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Жёсткие диски: до предела плотности записи ещё далекоScientists from the Institute of data storage at the Singapore Agency for science, technology and research (A*STAR) conducted a simulation work hard disks existing types in more bit densities. It turned out that the information recording on a single magnetized microsemi hard drive (instead of the group of tiny grains) will not only degrade the reliability of storage of the information, but will even increase it, in this case, of course, dramatically increasing the amount of hard drive.

The researchers, led by Melissa Chua (Melissa Chua) has aimed to demonstrate the limits of the hard disks that are created according to modern technologies.

Today magnetized surface, which serves to store information in hard disk drives, consists of many neighboring nanometer grains. Has been since the very beginning of production of hard drives. Over time, the density increased, and now the region corresponding to the minimum unit of account, the size corresponds to just a few grains not millions, as once.

Ms. Chua and colleagues have used as an analytical model for recording and reading information from such media, and statistics. Usually these approaches are not used together. Analytical method, less time consuming, because it works with a simplified description of magnetic fields in the nanograins in General, assuming homogeneity of their reactions. Similarly, he dispenses with the reader head of Winchester. Statistical model simulates the interaction of the magnetic field with each nanoceram separately.

Comparing the results of both models for the record density in excess of the current ten-fold, the researchers found that even when the existing equipment even with increase of capacity up to 150 gigabits per square millimeter reliability record and read not only did not decrease, but even, according to estimates, will increase.

So unexpected, it would seem that the effect is that a small number of grains in a magnetized region homogeneity of the nature of their interaction with the magnetic field is disturbed with a higher probability than the single nanosira, which can lead to failures. At the same time in reading and writing with a single nanosira its properties are changed less likely than small groups of such grains, each of which individually may affect the reliability and the lower the rates of just the minimum recording unit.

Report on the study published in the journal IEEE Transactions on Magnetics.

Based on the materials of A*STAR Research.
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