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Загадки царицы Савской и золота СоломонаLegends of antiquity far brought to our time information about outstanding women Queens. Among them were mysterious and legendary Queen of Sheba from South Africa and Bilkis of the Kingdom of Saba (Yemen). For example, about the wise Queen of Sheba, who met with king Solomon, there is mention in the Bible. On the Queen of Bilkis there is information in Muslim sources (in connection with the acceptance of Islam in the seventh century A.D. and so on). They ruled in different historical periods, but they have in common the glory of wisdom, personal beauty, prosperity and wealth beyond their countries, as well as the location of their tombs in Yemen red sea (the Arabian Peninsula).

In the Bible it is reported that the Court of the wise king Solomon (son of David) bathed in the understated luxury. He died at 37 years of age, and his Kingdom collapsed like a house of cards, causing the suffering of the people. It is a trace of his wisdom? In the Holy Scripture says: "In the gold that came to Solomon every year, the weight was 666 talents" (20 tons). Further says: "King Solomon made a Navy of ships in Eziongeber, on the Black (red) sea in the land of Edom. And Hiram sent (Phoenician king) on the ship his subjects sailors, who know the sea, with the subjects of king Solomon. And they came to Ophir, and fetched from thence gold, four hundred and twenty talents, and brought it to king Solomon" (III kings., 9,14,26-28). The Bible repeatedly mentioned the country Ofir. Unknown only a voyage for the gold in Ofir (before or after the visit of Sheba to Solomon), and the coordinates of the country. The Bible says, "the Road down, don't look!" The ships going to the country Ophir, was based on the Black sea. A practical guide the delivery of resources was carried out by Hiram, a contemporary and friend of Solomon. In the New Testament lady rich country is called "the Queen of the South". It is mentioned in the old Testament tradition. Preserved the myth, which States that Paradise was somewhere nearby, so in the capital trees, like in the garden of Eden.

The Queen of Sheba knew astrology, could tame the wild beasts, to be healing ointments, knew the secrets of healing and other conspiracies. On the little finger she wore the magic ring with the stone, called "Asterix". Modern scientists do not know what it is, but in those days it was well known that gem was intended to philosophers and wizards.

Greek and Roman myths gave the Queen of Sheba unearthly beauty and wisdom. She possessed many spoken languages, power stay in power and was the high priestess of the planetary Unification. In her country at the Cathedral come the high priests from all continents to make important decisions concerning the destinies of the peoples of the planet.

Her Imperial Palace complex with fabulous garden was surrounded ornamented walls of colored stones. Tradition called the location of the capital of the mysterious country, for example, at the junction of the borders of Namibia, Botswana and Angola, nature reserve, lake upemba (South-East of Zaire), etc.

Drevneishee sources report that she was from a dynasty of the Egyptian kings, the father was God, whom she longed to see. She was familiar with the pagan idols and predecessors of Hermes, Poseidon, Aphrodite. She was inclined to the recognition of foreign gods. Legends and myths tell us about the real and romantic image of the Queen of Sheba from the big and prosperous state, whose borders are shown on a map-scheme.

In her Kingdom, in addition to the main light skinned normal population growth, there were also light skinned giants, which was formed her personal guard. Giants lived along the basin of the river Limpopo, Okavango, between the Indian ocean and the country's capital. The main population of the Kingdom were the ancestors of modern Burov. The Boers (Afrikaner) now comprise about 3 million people live in southern Africa in South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia, that is where their ancestors lived many thousands of years ago. In later times to them periodically moved from Europe, the Germans, the Dutch, the French, the Slavs. They say on the Boer language belonging to the Indo-European (German) group. In this Kingdom was not Negroid population, which at that time lived in Africa compactly a narrow strip to the East and North of the R. of the Congo. The first group Negroid population appeared in Africa about 10 thousand years ago with the gradual submergence Black (black) of the continent in the Indian ocean region.

Its main diving happened about 2 thousand years ago, but still had many Islands.

Legendary state of the Queen of Sheba also included adjacent to the island continent. Natural mineral resources was developed in breadth and depth, paving kilometers of tunnels, including under the bottom shelf of the ocean. These underground voidness developed and used for their intended purpose (storage, places of worship). It is possible that in our days may be material and religious values of the period. Discoveries of the last decades confirm these thoughts. In these places, many mysterious, including the more ancient capitals and cities, where the hills are overgrown with vegetation, are the monuments of ancient culture, like those that were found in the Central and southern parts of the American continent.

The Eastern part of Africa since the existence of Egypt was included in its composition. The capital of Egypt, the period of existence of Atlantis was somewhere in the area between Namibia and the source of the river Congo. Later she was transferred to the Northern direction: the lake Victoria, on the middle reaches of the Nile and the next. There were periods of separation from the countries of new associations. State Ofir and the Queen of Sheba about 3 thousand years ago were independent countries on the basis of the lands of ancient Egypt, but in the new borders. Everything changes in time and space, but there are traces of ancient cities and capitals with their tombs, the phantoms of their buildings, the remains of the underground structures. Interestingly, many of ancient cities of the countries in question are in straight lines. During the reign of Solomon country Ofir was located along the Eastern coast of Africa on the Zambezi river (river of gold) up to the middle of the Arabian Peninsula, and the state of the Queen of Sheba occupied a significant part of the territory of South Africa.

