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Следы Атлантиды в РоссииLegends East report that Atlantic had a few, because the earth catastrophes have died, and then it was revived again. Their capital was created in new places. Consistently they were:

South of the Cape Verde Islands, opposite the city of Conakry (Africa);

in the southern part of the Mendeleyev ridge, but the North O. Wrangel (Arctic ocean);

in the Caribbean sea, to the West of the island of Haiti;

at the underwater mountain Yakutat, Rockaway (the capital killed 12 thousand years ago);

in the North-East of Taimyr (existed for thousands of years);

North O. Crete;

in Central Bolivia (South America).

In what place will the new capital of Atlantis?

On the ground all these capitals have their historical and material traces.

This article provides information related to Atlantis, the lost 12 thousand years ago.

The ancient Greek philosopher Plato (427-347 BC) in his writings "timey" and "of Crete" described the life and device legendary and mysterious country with its capital on the island of Atlantis, located in the Atlantic ocean more than 11.6 thousand years ago. There are other ancient sources telling about this country. Description of the capital and the state is amazing modern people grandeur and magnificence created temples, palaces, ring of canals, irrigation systems, a high level of development for that time.

Plato writes that the God of the seas Poseidon by lot (to the gods) has received in the inheritance of the island of Atlantis (Poseidonis) and filled it with their children from the death of Kleita, making them kings. He has led the island in order.

In the dialog "timey" Plato notes feature the legendary country: "On this island called Atlantis, there arose a great and worthy surprise Union of kings, whose authority extended over the whole island, to many other Islands and on the mainland, and moreover, on this side of the Strait they possessed Libya to Egypt and part of Europe to Tirrenia"... the wars are not reported, as the accession process could be on a contractual basis.

Presumably, the capital of Tirrenia was in the area of the modern city of Grenoble (South-Eastern France), where the tombs of the rulers of this country.

In the dialog "of Crete" reported that the capital on the island of Atlantis had harbour, which housed 1200 ships. The Acropolis, the temple of Poseidon and the Royal Palace was surrounded by three concentric canals neither inner Harbor. The Central island of the city was surrounded by the stone walls and bridges connecting them had towers and gates. The stone wall was three colors (white, red, black), which was extracted there in the dungeon. On a stone wall around the external earthen ring channel Atlanta inflicted copper in molten form. The wall of the inner shaft covered by the casting of tin, and the wall of the Acropolis - orihalcon which emitted "a shining fiery". This shows that the interior of the island and other places were developed intensively. However, created various urban and other more important underground communications, dwellings and underground tunnels that ran in different directions over long distances, including the African and American continents. In the dialogues of Plato says that many were brought to the island from the subject countries, but most of the necessary for life gave the island itself - all types of fossil solid and fusible metals, including what is now known only by name: smorodinovy crystalline OREALC, otvlekavshie from the bowels of the island.

To date there is no consensus about the location of this island and other lands that were part of Atlantis.

There is also no clarity about boundaries of the Athenian state that waged war with Atlantis.

In numerous works of researchers expressed a range of views about the location of the legendary island and its original sacred capital created by Poseidon. All of them are mainly attached to the region of the Atlantic ocean. The capital city of Atlantis, the researchers placed in many places of the Atlantic, from Mexico to Africa and from the existing equator to Canada, Greenland, Scandinavia. There were also suggestions about the possible location of the capital within the Mediterranean and in other borders of the land.

Atlantis was mainly looking at the bottom of the ocean and seas, although it is well known that according to Plato, the state is also located on the continental parts of the earth (North-West Africa, called Libya), Europe, the opposite continent (America). On these lands somewhere stored material remnants of an ancient civilization, the detection of which will allow to answer many questions, including, and on the exact location of Atlantis.

In the meantime we can assume the following: in 9564 BC the powerful earthquake and underwater volcano eruption destroyed the island of Atlantis (Poseidonis), which plunged into the ocean, creating huge waves and rain, stopusa lowlands of the Earth, making a memory in the minds of the people, as the flood.

