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Одиноким людям не хватает серого веществаLoneliness can be explained purely psychological reasons: children's injuries, excessive vulnerability, increased misanthropy and so on, But not only. Scientists from University College London (UK) discovered that the brain of lonely people is markedly different from the brain of those who have social interactions and communication all right. That is, for psychological reasons, you can add and neuroanatomy.

Cause loneliness may lie in the neuro-anatomical features of your brain. (Photo Denisa Haldova.)

In research have taken part more than hundred healthy adults, all of them have undergone psychological tests, which were to determine whether they are involved in the society or detached from him. These data were compared with the results of the brain scan. It was supposed to see that loneliness will be accompanied by some special features in those areas that are associated with anxiety, emotions, depression. But everything turned out differently: the most was clear correlation between the degree of loneliness and the amount of gray matter in the left posterior superior temporal sulcus.

According to scientists, this area is responsible for the evaluation of basic social signals; with back superior temporal sulcus we can, for example, in the expression of the person to understand what mood the other person, any interest to him talk or he thinks about something extraneous, etc. If this furrow does not work - and the lack of gray matter has an impact on it, to communicate with others can really be very difficult. The researchers tried to confirm my hunch with a simple test: respondents were asked to look at a few pictures and determine which way you look people in the pictures. As expected, those who have gray matter referred to in the furrow was lower found it difficult task: it was difficult to determine, left, or right looks people.

In short, if the brain does not have the resources to read parties, that person threatens loneliness and misanthropy and other psychological consequences may already be the consequence. However, the authors believe that this ability to understand people can be developed. However, this requires special exercises and time on their performance, but in the end the work flawed furrows can be improved so that no interference to communicate with people.

The article is written based on the results of a study published in the journal Current Biology.

Based on the materials of Medical Xpress.
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