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Нанотехнологии иллюминатов. Внедрение наномикрочипов в вакциныIn the near future we are expecting a large chipping by introducing special nanopreparation large-scale pandemic influenza is a great occasion for such a global vaccination.

For the first time about nanotechnology said Nobel laureate Richard feiman,almost 50 years ago predicted that people will be able to design the material world,manipulating atoms and molecules,as bolts and Hakamies same term"nanotechnology"introduced in 1974 Japanese Hole, Taniguchi to describe the process of constructing new objects and materials by means of manipulations with separate atomami fact,it was the beginning of the third scientific-technical Revolutsiyi this is the first time scientists have been able on their own to create a new matter,based on artificial regulation.

In Russia the enterprise for the production of vaccines and therapeutic biological products in the amount of 10 MINUGUA per year was planned to be commissioned in the first quarter of 2011 godik experts believe,now completely unpredictable that will do nanocopy in the human body.

In December 2000, the former head of the Department of health of Finland, Rowney-Lina Luukanen-Kilde said that now technically possible to implement every newborn microchip,which will then function as a monitoring device inside a person throughout his isnit secret plans are discussed in Schastny microchips are using aim on them low Radiovolna satellite microchipped person can be tracked anywhere in sharapo Dr. Karl Sanders,this technique has already been tested during the war in Irkeshtan invented intelligence,remotely controlled by the operator interface biotic,which is implanted in ludyw a result,supercomputers in the national security Agency The US could"see"and"hear",to monitor the behavior of each soldier on the battlefield with remote monitoring Systems(RMS).

Using the computer RMS operator can send electromagnetic signals in the nervous system,thus affecting человека.RMS allows you to make a completely healthy person to see hallucinations and hear golosami incentives can influence brain function and muscular activity,causing cramps and seizures sharp pain,like pytkeese different frequencies,clandestine operator,working with the computer,can even change the emotional life of humans,causing aggression or Apatite as it is possible to artificially affect sexual function and to control not only the mind,but also podsoznanija can inspire even dreams.

The introduction of denominacion in vaccines the process nearest botusharova vaccines will try"sell"idea NASELENIYa to force it to agree to nanovaccines will be put in motion all possible scenarios about the alleged health improving action preparetoplaytone and producers of these vaccines will be drawn up by themselves"documents"and"proof",demonstrating their effektivnosti,by 2015, the efficient delivery of medical preparations will become a mass methodology,reached commercial studiees scientists are working to increase the efficiency of external control embedded chips.

According to the newspaper"Vedomosti"they"have developed a new technique of introduction in nanocontainers particles of magnetite and Zolotaya allows you to remotely control the spatial distribution of the particles with magnetic fields,and gold particles help to monitor the movement entered capsules,and remotely open idrova interesting technology-delivery of the drug through the use of an aerosol nanochastitsami has developed a generator to produce medicines and conducted an experiment with mice to evaluate the effectiveness of the aerosol form of delivery preparation was,anti-inflammatory medication in the form of aerosol more effective than entered in the stomach,even in the case when the aerosol dose was a million times less".for the introduction of new vaccines do not need injections-they can just dig in his nose.

Euphoria for all of these nanoparticles is not shared by Serapion,some scientists believed that when hit nanoparticles inside nuclei of cells is observed toxicity,in particular,DNA damage and anomalies in sets chromosome this is the gene pool of the nation and can be considered as genetic orujiem other things,the effects of silver nanoparticles leads to accumulation of blood in different parts of the body,thus causing swelling and necrotic believes academician of RAMS

Sergey Kolesnikov,"nanosubstances can have enormous destructive power,because we still do not really know how they can affect organismes new and very serious issledovaniyeyami to avoid the mistakes of predecessors who did not consider security issues when working with the latest tehnologiyami Sergey Kolesnikov said,it is enough to recollect,what was the beginning of nuclear power-and if today not to establish control,the consequences could be catastrophic".

From Tatiana Gracheva"Chipping through vaccination".
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