21 scientific
a popular book (co-authored with tihoplav
Tatiana Serafimovna) and published 13-
different popular scientific articles.
Tatiana Serafimovna tihoplav, PhD
of technical Sciences, lecturer and writer.
Has published scientific article 21,
3 copyright certificates, 21 scientific
a popular book with the circulation over
3 million copies (in co-authorship with
Tihoplav Vitaliy Yurievich) and 13 SDA-
likovnih popular scientific articles.
Creative Union of the spouses Tatyana Serafi-
movni and Vitaly Yuryevich of Tihoplav -
unique phenomenon in the modern scientific
popular literature. Each of their books
became a bestseller. A huge number of
people all over the world changed because of them
their worldview.
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