Of impending disaster best part of the people had been warned by Higher Powers in advance, enabling them to promptly evacuate secretly, in remote places of the huge Empire, in neighbouring and distant countries, where they left a historical memory (Africa, Egypt, North elevated areas of Russia, India, China etc). Part could go established in advance of the underground city, such as those from which they went out Tamils (nationality India and Sri Lanka), holding onto the tail of a bull and for each other.

The heirs of Atlantis survived under the supervision of Teachers "North Shambhala", according to the sages of the Himalayas and Tibet (the book. Atoms. "Shambala is an oasis of light". M., 1992).

Legends East report that the island of Atlantis is in the middle of the Atlantic (Ethiopian) of the ocean, which repeatedly emerged and were dying civilization. After each disaster, the island was reduced in size, and at last, the third accident, he went under water. After the death of the island of Atlantis, the vast territory of Empire was not lost. Continued functioning of the administrative capital in Taimyr and many of the Confederation.

The center of the Empire was moved to the territory of Northern Eurasia (now Russia), where he later formed a powerful state, which left about itself mentions in Chinese and other sources East, including the ancient legends of India, such as the Mahabharata.

The island of Atlantis was immersed under the water slowly. His high places in separate Islands continued to exist until the first Millennium ad, what in the scientific literature are quite a lot of evidence, and on ancient maps indicated their location. 12 thousand years ago the North geographic pole of the Earth (with a small area of glaciation) were located in North America on the border of Alaska, Canada . The water of the Northern ocean ye were free from ice and the climate there was a warm, especially off the coast of Siberia.

Plato puts the island of Atlantis in the Atlantic for Gerkulesovy posts. He writes that on this island is easily accessible from the mainland. Behind him were other Islands, which was opposite the continent (America)around this sea. Atlantis, as Empire, exceeded its size Libya (North-West Africa) and Asia (Asia Minor) combined.

The legends show that Atlantis, described by Plato, after joining themselves neighboring peoples and countries became an Empire, consisting of 15 confederations, including land, situated around a modern North pole. This was part of the African Libya, Spain, North America, Greenland, Scandinavia (North), Northern part of the existing Russia, where its southern border passed along Ladoga, Dmitrov ridge, the southern Urals, North Baikal, and the Magadan. Seven capitals confederations were on the territory of Russia: in Chukotka, Yakutia (at the mouth of the Aldan), Norilsk (oz. Lama), the Urals, the Yamal Peninsula, Pechora, Valday. Other capital confederations were in the Northern part of Scandinavia, in Morocco, in the USA (two), in Canada (three). The capital of the island Poseidonis (Atlantis) was located in the vicinity of existing seamount, Rockaway and Yakutat at the bottom of the Atlantic ocean, East of Bermuda.

Major cities-ports of the Atlanteans were on the Canary Islands and the Azores, in the South-Western Greenland, Northern Scandinavia, in Taimyr and some Islands of the Arctic ocean, in Siberia. Some of them are on the shelf parts off the coast of the land. Traces of their findings easy to determine if a modern equipment and technology. However, in addition to the Sacred capital in the Atlantic ocean there was also the administrative capital for the management of a vast country, which was originally located in the Central Urals (from Nizhny Tagil), and then in the North-East of Taimyr. Legends East report that the administrative capital of Atlantis was located in the Eastern part of the Empire in the hills, near the shores of Borean sea (the Laptev sea). It was called"the city of Golden Gate".

The city was built with beautiful temples, palaces, with Majesty, worthy of the capital. This city was the residence of the emperors, whose power was distributed not only on the continent, but also to the many small and big Islands. Chronicle of teachers East contains the names of all rulers of Atlantis, and in it as an important event, mentioned that the Emperor of Atlantis Tazlau was given a divine messenger from heaven fragment of miraculous stone, which was functional affiliation their home base of cultural centre of the state of civilization. The Emperor Tatslav buried on the Taimyr Peninsula, and the stone was later transferred to the South in the store-the store. Management Atlantis was fair and beneficial. The arts and Sciences flourished. Rulers, using secret knowledge, has reached a truly extraordinary results. The disc of the Sun was the only emblem, worthy to represent the head of the Godhead, and this image was in every home. The Atlanteans had been writing. Writing material served as thin metal sheets, the surface of which resembled white porcelain. They could reproduce and multiply images and texts. There was a system of education and upbringing.