About the Queen of Sheba and the wealth of southern Africa mention the famous ancient travellers and navigators. For example, in 1498 Navigator Vasco da Gama and the Arab pilot Ahmad Ibn Majid said about the country "gold of Sofala", situated in the area between the Zambezi and Limpopo, which was then ruled by the Sultan Mane Mutapa (the Lord of the mines). A large amount of gold from these places (mentioned in the sailing directions to the Eastern coast of Africa, is moved through the port Mambane that in the mouth of the river Sava. In the name of this river Portuguese heard the name of the Queen of Sheba, who ruled these lands. After Vasco da Gama began the colonization of Mozambique and expansion in the mainland. Detected were the centers of ancient African civilizations Sofala. She geographically corresponds to about modern Zimbabwe. The Portuguese managed to find gold mines, but deep into the country, they could not. The legend of fairy country almost forgotten, but in 1872, in the area between the Zambezi and Limpopo German geologist Karl Mauch discovered deposits of gold and the ruins of some buildings, is surrounded by 300-meter-high stone wall. On the basis of the publication of his diaries English writer rider haggard wrote and published a novel "Mines of king Solomon". In the South of the African continent began "gold rush". Plutonium streams wash gold to the surface in various places of the earth, including in Ethiopia.

Recent research shows that gold which Solomon had were brought from the territory of modern Ethiopia from the area of lake Tana (the source of the Blue Nile), which conducted an underground mining of metal. There are many kilometers of labyrinths planned tunnels and caves. From this lake, and now there are roads to the Ethiopian ports on the Red sea - Massawa, Assab, to Addis Ababa and water ways along the rivers. Gold is mined in large quantities. It is possible that in these places can be kept secrets of the ancient produced, but not removed precious metal. There can be maintained and written materials measurement and supply of the metal. So no sense to send ships thousands of miles away on the edge of the world.

Privoz the Queen of Sheba expensive gifts (not gold bars) Solomon from the depths of South Africa is not a basis for real search "gold mines Solomon" in these places. In every corner of the earth are amazing legends and mysteries of history, who are not born in a vacuum.

Another legendary Queen Bilkis lived in the seventh century CE, It was from a long line of Egyptian kings and rules in the state Saba, formed on the ruins of the former state Ofir. It was a period of multiple redistribution countries, lands and peoples. The Kingdom of Saba in the reign of Queen Bilkis was mentioned in the legends of the fabulously wealthy. According to Arab sources that Bilkis was beautiful and clever. She was skillful in cooking delicious dishes, though, and could satisfy the hunger simple bread and raw water. Has she traveled on the elephants and camels. The capital of the state Saba (city of Marib) was at the crossroads of the caravan roads in the South of the Arabian Peninsula, not far from the red sea. After a period of reign of Bilkis years passed, but each spring also opened the gates of the city, and the merchant caravans were going in all directions with spices and products talented artisans, gifts subsoil and nature.

Luxurious Palace and temples of the Queen of Bilkis was on mount Moriah surrounded by high colonnade. Palace inside was decorated with panels made of expensive wood, cups of cornelian, bronze sculptures. The floor was out of cypress wood. In each corner burned incense in cups of gold. The Golden throne was decorated with precious stones. Near the walls were sacred books bound in sandalwood with incrustation. Now the city lies in ruins, among which are the stones with ancient inscriptions, numerous remains of ancient houses and palaces, sculptures made of marble, alabaster, bronze. The ruins gradually dismantled for economic needs. At the base of the mountain there are mazes unsurveyed caves multi-tier moves messages that can be scrolls with writing. Here, in Yemen, in ancient times were numerous oases, lush green vegetation, and in the depths of extracted gold, copper, precious stones.

Near Mareeba somewhere there is a tomb of Queen Bilkis. Near it there are the tombs of other historical figures inside the rocky places of worship, including the Queen of Sheba. In the legends of the Haggadah States that Solomon desired to see the Queen of Sheba, otherwise her realm, not knowing wars, will be subjected to invasion "kings with the infantry and chariots", referring to his dominion of dark demons (Midras to the Parables. 1,4). On the way home the Queen of Sheba had died in the South of the Arabian Peninsula from poisoning. Her death sparked the imminent collapse of the Kingdom of Solomon. Scattered light gold, but remained in the legends of the Queen of Sheba, the mines with gold and precious stones. Legends say that near the Mediterranean coast in the stores are gifts of Sheba to Solomon, and information about it. Open waiting for archaeologists.

P.S. the Capital of the legendary Kingdom Ofir was in Ethiopia in the bend of the river OMO, between cities and Huaca Bako.
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