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В аномалиях, НЛО и глюках виновато... море?Residents of Volgograd region long ago got used to the idea that they live in an amazing location. Examples of anomalous zones in our territory - though special reference izdava: Medveditsky ridge, Eidur, Ilmensky funnels, Kapustin Yar cosmodrome, Devil's den, the Swan Polyana, cave of the dragon's Eye, Edge, Staraya Poltavka, tract Blue Mountain, underground caves near Stone-Brodsky monastery...

But to believe in miracles and I want, after all, according to experts, "the earth causes different abnormal things much more. This was the topic of conversation with Konstantin Field, Chairman of the Board of the local history society "Owl", a tourist, a speleologist and extreme with great experience.

- Everyone knows that in the territory of the Volgograd region was once Khvalynsky sea. This is the reason of our relief: there are many caves, underground cavities, cracks. For example, the Volga hydroelectric power station is just at the break of two tectonic plates. Thanks Khvalynsky sea in our region so many minerals. So to live completely independent can easily: in Volgograd region is gas, oil, lead, iron, tin, copper, chromium, Nickel, cobalt, silver and even gold. While the stocks of food chalk? For example, its reserves in Zadanie can not be compared with the inventory under the English channel. There layer thickness reaches 40-50 m, and at us - 65 meters in short, tomorrow create their own state, trade chalk, food additives and live to himself securely!

But back to the anomalous zones. Amazing developments in many of them, for example, caused by the presence of stockpiles of metal salts - because of this there begins to be naughty needle of a compass. For example, in the famous Medveditsky ridge, which during the Khvalynsky sea was a hill, are a decent supply of ochre - hydroxide of iron mixed with clay. Naturally, this "metal" salt can "spin" a compass needle as he wants. In addition, because at the time Khvalynsky sea Medveditsky ridge was a hill, surely there is preserved a great number of caves, a former marine grottoes. Perhaps some of them, being deeply under the ground, still filled with salted water, and this water - chic Explorer. That's got to this place lightnings. And we are afraid, say, damn place!

Finally, in some places of our region is possible natural remedies radioactive gas radon, which is the smell can be determined. Radon kind of effect on people, "pictures" in the mind can be the most amazing. And so in anticipation of the "green people" is appearing to do anything you want!

- Konstantin, is it possible to "abnormal miracles" to see somewhere closer to the Volgograd than zhernovskom area?

- I love the territory of Sedona, where the natural Park "Donskoy". There is the Romanian-mountain - favorite ufologists, speleologists, ethnographers and just crank. It is believed that its top radiates a unique energy. Tooth give that under this slide is an underground river. It twists a certain way magnetic flows may in its waters dissolved some healing salts, which come to the surface and really enhance the health of the people. In the same Zadanie with tourists, which I accompanied occurred illustrative case. We walked summer night, went around the hill, and, moving away from it a mile, one girl turned around: the father-Sveta, completely black silhouette of the mountain fringed glow. Well, not a miracle? Explain to tourists: "Guys, this mountain at a distance of fifty miles is the Volgograd with powerful illumination. He is a little low. Therefore, the light from it in clean air is visible in the distance, and the city itself is not. And it turns out that the mountain as if bordered with the glow of a fire, although the source of light is not seen. This optical illusion." It is interesting in terms of optical effect to walk and Cretaceous mountains - they reflect the light of the moon, and that seem to be in the dark silver.

- I heard that in the same national Park on the don is discovered the temple of Zoroastrians...

- Yes, it is the largest and oldest temple in the world. Date it to about the fifth century BC. Scientists Volgograd University found there, in that, figuratively speaking, a great furnace that burned for five centuries, a huge amount of ash, coal, hot stones, but, unfortunately, none of the artifact. But it is possible that protozoaires originated from us, and not somewhere in India...

- Konstantin, and still have in your life cases that you're from the point of view of the laws of chemistry, physics, mathematics, biology, and other Sciences to explain yet?

- Yes, the amendment "yet" is obligatory. Once went Hiking with friends-customers. I have promstal from them and suddenly you see an interesting gap. Look, or what? Ducked down and, apparently, somnul badly - I was covered by an avalanche. Yes in moments was bricked up so that I only breathe a little bit could, me - tons of earth and stove. And my head hurts - hit, see. "Well - I think - and it's time to die. However, sooner somehow and so stupid!" And suddenly I see: standing over me someone white, in her cloak as Catholic monks and mentally asks me: "Very bad?" I found the strength to joke: "Dude, what do you think?" He told me: "Well, not repense! To go forever you still early. I can move the oven for ten seconds. Yank away, but quickly!" And the truth is, stove went, I literally popping out from under her, and - to the light! Head then ill for a long time. That's why I think: I imagined me all this? Because other earthly explanation for this occasion, I can not!

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