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Невероятный случай с судном Морская звездаon 16 October 1992, the Indian vessel "Sea star" came from Bombay course in Malaysia. Onboard there were 10 tourists and 39 crew members. At first everything went fine, but on the fifth day of the trip suddenly erupted in a strong storm. The radio was broken, and the last communication with the vessel was: "SOS! Drown!" And soon the ship was lost with all radar approaching the scene of the courts.

When the storm was over, searching for the "Sea stars" went five boats Indian coast guard. For several days they thoroughly examined the disaster area, but no trace of the ship was never found. In all official reports, it was noted that "starfish" tragically sank and all the passengers and crew members were killed.

Exactly three years to the day - 16 October 1995 in the same place in her eyes surprised fishermen from nowhere appeared the vessel. Nearby ships took with him the signal: "All right! SOS is cancelled! Storm suddenly stopped."

But no one heard no distress signal, and even storms was not in these places more than a year!

The amazement of the police from the coast guard no bounds when they learned that mysteriously materialized ship is missing "Sea star". On Board, passengers had arranged a celebration in honour of his salvation. At first they did not believe that their ship for three years already officially declared dead. The captain considered a statement about this inappropriate joke. According to him, they sent last cry no more than three hours ago, and all the while, heroically fought against the storm. One can imagine the horror of team members "starfish", when they still have realized that he was removed from life three more years!

Perhaps narrated the incident may seem that improbable, but a few such cases. As reported by the magazine " Skeptical inquirer", in 1995 under unexplained circumstances disappeared French Louise dyupen living in a small provincial town. To find it failed, and relatives have assumed the worst. But a year later, to the day, Louise suddenly returned. It took a lot of time to convince the hapless "the traveler " in that it is the walk lasted a whole year.

It turned out that that ill-starred day Louise went out shopping. It seemed a little strange that were not found anybody. Suddenly, the sky has clouded clouds, the wind grew stronger. Young woman for a time became ill, and after she found that went astray. Proplata about an hour, she finally went to the local shop, sincerely wondering why all the neighbors on it so frightened look...

In the press periodically there are reports of people who mysteriously disappeared for a particular long time, and then appeared in the same place. Scientists attempts to study these anomalous phenomena, but so far none of the research results are not published. Meanwhile in various spots of the world in this way are still missing people. There is even some regularity. Usually, before disappearing, people observed a sharp deterioration of weather. Unexpectedly began storm or hurricane, heavy rain, suddenly became very cold.

The majority of missing felt noumou pain in the temples, they sharply dizzy. Apparently, it was at this point and was a fantastic time offset. According to propavshih people, there were only two or three hours. Then they appeared again on the same place where they had suddenly overtaken by a storm. Strikes another nuance. If people thought he wandered for hours, he found a year later, and when in order to have disappeared in two hours, he declared in real life two years later. It is noteworthy that the victims did not encounter, and their wrist and pocket watches at the moment almost disappearing and returning stopped, and then started to go.

There are several hypotheses concerning these strange phenomenon. According to one of them, people are kidnapped by aliens, who then long they are exploring. But this version does not seem convincing. First, themselves "travelers" I remember nothing about such experiences, and second, the similarity of such cases makes this doubt.

More interesting, though controversial, looks different point of view. Perhaps, in some places of the planet accumulates powerful cosmic energy, sometimes tearing spatio-temporal relations. Man, accidentally falls in there at this point, it appears as though trapped, out of time. And here is how he manages to come back, still not clear. Probably the answer is found in the phenomenon of teleportation. There are signs that these two phenomena are identical.

Experts dealing with the problem of strange disappearances, consider it necessary not only a detailed study of the territories, where there was a similar phenomenon, but the survey themselves propavshih. But now it is hardly possible, because the majority of scientists, despite eyewitness, yet do not believe in the gap of time...

In addition to the strange disappearances of people have been instances of objects getting in the invisible hole from which they cannot be retrieved. Sometimes this subject appeared later than other parts of the world. In his book "Strange mysteries of time and space" Harold T. Wilkins describes the case when the person is in the sea accidentally dropped the knife overboard. In the same moment his wife (who was of the house) with horror saw that the knife fell from the ceiling in the kitchen and dug into the table.

Items fall into the hole between measurements, but they also seem to come back from them. Almost any object that you can imagine, fell into the hole: pieces of red meat, live fish, biscuits, even alligators. Strange substance called "angel's hair", often notice in places visited by UFOs. This thin, white fibrous material that falls from the sky in areas, which have seen flying saucers. Such items often fall with a clear cloudless sky, when you can't see even a plane, which could be attributed to the incident.

On Earth there are several such mysterious regions as if they were in another world. In such areas the laws of nature have little strength.

One such place is the magnetic hill near Moncton, new Brunswick (Canada). Cars, rubber balls, even water - all easily slides down... up in this strange place. The forces acting on the objects, not magnetic, because not iron objects behave the same as made from this metal. At magnetic hill is the gravitational force acting like the exact opposite.

Another strange place where things behave other than usually - the Oregon vortex along a stream Sardines near the gorges Grant in Oregon. Oregon's crater has a diameter of about 55 meters. Strange forces attract people and other bodies in the center of the crater, so you need to deviate from the centre, in order to keep balance. The subject even roll uphill on an inclined plane toward the center of the crater.

Scientific instruments confirm the presence of force, but scientists have been unable to explain its origin.

Strange forces that act on magnetic hill and the Oregon vortex, can testify to everyone. However, on Earth can be like a strange place, existing only on certain susceptible people. For example, an American researcher brad Steiger in the "Mysterious disappearances" describes a person who has the uncanny ability to walk through doors into other dimensions. Some of these doors lead into the dark, lifeless place, without sound or movement, others - in the past or the future of our world.

If such a hole in time and space still do exist, then people can't stand to watch them disappear items. We hope that our knowledge will advance to the point where it will be possible to understand the nature of these phenomena.
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