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Загадки Кашкулакской пещерыIn the foothills of the Kuznetsk Alatau that in Khakassia, in the South-Eastern slope of mount Our Kulan ("hos the hull" in translation from the Khakass - "two ears") there is a cave, which locals have nicknamed the black Cave of the devil. In some encyclopedias it is called one of the worst places on earth. And there is a good reason.

For the first time about the anomalies Kalkulacka caves widely talked once in 1959 a group of Moscow geologists stumbled upon this natural object. According to the memoirs of one of the participants of the expedition Yegor Barkovsky, two decades later organized a new expedition in Kushkulak. geologists have been able to stay in a mysterious cave not more than ten minutes. Covered inexplicable fear, they were literally popped out of some unknown force. When the expedition returned to the nearby village of Shira, local residents explained geologists that are spirits caves do not want to see people in his stone sanctuary.

Old-timers told the guests about the fact that in ancient times near the mountain Kushkulak proceeded Gold Creek on which the souls of the dead were emigrating from the real world to the world of the dead. Next to it there lived a powerful shaman Golden stream that followed over the centuries, the souls of the Jews in the land of shadows. But the day came, and the shaman died. According to local beliefs, the shaman's body on fire, and his Golden garments took deep into the cave in which he lives performed their magic rituals. From that time in the cave opened the gate to the underworld.

For this reason, in very ancient times, the infirm old people and sick people Khakases went there in order to end life. Later, during the "perpetual wars" (III-VI centuries ad), in Kalkulacka the cave was inhabited by the great priests Sarmatians, who sacrificed his mighty gods people and animals...

The legend about the Black shaman

the most common among locals and guests Kalkulacka cave is a legend about the Black shaman. One of Khakassia of the legends tells that in the beginning of XX century not far from the Cave of the black devil lived an old shaman, which the local people are very respected and feared. Was told that this shaman was so powerful that could revive animals, by the force of view to move the giant boulders and to turn the stones into gold bars. In the early 1920's, when in Eastern Siberia there was a Civil war, in those places appeared gang under ataman Solovyov.

One day ill "Batka" grabbed the old shaman, and demanded from him gold, which, according to rumors, in infinite quantities were kept in secret places Kalkulacka caves. The shaman not only opened ataman, where are the treasures of, but predicted his impending death. By order Solovyov old shaman dropped from a cliff into the deep abyss. As soon order chieftain has got in an ambush set by ugorskii conoceme (which served as the future writer Arkady Gaidar), and was completely destroyed. Since that time, according to local legends, Ghost shaman every time is uninvited guests caves focused the horror, depriving of reason, and sometimes even life.

The fact of the existence of a Ghost shaman mentions employee of the Novosibirsk Institute of clinical and experimental medicine Konstantin Vakulin. which was part of a group of researchers in 1985 visited Kas-Local shaman Kolaksai the cave. On suddenly at some point felt someone's gaze. The next moment he was filled with heat, and then felt an inexplicable panic. Being as if under hypnosis, the man turned his head and five metres from itself saw a male figure in flowing robes and a woolly hat with horns. Shaman whose eyes burned with a blue flame, particularly Vakulin to his hand. The researcher took a few faltering steps, as remembered in prayer, whom I had known since childhood, and began to whisper to her. The shaman began to retreat and soon vanished without a trace in the wall...

Mysterious repeater

Since the late 1970-ies numerous expeditions researchers are trying to give a scientific explanation of paranormal phenomena occurring in Kalkulacka the cave. Whenever they find themselves in this mysterious place, scientists record a number of similar phenomena: a feeling of unexplainable fear and the feeling of being in a cave there is someone invisible; visual illusions in the form of human figures and mythological creatures; auditory and tactile hallucinations. The first detailed description of these phenomena was made by the participants of the expedition 1985. At the same time the researchers found in the grotto of Enthusiasts, which feature is the abundance found in the charred bones of humans and animals, equipment that measure the electromagnetic field. To the surprise of scientists, instruments recorded strange pattern; it was worth a man to set foot inside the grotto, as there's been a real electromagnetic storm. In addition impartial equipment caught a single sound, coming from somewhere out of the ground.

Already in the early 1990s the group under the leadership of the Novosibirsk scientist Alexander Trofimov with more perfect equipment has established a link between the unusual phenomena occurring in the cave, and disturbance of the electromagnetic field. The researchers also made an unambiguous conclusion about what is strange impulses that appear with some frequency, are clearly artificial origin, and the source of these pulses can be a generator, located deep under the ground.

In 2003, Abakan psychic Dmitry Ivanov, thrice visited Kalkulacka the cave, said at a depth of 500 meters at the foot of Kushkulak relay is installed in this location about 400 thousand years ago representatives of highly developed extraterrestrial civilizations. In our days, the device sends in the direction of the constellation Orion signals, which encode some important information. Also, according to Ivanov, kaskelensky relay can serve for alien beings a beacon by which they are guided in the near-earth space.

Scary facts

Dmitry Ivanov believes that complex energy structure of the information field Kalkulacka cave is extremely dangerous for people on a low level of spiritual development, having bad thoughts and intentions. This is evidenced by a number of facts when uninvited guests caves Black devil went crazy. and even killed under mysterious circumstances.

In Khakassia still remember the story of how, in 1960, the cave was visited by a group of twenty students. On the surface could get only two scared to death of the girl, which was picked up by the local hunters. Later, one of the survivors died in a psychiatric hospital, the fate of the second Amateur underground travel remained unknown.

Already in 1996 in the cave was gone five Kemerovo enthusiasts-researchers. Only
the young man, who then managed to get out of the cave, vaguely mumbling about some furry monsters and fire doors in stone floor where he nearly collapsed. The guy was exhausted, and he was taken to hospital, where he in a couple of weeks died from an unknown disease...

Today Kalkulacka cave is a place of pilgrimage of the followers of the neo-pagan cults which built on the slopes of mount ritual performances with the offering all kinds of victims. According to Shamanov, practitioners in our days in different regions of Siberia, such behavior is not only indicates the absence of a true culture in the self-proclaimed pagans, but also faces many problems, which angered the spirits of the mountains can bring down on their foolish head.

"Mystery of the twentieth century", October 2012
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