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Гости из сопряженного мираThere is an assumption that there is special, the unknowable beyond, or the subtle world, which continues its existence energy essence of man, colloquially known as soul. You could call this place a familiar concept: "mated world".

The essence of paired peace in the vast majority of cases cannot tolerate bright lights and when activated, usually dematerialized

This world is the same spatial coordinates that and our world, and in it or from it, you can penetrate any place without any portals. But its inhabitants - former earthlings and aboriginal not normally interact with our world, not only because of its energy essence, but because of independence from the temporary location.

For the first time at the level of no tales and legends, and with the involvement photo and film documents, it showed Luciano Bocconi found that the surrounding world right is full of invisible entities, including humanoid. However, this sensation was filled except that fans of the subtle world", the official science preferred to keep silent contempt.


The essence of paired peace in the vast majority of cases cannot tolerate bright lights and when activated, usually dematerialized. Their time - night. Well, what of it? We live in the light, and at night they sleep. They, it seems, on the contrary, although the dream they are hardly necessary. In the end, so live owls, and not only them.

How often in your life you met its phantom double? Most likely never. But some people like the phenomenon met regularly, albeit only in certain places. Eyewitnesses say:

"In may 1990 in the zone "With" us twice, with a 20-minute intervals, managed to meet counterparts of each other. Turn your head and see how crashes through the bushes or moves on the way your colleague who is actually next to you. Simulation of the external appearance of full, up to the shiny metal flask, until the reflection of the moonlight in the glasses on his face. Movement twins absolutely noiseless.

"In early may 1992, two of our colleagues were on the same zone "With". We got to the intersection of two rides, two were left at the crossroads of twins." I hear someone walking round the scar from where they came. See?), coming in their direction figure, and something in her elusive familiar. The figure is close, but not reaching about one and a half tens of meters, flashes, such as forks and disappears.

Just in case they retreated to the edge of the clearing - wait for the third. Suddenly a new flash is very close. And again the sound of footsteps. Only the sound, this time without the images. And then one of them strikes: "Listen, but it was your steps! Boots and your gait!".

And here is another interesting example from the same place:

"Right before our eyes appeared a huge black clot black impenetrable fog and started to set in a massive, two meters height, gorillapods silhouette. To watch the performance we did not: it is very suddenly wanted quickly-quickly, feet-legs-and - away from this place. What was done. For a long time we were arguing about what it really was - "infernal structure", just a hologram (but then what was the original?), or, at worst, collective hallucination. So no what not agreed. And in General, descriptions of white and black humanoid figures, which sometimes appear in front of people that are not afraid at night to walk on the territory of the areas in our archive lot".

Here is the portal of paired world, and right in the suburbs!

No special portals through which penetrate into our world "infernal patterns", most likely, does not exist, and "anomalii" has established, that it occurs more often in the so-called geoactive areas where in the course of tectonic processes appear powerful emission of different energy (electrical, electromagnetic, light, etc.,) apparently, these energy fuel the existence of these structures, which in these zones penetrate into our world.

I want to remind that the phantoms from the other world, appearing at the sessions of supermedia, are also formed and exist at the expense of their energy.


The most common of the abnormal phenomena, characteristic zones, should be considered colorful flashes of light... the Range of brightness of the flashes is very high. Outbreaks have an interesting property - they are sort of a symbolic character, remarkably similar to that adopted in people light signaling. Most often, the lights are white or bluish, at least - orange and red, much less commonly, bright green, and very rare blue.

On their own sad experience has seen: if in the forest or in the field flicker of orange or red lights, and go not worth it. Otherwise, small and big troubles, down to heart attacks, guaranteed. Once a 40-minute stay in the zone, when the red lights flashed literally from all sides, was over for us bad health. And this is not counting barakhlovka photographic equipment. The next time zone met us white and blue lights and no trouble for health and technology.

Green flash like to show the optimal direction of motion, where not expecting any trouble. You can build the various assumptions about the physical nature of these entities and the reason for their behavior. That's the static electricity? Or the product of unconscious activity of our psyche that can be captured on film?

Or, in fact, a manifestation of the activity of a superhuman mind? What would have felt you see to your tent is approaching a blinding white torch, and in itself? And not lantern - a car's headlight. Take a leisurely swim and float in the air above the bushes, a few meters from the ground. And goes out, as if it never existed!


What would you say, seeing bright green or purple mist that stream running down hill deep in the ravine? Or, for example, "misty bagel, slowly creeping on the earth right in front of your eyes? There are hazy lens correct form. Want to approach her, and she gently rises on a meter or two and floats away into the woods a little faster than you go to her, as if Desnitsa.

Sometimes like inside these vague formations arise and move strange dark figures. And then suddenly in the thick mist is formed long and fairly straight corridor. And there...

"In mid-may 1988 friend and I walked across the field to the Parking lot. When we got to the middle, man nudged me in the side. At the end of the field stood the average density of the fog. Its upper border was about two metres above the trees, and the lower - somewhere in meters from the ground. It took place long black corridor (without fog) from the cemetery to the wood located on the field. Sailed on it in white flowing robes figures as ghosts, a metre or two from the earth, the growth was approximately four meters. Finally, they came to move, and we moved on, discussing what he saw".

There is special, the unknowable beyond, or the subtle world, which continues its existence energy essence of man, colloquially known as soul

As they say, Bocconi rests. However, he has all the phantasmagoria captured on film, including in the infrared range.

Researchers from the Moscow Association "Ecology Unknown" conclusively showed that aliens from the paired the world on his own, unknown to us business, are able to penetrate into our world, often scaring us to death of its inhabitants, unless they are participants of the expeditions of researchers of anomalous phenomena.

Valentin Acolytes
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