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"Библиотека Атлантиды" находится в джунглях Эквадора?In the jungles of Ecuador, where enthusiasts still looking for the gold of El Dorado, may be hiding more valuable treasure. They say that the civilization that existed on the Earth thousands of years ago in rock tunnels under the earth hid accumulated knowledge in order to save them from the coming to Earth of the cataclysm. We are talking about "library of Atlantis".

Some people claimed that seen in these caves incredible library is on the shelves stood iron books were piled up thousands of translucent quartz plates with incrustation, near towering statues of people, somewhere were mysterious doors, coated with gold and ornaments made of precious stones.

For the first time about the mysterious underground labyrinths talking in 1969, Then Argentinean businessman Janos Moritz were found on the territory of Ecuador, a network of tunnels, which allegedly was the legendary library with books from metal. Newspapers wrote that Mo-RIC bargained with the President of Ecuador concession, providing him full control over the asset and the right to film and photography. Prepared even expedition to the underworld...

Look library tried and famous Swiss writer and researcher of the mysteries of the human civilization Erich von Daniken. He argued that in 1972 Moritz showed a secret entrance to the tunnels and he allegedly managed to get into a gigantic underground system, the entrance to which is located in the jungle, inhabited only Indian tribes, who had no written language. However, Moritz and not allowed von D?niken to penetrate into the room with a library, showing him just amazing maze. About this researcher told in the book "Gold of the gods", describing shook him straight and smooth walls and the same smooth, flat ceilings. According to the Mo-Ritsa, passages stretching for hundreds of miles under Ecuador and Peru.

The story of the labyrinth has hit reputation background D?niken, which was not honoured by other scientists because of his ideas about the alleged visit of the Earth by aliens, the more Moritz in an interview denied that showed him tunnels. Erich called a liar and Fabry-where it will sensations, and his attempts to justify were unsuccessful. Many wondered if he wrote, why was it necessary to drag such a famous person?

Moritz meanwhile, in an interview with "der Spiegel" on March 19, 1973, confirmed the existence of tunnels and "metal library", but declined to name the person who accompanied him there. According to him, the approaches to the tunnel was guarded by some Indian tribe. Moritz still confessed that showed von D?niken small cave, with the main network is not connected. Most likely, at the last moment he decided not to devote enterprising Swiss in his secret, because he lived in constant fear that someone will overtake him and seize the Ecuadorian treasure.

After "metal library" dealt a crushing blow to the authority of the background D?niken, it has been a Scottish scientist and traveler Stanley Hall, sincerely believing written in the book "Gold of the gods". He met with Moritz and offered to organize a joint ekvadoro-British expedition with participation of the Ecuadorian army, biologists, botanists and other specialists. His countryman and colleague Steven Coppens recalled that the Hall would first like to make a map of tunnels, caves Cueva de Los Tayos leading to the mysteries of a lost civilization. "To lead the expedition, we need an authoritative figure, and I offered to lead the astronaut Neil Armstrong, the first man stepped on the moon, " said Hall to Coppens. American immediately agreed to join us".

on August 3, 1976, researchers led by Armstrong went down into the tunnels. They found the burial cave with setting body and made other discoveries, in particular biologists found 400 unknown plants in the jungle near the cave. However, to achieve the halls of the General store failed. It seems that at the last moment Moritz change your mind and again led the researchers to one of the minor caves. Stubborn and greedy, he is not eager to share with anyone her secret...

In 1991 Moritz died, and Hall turned to the same person who reported Moritz the entrance to the tunnel. The first conversation with Petronio Jaramillo extremely encouraged the Lobby. Petronio seemed to be waiting for the call and immediately agreed to meet. He said Moritz led an expedition Armstrong's not in the cave.

According to Jaramillo, for the first time in the cave with the library he came in 1946, when he was traveling with his uncle, who was friends with the tribe, guarding the entrance to the tunnel. In gratitude for the assistance provided to the Shuar Indians showed his benefactor sacred place. Jaramillo could see thousands of metallic shelves of books, each weighing about 20 kilograms He called into the cave again and managed to get off the shelves seven books, but to bring to the surface could not: they were too heavy. Their page is covered with green coating (certificate that leaves made of copper), were full of ideographic and geometric symbols and some letters.

In the second hall were found quartz plates - the media. Next was located warehouse iron bars, in the halls was decorated with statues of people and animals. He saw sealed Golden door, obviously leading to the tombs, and in one of the premises came upon a large sarcophagus of a translucent material, in which rested the mummy of a giant, covered with gold leaf. It felt like someone had carefully collected in underground is the most valuable, in order to protect against imminent threats.

Jaramillo agreed to the proposal of the Lobby to join efforts in the research of the tunnels. Negotiations were held with the Ecuadorian authorities, the outcome of which was the agreement on further search "metal library" under the auspices of UNESCO. However, in 1995, because of the conflict between Peru and Ecuador expedition had to be postponed. Then in Ecuador has changed the political regime. The situation in the country so strained that. The lobby had to leave Ecuador. And in 1998 Petronio was killed near his home. The attack looked like an ordinary street crime, although it could be connected with the intention of Jaramillo show the way to "metal library". .

Today led the family's search of the treasures of Atlantis are dozens of hunters for treasures, but they seemed pursues evil rock, hard leading away from the coveted findings. One of the enthusiasts, Walls grist, in 2005, he established close contact with the Indians Shua-Rami, intending to convince them to reveal the secret entrance to the tunnels. According to calculations, three Hundred, it is located by the river Pastaza go under the water.

What Stanley Hall? He was already 70 years old, but he again and again to the Ecuadorian government with the request to help in search "metal library". Hall believes that the efforts of enthusiastic individuals to success will not, so it should be an expedition with specialists, and assures that has a sufficiently exact coordinates where can be the entrance to the cave.

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