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КОСМИЧЕСКИЕ ПОРТАЛЫ СЕДОНЫMost of anomalous zones of the world is located, as a rule, in places of high magnetic or electromagnetic activity. The surroundings of Sedona, in which there are many mountains containing iron ore, are one such place

The door to other dimensions

When the couple-Brazilians were in the U.S. city of Sedona, they had a girl with amazing abilities.

It is easy to read other people's thoughts and good owns telekinesis, if we are talking about small things.

Five-year Sylvia tired of the attention of scientists, to which came after worried parents two years ago brought her to the University of Sao Paulo.

- With these symptoms or if you prefer, talents, I had not experienced before, " said Dr. Gustav de Ferreira. - My patient, being in a completely isolated room, described the pictures that are in the next room painted unknown to her

In addition, at a distance of up to seven and a half meters girl could the power of the mind to move a pen, a notebook or a glass of water. Neither her father nor mother never had such psychic abilities.

Spouses are sure that everything is explained premature childbirth during their trip to Arizona, when they were in Sedona, known for its paranormal and energy vortexes.

- The mother of Silvia birth pains began as soon as the bus passed through one such energy vortices, " explains Dr. Ferreira. - Many tourists felt dizziness, nausea, and loss of orientation.

When Sylvia was two years old, her parents began to notice that my daughter is going something wrong. Anxiety turned into horror when the items in the house suddenly started to move on request girls.

...After ten years of study of anomalous phenomena and UFO sightings in Sedona researcher Tom Drongo argues that among all known in the world energy vortex formations portals that are located in this area, are true doors in other dimensions. "These portals or window, " says Drongo, perhaps, are the inputs and outputs in other areas where mankind has no view".

In the area of Sedona That Drongo managed to find three large portal. One is located near the main road running along the Ringing rocks and school Ward valley, in an area of about ten square miles. The other is on top Secret mountain - every month shifted closer to the Secret of the Canyon. It covers an area of about two square miles. The third big portal stretches along the red Canyon about three square miles.

According to researchers, the U.S. government is accurately known locations of all major portals in the country. It buys the land on which they are located, isolates these areas, and if this is impossible, simply destroys portals.

For example, the area near the portal, which was studied by the group Drongo, was dusted with some chemical composition which gave off a strong smell. This operation was carried out late at night and was made from a helicopter. Since 1993 similar to "pollination” was conducted throughout the country and are not commented upon.

Substance from the zone of pollination was once collected by anomaliyami with foliage and transferred to one of the laboratories of Idaho. After the analysis of the experts managed to find out that it contains unknown biological component. It seemed that the initial composition of the material was genetic manner changed.

The Manifestation Of The Cosmic Mind

Feeling near portals is very unusual. If some time to be inside anomalies, feelings and vision changes. A person starts seeing ghosts and hear sounds in a rather narrow frequency range.

Here you can feel the movement of energy, but there is no way to delay or identify objects and creatures emerging from portals. Perhaps they are in a dimension that is parallel to the Earth. Or, may be, this planet is the twin of our Land is so close to us that we can occasionally detect the activities of its residents dealing with us activities. There is also an assumption that the portals are a reflection of the future or the past of our planet!

Objects and creatures emerging from portals, can be just manifestations of our collective consciousness. And if so, then perhaps the Cosmic Mind specially creates these life forms, in order to transfer the consciousness to another level of understanding of the surrounding world.

Researchers working in the area of portals, constantly faced with the most "normal" anomalies. For example, the battery in photo and video cameras, once in the portal area are fully discharged.

According to the American UFO researcher Gary HART, the frequency of UFO sightings in the area so high that every second inhabitant of Sedona can talk about their experience with flying saucers.

HART was able to pinpoint the location of the main anomalies, located ten miles from the city. Observe the phenomena taking place there, it was extremely interesting. But the most amazing thing I have found ufologist is a special door between dimensions, which were opened at a certain time.

As a rule, near the center of the portal there is increased intensity of a magnetic field that can be registered even with a simple compass. Very often, before the opening of the portal in the air quickly, forming an unusual fog.

"In the process of observation HART managed to shoot a lot of documentaries, including a video camera. His collection includes photos kaplepodobnyh objects bright orange or yellow, a group of small blue lights arranged in a shape resembling a butterfly, lots of photos yellow energy, clear vague phantoms (strange romanophobia formations that were not visible when photographing). "

Men in black out of the fog

For people residing in places like Sedona, the neighborhood with portals is a real threat. Statistics show that in places vortex energy entities noted the high percentage of missing persons.

Researchers have compiled a list of the most characteristic features that can be observed in places presence portals:

The light, leaving the ground or rises from her. Ghostly objects moving inside the house. The buildings have a strange vibrations and oscillations, the light can be switched off to flicker or completely off. Items that have been lost long ago, unexpectedly found in the most unusual places. Strange noises and loud sounds, banging on the walls of the house, leaving no damage. Ghostly dark figures, visible only peripheral vision. The area is often covered with bright flashes of light, equivalent with the light from the lightning.

The land can vibrate with such force that the items in the house bounce. The animals concerned and avoid places close to portals.

The appearance of strangers and strange animals. Crack Indian drums, voices, music and other sounds that do not have a particular source.

"Observation big black people, sometimes green and blue. Noise and fuss, published invisible animals. Observations mythical animals - horned monster with red glowing eyes. "

"Recently, one of the citizens of Sedona reported that observed near one of the portals is a strange mist that appears out of nowhere, and heard telepathic voice, which said to her: do Not enter into the fog! "

UFO researcher Gary HART said that the open portal often invisible, but in a place where it is possible to observe distortions or shimmering air. HART conducted experiments with compass: when the portal is open, the arrow is pointing directly at him.

Thus, concludes the American ufologist, in other regions of the world can easily find the open portals for higher electromagnetic level higher than normal background.
"Continuing his research in Sedona, Gary HART has collected many testimonies of eyewitnesses, faced around the city with inexplicable from the scientific point of view anomalous phenomena. So, the rancher said ufologist that in a few nights observed a bright glowing orbs and orange tunnel in the air, appeared as if from nowhere. Another witness was able to photograph transparent misty balls, which in great numbers are observed at the local cemetery. Another observer photographed pink Ghost flying out the window. "

...Every year Sedona come four million tourists who believes that here they plunge into the vortex flows of healing energy. Local residents say that in their area there are three vortex flow, which allow visitors to communicate with ghosts, souls of dead relatives or provide an opportunity to learn about their previous lives.
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