Every educated person knew in General medicine and the treatment of magnetism. The legend says that Atlanta knew the ways of invoking (at their request) of rain and water from the earth. In the period of its greatest prosperity, the city of Golden Gate consisted of about two million residents, and in General the number of population of the whole of Atlantis has reached two billion people. Atlanta has reached a high level of technique and technologies in the field of reception of energy sources, different kinds of materials, creation of land, water and air transport.

As the Greek gods, was the knowledge of the food of the gods - ambrosia, nectar, and healing mineral food. Legendary amber - this is a white crystalline mineral and nectar - dark retinoid mass. In the depths they are close by. Both minerals diluted juices, water. Atlanta was mined for palaces and temples brilliant smorodinovy crystalline OREALC light gray (silver) colors. Deposits of these minerals are both in Russia and in other places of the planet. They brought new species of plants and animals.

It is assumed that in the offshore part of the Laptev sea under a layer of silt are buried in the intact condition ships of Atlantis, the holds are filled with unusual products that civilization. Some types of their ships, according to legend, were of a large size (up to 100 m long and 50 m wide), under the form reminding turtles, and could swim, glissernaya, for a given program, avoiding obstacles. In such places reason often occur shipwreck. Seafarers one such place is called "graveyard of ships". In the district of Taimyr treasures waiting to be explored (on land and on the sea shelf), which, probably, are the most valuable material evidence of past civilizations. On the shelf part was the port city. Acknowledgement of its existence are traces of stone facilities (including underground). Through these places laid the trade routes from China and India to Europe up to the XVI century ad

In these places there are signs of anomalies on the ancient underground constructions (on the Taimyr Peninsula, Urals, at the White sea, in Morocco, Canada, from the mountains of Rockaway and Yakutat, on Islands of the Arctic ocean, and so on). Many facilities are under a layer of silt or cultural layer of soil, in the hills and hills, like the pyramids, temples and cities of Central and South America (Aztecs, Mayans, Incas). The pyramids and barrows of the Atlanteans were made of laminated solid rock. Some of them are covered only in part and they can be seen to the South of Canada in oz. Winnipeg, in Karelia, on the Islands of Franz Josef, on the other Northern Islands. Even in Morocco a few decades ago the mountain range of the RIF archaeologists had discovered an underground rock city; the age of 12 thousand years. The total length of tunnels more than 32 km. And it is only a small part of a large underground system in the Atlas mountains of Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia. The rest is yet to be discovered.

One of the three main spoken-written languages of the Empire of Atlantis was the language on the basis of which formed the Sanskrit and Slavic languages. This proto-Slavic language of the greatest use had on the territory from Scandinavia to R. Yenisei, in North-West Africa (the Atlas mountains), in Greenland, which was free of ice. The language of the Atlanteans with the least strain is preserved in the North-Western Ukraine, on the border with Poland. Other spoken languages of Atlantis stored in southern Africa (North of Botswana), in the Northwest of Venezuela (South America).

About 4 thousand years ago due to dive under the water lands of the Northern ocean, mountain ranges Mendeleev and Lomonosov, was the resettlement of the Northern peoples in the South. Then the Nations of Atlantis began to create on the new lands, new public education, including the Scythian Kingdom. The proto-Slavic language for them to become binding language of communication, especially within the framework of the Scythian Empire that stretched from the Balkans to the Indigirka.

Studies have found:

the boundaries of the Empire, indicating capitals 15 confederations;

the location of the island (Sacred) the capital city of Atlantis, the lost 12 thousand years ago, and administrative capital of the Empire in the Taimyr Peninsula, where there are tombs of most emperors;

places major cities and ports of the Empire;

space rock Palace religious buildings and tombs of the rulers;

direct connection spoken Slavic language (s) and Sanskrit with the main proto-Slavic state language of Empire of Atlantis.

Information about Atlantis is contained in the closed libraries of the East, Turkey, Egypt, Greece, Russia, America.

All of these studies were conducted by enthusiasts on a voluntary basis. Further practical research is needed at the state and interstate levels with the financial support of the governments of the States concerned.
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