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9 маленьких, но невероятно опасных существWhile being that frighten people, usually very large in size, below is a list of the smallest, but probably the most dangerous and painful. Although we should thank God for the fact that most of us are unlikely to suffer from most of the animals in this list, but nevertheless, every year millions of people are in contact with them.

It is not a list of deadly creatures, but they are extremely dangerous, and their bites are incredibly painful. Marine organisms do not hit him.

9. Demodex in humans

Ticks are second only to mosquitoes according to their ability to spread disease. The mites feed on blood, attaching itself to other animals, including humans. Often they are very difficult to remove, with the removal process should be carried out very carefully since inside can remain part of their head, which is fraught with a serious infection.

Moreover, armored ticks can transmit human diseases, such as Lyme disease, spotted fever, tularemia, equine encephalitis, African fever, and several forms of ehrlichiosis.

8. Wasp tarantulady hawk

9 маленьких, но невероятно опасных существ

Wasp got its name due to the fact that it preys on tarantulas, which feeds their larvae. This insect sting is one of the most painful in the world (though it is not as painful as in the ant-bullets).

One researcher described this insect sting: "prompt, excruciating pain, which instantly disables a person's ability to do anything but play the screams, the brain is simply stops working in such situations".

7. Tsetse

This is a big biting fly from Africa, which feeds on the blood of vertebrate animals. They, as is known, cause the development of sleeping sickness in humans and provoke the development of certain diseases in animals. Sleeping sickness is a parasitic disease in humans and animals, caused the simplest organism Trypanosoma, the bearer of which is the tsetse fly.

Symptoms of sleeping sickness is a fever and headache, and tremor on the back of the neck. Then a person begins to suffer insomnia at night, and very much want to sleep in the daytime. In the untimely intervention can lead to death.

6. Africanized bee

9 маленьких, но невероятно опасных существ

Also called bees murderers, they are descendants of the Royal Tanzanian bees, which interbred with other species, after they accidentally released from hives in Brazil. Deadly bees make them defensive in nature and tendency to gather in Roy.

In addition, they often follow a victim, even when you are away from the hive. This aggressiveness developed attacking potential condemns the victim to a very painful death. But the poison that they produce, such as powerful as the venom of bees.

5. Scorpio huntsman death

9 маленьких, но невероятно опасных существ

This kind of Scorpions are very dangerous because of its dangerous poison, which is a powerful mixture of neurotoxins. Although the poison will not kill healthy adult, it can be fatal for a child and for an elderly person.

Ironically, one of the components of the poison (peptide chloroxine has the capacity to treat brain tumors, while other components can help to cure diabetes.

4. The black widow spider

9 маленьких, но невероятно опасных существ

This is one of the most famous species of spiders, because his poison can be fatal to humans. The poison, it is claimed, are more potent than that of rattlesnakes, however, the size of the spider, and therefore allocated to them amounts of poison, reduce its "effectiveness".

As female and male under the belly has special labeling hourglass. The size females more than males, and contrary to popular belief, females rarely eat males after mating.

3. Army ants

9 маленьких, но невероятно опасных существ

Being not dangerous in themselves and singly, these ants live and travel in packs. Mostly they live in Africa and Asia, where for travel build temporary anthills. The greatest risk these ants are for people, when they make the ant hills near the houses.

When food stocks are low in basements, ants can feel it and will swarm in the amount of about 50 million. Messages were received (as a rule, these are children or infirm old people) about the murder by strangulation, as ants often fall into your lungs. Their jaws so strong that in some parts of Africa in the absence of drugs in an emergency with their help imposes seams.

2. Ant - bullet

9 маленьких, но невероятно опасных существ

Bite that ant will not kill you, but you will never forget it. Ant - bullet, got its name because of a sting, like a bullet penetration) causes the most painful bite among all creatures known to man.

It bite number one on the degree of pain, it is described as "causing waves of burning, throbbing, all-consuming pain that lasts for 24 hours".

1. Malaria mosquitoes

9 маленьких, но невероятно опасных существ

Considered the most dangerous creatures on Earth. These mosquitoes provoke the development of more than 300 million cases of malaria annually, resulting 1-3 million people perish. They are also a vector of dengue, ivory, disease, and yellow fever.

They usually active at night, the best way of protection is to use spray that protect against insect bites and clothing with long sleeves.
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