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Anonymous: "Миром правят 147 компаний"Why is the usual media discredited? Why were the laws on copyright protection and information ACTA, SOPA, PIPA? Why freedom of speech exists only on the Internet? In an exclusive interview "Voice of Russia" told one of the activists of the Anonymous group

- What is the U.S. government and other governments to censor and control the information?

The best examples are ACTA (International agreement to combat counterfeiting - ed.), SOPA (Bill "Act on the fight against online piracy" - ed.), PIPA (the Law on prevention of a real network threats of economic creativity and intellectual property theft - ed.), CETA (free trade Agreement and copyright between Canada and the EU - ed.), TRAPWIRE (global tracking system with face detection to detect potential terrorists, photographing "important objects" - ed.), INDECT (intellectual information system to support monitoring, detection, search and security of citizens in urban areas is approx.) in Europe. There are more and more. Do not forget about the NDAA (the law on national defense, note).

All these measures are obvious. And the feds now run "figureheads". Here's an example: no real "anonymous" will not threaten the explosive, as on one of the videos in YouTube. Obviously, this "spurring" was launched to discredit Anonymous and take control of the world wide web, especially to establish control over the alternative information flow. Because the MSM (main types of media - Newspapers, magazines, TV and radio - edit.) themselves involved in this, and still belong to the ruling elite. MSM is - "the New world order".

All these ACTA, SOPA, PIPA and others, that all attacks on freedom of expression, which now exists only on the Internet. This legislation is the result of corruption of the democratic regime that exists in the US. They were personally approved by the lobbyists that annually spend millions of dollars in the form of "donations from companies".

In the US politician can be anyone who will sponsor a large company, then such "policies" will lobby require companies laws, and then he will leave his post and will retire. The attacks on the Internet happen because entered corrupt way of laws in the US. There was a time when these same people opposed VHS-cassettes and CDS, but now they are preparing laws against Internet. In fact, it is easier for them to oppose any new technology, because it will be cheaper than to revise their outdated business plans.

- What is the position of Anonymous with respect to the media, copyright, downloads?

- The media are more interested in covering hacker attacks or DDOS attacks. Think, during the action "Bring wall street" mass media not covered several weeks those events.

Anonymous advocated the abolition of censorship, we are for freedom of information, freedom of opinion and expression. And as the traditional media, they all belong to the six largest media conglomerates. In the world, "the ball is ruled by" 147 companies that ' all control".

Based on these facts, it turns out that the media are owned by several companies, which they serve. Media freedom there is as such. Therefore began to appear alternative media. We do not believe the media that say "true" only those companies that tell them what information you want to convey to the audience. And they call it "our brand". Keep us stupid, but we are smarter than them.

And as for the copyright? Why the state protects the rights of corporations with the help of the police and rapid response teams (and taxpayers ' money)? For example, I sell fake perfume Christian Dior. In this case, Christian Dior should submit to me in court for that. On the other hand, if I was family butcher, and I would sell chops and hypermarket network would be to sell the same, what then? There would be actions of our authorities do not undertake. Laws only work in one direction - against me. And those who introduces such laws, don't do it for the sake of artists.

An example is the case of rapper 50-Cent. He had a web page, which belonged to his record company, and he had his own independent website. The company, which lobbied laws SOPA, ACTA and PIPA, turned on his personal web site to the list of sites that violate the copyright of this company. In fact, they attacked his actor to promote ourselves. The company does not introduce laws to protect artists, they do it to protect their income because they are afraid of losing income because of the emergence of new technologies. They don't want to adjust.

- What actions are planned in the framework of project Mayhem?

Project Mayhem 2012 will never do something illegal to achieve the goal. Do not forget that all shares will attract millions of people around the world to participate.

"A dangerous idea I" is a leak of information to the server TYLER from 12 to 21 December. This will involve informants from all over the world.

"A dangerous idea II: take kreatiff" is a call to create and distribute fine. This can be a Wallpaper on my desktop, stencil, game or pretty positive educational video. One goal - people need to tell or show what it means to them the project Mayhem 2012 and what events they wait 21.12.2012 in 11.11.

The following is "a Dangerous idea III". We expect the next wave of the global economic crisis. And on this day (21.12.2012) we urge everyone to withdraw their money from Bank accounts and invested in an alternative currency.

"A dangerous idea IV" dedicated to, in some way, the celebration of the date 21.12.2012. Anonymous organize a flash mob, the essence of which is to occupy Parliament buildings in the world, but not to protest, but to celebrate our achievements. For fun, of course!

Last but not least is "a Dangerous idea V", which is currently still a mystery.

MayBee TYLER kNOWs (Probably, service TYLER knows) "in the world, according to Anonymous, most free system"? (play on words: MayBee is implied in the word bee - emblem "Dangerous ideas" program Mayhem in the word kNWOs hiding abbreviation NWO - ' New world order" - approx. as amended). Again, we are talking only about those things that cause our concern.

It is about rethinking of our democracy and about the conditions in which we humans want to raise our children. Will it be a free society where freedom of speech, or will this be living in fear, where protecting the interests of large companies that are willing to pay for everything, to have control over all, not giving people freedom?

Using the concept of "terrorism" and sowing fear, many organizations are thus trying for a long time to subdue the people. But we are not ready to give up our freedoms because of the illusion that someone knows that "it is better for us". In the end, everything will end up creating a global state, managed by the largest banks, such as Rothschild, Rockefeller, GIPI Morgan, Goldman, etc. Soon we will see a single world government with a single world currency. And no matter where we are. To control the observance of laws is a single world government. Such supervision has already begun, and it TrapWire and Indect, hence the importance of the operation of"Big Brother".

John Robles
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