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Самые опасные изобретения человечестваPeople today are surrounded by many new inventions, but few people think about where they come from and how affected our lives.

The basis of all important discoveries are as helpful, and funny, unnecessary, and, unfortunately, very dangerous inventions.
This article is about what novelties of the modern world can eventually destroy humanity.

Nuclear weapons

Today such kind of weapons is concentrated in a few countries of the world: great Britain, Russia, China, France, USA and others In their time, Ukraine was the third country in the world-largest nuclear Arsenal, but in 1994, we have refused it.
Nuclear weapons pose a special danger to human life on the planet. In the event of nuclear war, will be destroyed everything. So, if you destroyed the dam hydro will come flooding, will collapse if nuclear power is a significant increase in radiation levels, contamination of agricultural crops, that will lead to the Holodomor. If a nuclear blow will be in winter, people who will be able to survive, would die from the cold, so as to live they have no place.
The harmful outcome of long-term use of nuclear weapons will be the destruction of the ozone layer, which in the end will have a detrimental impact on all living things.
Thus, nuclear war will not be able to resolve inter-state problems, she just cause climate catastrophe (cold, massive fires), increase of cancer diseases among the survivors in the future - the death of all living.

Atomic energy

A very topical question this time is the insecurity of nuclear power plants. Many countries of the world discuss the topic of waiver of such power, because accidents at nuclear power plants always pose global environmental disasters. To take only the example of the 1986 Chernobyl nuclear power plant, which led to the strongest large-scale radioactive contamination of the territory of Ukraine and Europe, as well as to the disease of thousands of people.
Today the situation with nuclear power plants in Ukraine deplorable. Nuclear reactors are already old and unable to work in normal mode, but the power does not want to consider this and continue to work as usual. Such actions only increase the likelihood of further accidents.
The use of nuclear energy only in the fact that this energy is cheap. But reality will not escape: the longer the country will not abandon the use of nuclear power, the greater will be generated nuclear waste, which will be dangerous for at least another million years. Yet nuclear power contributes to the appearance of the greenhouse effect and raising of terrorism (because using nuclear reactors produce nuclear weapons).

Chemical fertilizers

The basis of chemical fertilizers laid in the middle of the 1930s, but only recently (XX century) began their mass production and use.
Today the most popular and widespread of phosphate and nitrogen fertilizers.
Among scientists around the world hold different opinions about the danger of this kind of fertilizers. On the one hand, the world population is growing daily, requiring an increasing amount of vegetable and animal food, and acreage of the world take only around 15% of the Earth's surface, and to increase them in quick time is impossible without chemical fertilizers. On the other hand, if we use them constantly, disturbed biological cycle plants, which necessarily leads to soil erosion, and the destruction of microorganisms and insects. Then begins the gradual loss of fish and other animals, as through groundwater fertilizers fall into the water.
Anyway, this issue should be solved, and immediately. Make large crops to get more stuff will not lead us to the good. Chemical fertilizers are kind of slow weapons for the destruction of flora and fauna of the planet, as well as the occurrence of dangerous diseases.

Internal combustion engine

Environmentalists internal combustion engines, which is provided by diesel or petrol fuel has long been attributed to the greatest inventions of mankind.
They emit heavy metals that burns atmospheric oxygen, harass the people of carbon monoxide, contribute to the creation of the greenhouse effect (global warming, droughts).
According to the world health organization, these emissions to reduce the duration of human life in an average of 4 years.
Improper disposal of waste oils, batteries, motors slowly poisoning us and our nature.


Freon was synthesized in 1928, American chemist. Because this gas has a high thermodynamic properties, in a short time he began to be widely used in the production of air conditioners, refrigerators, as well as aerosols and cosmetics. Only in 80 years, scientists have proved that rotting in the atmosphere from the emission of chlorine, CFCs destroy the ozone layer, as if to heat a gas over 250°C, form very toxic products that can be strong toxic agent.


This material has found widespread use in the manufacture of packaging films, bags, pipes and toys. The danger is that while it is burning stand out hazardous substances, and in the earth and he does not biodegrade. According to scientists-ecologists, because plastic waste is more than 100 thousand units per year reduced the number of inhabitants of the ocean.
Also on the polyethylene intensively accumulate and multiply various unhealthy organisms, including yeast and bacteria Escherichia coli. Therefore, if you store the products for a long time in packages or under a film of this material, they not only get a unpleasant smell and taste, but also lead to inflammation in the gastrointestinal tract and severe poisoning.

Genetically modified organisms

The issue of food safety of GMOs is very urgent today. Much is not proven, but animal studies make you think.
Supporters of GMO use for several decades, argue that such technology will help humanity to increasing problem of hunger, but as it turned out by other scientists, the use of genetically modified foods may cause mutations of every kind, and new types of allergies, and pathology of internal organs, and infertility.


Today, modern man is becoming more dependent on drugs. The use of drugs is definitely there. But we must remember and understand that not all pills without prescription of the doctor, the safe.
There is a widespread opinion that, taking an antibiotic, a man is recovering faster. But it is not. The fact that these drugs only block the multiplication of bacteria or, at best, kill them, but it is their "duty" to end.
Antibiotics are very toxic agent. They poisoning almost the entire body. First under attack is the liver, then the immune system, kidneys and other organs.
Killing bacteria in the body, antibiotics arrange so-called evolutionary selection, which is characterized by the occurrence of bacterial mutants who were able to survive and adapt.


"Why all this was invented?" - the question is relevant, but, unfortunately, still no answer him not. On the one hand, there are positive arguments in the direction of such inventions, and on the other, cannot enjoy the benefit that brings evil. Making decisions about the use of the same nuclear facilities or GMOs are not available to ordinary people. Scientists play with science, with nature. See where this will lead.
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