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Заколдованное озеро в украинеЛюбителям всего мистического стоит отправиться на Украину за приключениями. Здесь очень много всяких диковинных мест. Сегодня мы отправимся в Донецкую область на Соледарское озеро. Место это поистине необычное и специфическое. То ли чудо природы, то ли аномалия, то ли волшебство.

Заколдованное озеро

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Аномальные места Крыма Across the land scattered many mysterious, abnormal places. Such places are scattered all over the Crimea and here quite a lot of them. The most popular Crimean Stonehenge.
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Самое известное восклицание «Под нами кто-то есть!»The most famous exclamation "Under us someone is!" belongs to the American ufologist Alan Polanski, who with a small group of researchers in 2005 studied abandoned in the mountains of South American lake. From the depth of the reservoir could hear strange sounds. Their nature is still not installed.
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Аномалии в биографиях президентов СШАJanuary 20, 2009 in Washington hosted the inauguration of the 44th US President Barack Obama. This event gives us an occasion to remember a strange anomaly in the lives of American presidents. You mean some kind of coincidence important dates, which you explain by mere chance. But not too many coincidences of this kind have been accumulated in the biographies of these outstanding personalities?
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В аномалиях, НЛО и глюках виновато... море?Residents of Volgograd region long ago got used to the idea that they live in an amazing location. Examples of anomalous zones in our territory - though special reference izdava: Medveditsky ridge, Eidur, Ilmensky funnels, Kapustin Yar cosmodrome, Devil's den, the Swan Polyana, cave of the dragon's Eye, Edge, Staraya Poltavka, tract Blue Mountain, underground caves near Stone-Brodsky monastery...
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Невероятный случай с судном Морская звездаon 16 October 1992, the Indian vessel "Sea star" came from Bombay course in Malaysia. Onboard there were 10 tourists and 39 crew members. At first everything went fine, but on the fifth day of the trip suddenly erupted in a strong storm. The radio was broken, and the last communication with the vessel was: "SOS! Drown!" And soon the ship was lost with all radar approaching the scene of the courts.
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Эти поезда не придерживаются расписанияThese trains do not adhere to the schedule, do not stop at the stations, ignore semaphores and don't take passengers. They appear out of nowhere and, as legend says, follow straight to hell...
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Аномальная зона в Атлантическом океанеWhatever ignored inhabitants of various kinds of abnormal phenomena, but they are more or less universally accepted manifest themselves and are considered long been recognized by scientists from all over the world, as a phenomenon is not fully studied, due to lack of experience, or inability to meet the requirements of modernity, even advanced modern technologies.
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Pearlescent paint the sky that appeared after sunset on December 9 over Scotland, attracted the attention of several nature lovers who post their photo in social networks.

Над Шотландией небо окрасилось в перламутровые цветаНад Шотландией небо окрасилось в перламутровые цветаНад Шотландией небо окрасилось в перламутровые цвета
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The origin of the phenomenon is not established. In areas ranging from McKinney and ending White Rock Lake, and all that is on the way to the South, Houston, reported a bright flash in the morning sky on Friday.

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Космические странностиSince man went into space, it has been more than fifty years. During this time people reach unprecedented heights in the exploration of space and tried to create astronauts most comfortable conditions of life in orbit. But still getting used to weightlessness is not possible, what the astronauts had seen many times.
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Аномальные зоны в местах посадки НЛОPlace of landing of UFOs are one of the most amazing features of these mysterious objects. Most people deny any reports of UFO landing, as it is not part of their usual understanding of reality. However, almost after each landing on the surface of the earth remain physical traces which are usually quite stable, so that for several months or even years to be subjected to objective scientific research. Such traces are recorded long since practically all over the world and are called "jacks flying saucers".
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Когда люди возникали ниоткудаMysterious and inexplicable cases of people appeared out of nowhere, speaking in strange tongues, and talking about unfamiliar places.
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Бурятский феноменTen years ago, in September 2002, took place the opening of the sarcophagus with the body of the Buryat Lama Itigelov. The body was removed from the "a" - the place of burial Lama in the area Huh?-Zurh?n in the presence of numerous witnesses. After 75 years since the death of the body was not touched by decay and was in the Lotus posture, which Dorzho took before his death.
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