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Полное солнечное затмение 14 ноября в Австралииon November 14, Australians will be able to observe the total solar Eclipse, which can be seen very clearly along the Great Barrier Reef.

Residents of the North-East coast of Australia already know what they will do at night and at dawn on 14 November. On this day they will see fantastic picture of a total solar Eclipse.

A solar Eclipse is amazing astronomical phenomenon with its own unique mechanism. It occurs when the Moon covers (outshines) fully or partially the Sun from the observer on Earth. A solar Eclipse is possible only in new moon, when the moon facing the Earth, not lit, and the Moon itself is not visible. Eclipse is only possible if the new moon is near one of the two nodes of the moon (the point of intersection of visible orbits of the moon and the Sun), not more than about 12 degrees from one of them.

On astronomical classification, if the Eclipse at least somewhere on the surface of Earth can be observed as a full, it is called complete.

A year on Earth can occur from 2 to 5 solar eclipses, of which not more than two or total or annular. On average, over a hundred years is 237 solar eclipses, 160 of which are private, 63 - complete 14 - circle. Interestingly, the same Eclipse can be seen in different parts of the strip Eclipse as total or annular.

An annular Eclipse occurs when the Eclipse of the Moon is further away from Earth than during a total Eclipse, and the cone of the shadow passes over the earth's surface, not reaching it. Visually when the annular Eclipse, the Moon passes across the Solar disk, but is less than the Sun in diameter, and cannot hide it completely
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