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Как накормить 9 миллиардов людейWinston Churchill in 1932 said that, in his opinion, fifty years no one will care a whole chicken to eat her leg or breast. He believed that scientists will learn to grow separate pieces of chicken in a suitable environment.

In the interests of humanity is to find a replacement animal squirrels.

What is "Charlie"?

Yes, contrary to the assumption Churchill, scientists come a bit late with the cultivation of individual pieces of chicken. But certain progress in science has achieved. For example, artificial meat. More precisely, scientists began to produce artificial muscle in the laboratory. A pioneer in this industry was Dr. Vladimir Mironov - the leading biologist laboratory of the Medical University of southern California (USA).

Mironov regrets that his discovery, many were met without enthusiasm. People think that once artificially cultivated muscle mass generated in vitro, that such food is perceived as harmful to the body. The average man in the street immediately imagine a cloned animal. But the meaning of organic engineering just to not interfere in the structure of DNA animals. In fact, Mironov has made simulate normal growth of muscle tissue separately from the body.

The process of production of meat in a test tube" includes the fence muscle cells in animals and creation of conditions for their natural division. It also uses a protein that allows the cells to grow into large pieces of meat.
Dr. Mironov works in the University of the city of Charleston, so called its artificial meat "Charlie". At first, the "Charlie" was created on the basis of the Turkey. However, the doctor is sure steak artificial beef or pork ribs - the reality of the coming decades.

Meanwhile, the "Charlie" remains "meat in a test tube," that is made for research purposes only and in small quantities. Industrial manufacturing requires capital investments in further development. But to address the issue of the power of humanity of the future is one of the options.

Improve the ecological situation on the planet

Scientists estimate that with such a population growth rate, as it is today, by 2050 we will be 9 billion! Now in the world annually 228 million tons of meat, but to feed devyatimillimetrovy the world's population, will need 463 million tons per year. And this is at the lowest estimate! Given the fact that already now under cattle allotted 30% of the total Land area, it is possible to assume, what will happen when humanity will increase the appetite.
According to these scientists, the animals make their significant contribution to the climate of our planet. More precisely, in its deterioration. In the cattle sector accounts for 18% of greenhouse gases released into the atmosphere - more than all the exhaust gases from transport combined.

A huge proportion of here falls on the methane, which is formed in the process of digestion. Well and people here are, of course, to blame - they cut down forests to make room for pastures.
According to Philip Thornton, an employee of the Research center of livestock breeding in Kenya, individuals who gives us the so-called white meat of poultry and pork - a more secure in environmental terms than cows that give red meat. It ruminants, unfortunately, "work" to the enhanced greenhouse effect.
Now it is clear that the production of synthetic meat (besides, that will allow a man not to kill to eat other living creatures) will help to solve the environmental problem of the planet.

What to feed astronauts? And vegetarians?

As we know from fiction films, this is a substitute for natural food will play a huge role in conquering outer space. It is not surprising that the first studies in the field of cultivation of artificial meat was produced on the order of NASA. What else will eat astronauts in long-term space travel guide to the galaxy?
By the way, enthusiastically met the news about the artificial meat vegetarians. The world will be able to reduce the number of sacrificial the carnivores animals, and people, deny yourself in meat, will receive a valuable protein foods.

Eat, children, spiders, will be healthy!

Meat, fish, eggs - these products can give us necessary in the daily ration of 50 grams of protein. By the way, in many Asian countries, the main supplier of animal protein in food are reptiles, turtles, crocodiles, snakes and lizards. For preparation of traditional turtle soup meat is used and the inside of the shell turtles, which are bred in special farms.

But meat crocodiles is a by - product industry skin.
But there is an alternative. For example, wheat gluten, known as gluten, is extracted from the seed of wheat. In many countries it is called wheat meat. Gluten is a much richer in protein than, for example, tofu substitute meat product from soybeans. The consistency of gluten is also similar to the meat.
It is believed that were the first to use wheat gluten Tibetan monks who always adhered to a strict vegetarian diet.

Gluten is used in the baking industry, as well as in the preparation of sauces and marinades.
In many Asian and African countries people eat insects, allowing the body complete protein. Food and agriculture organization of the United Nations believes insects equivalent alternative to meat. As a member of this organization, Dutch entomologist Arnold van Huis even made a proposal for a large-scale cultivation of insects, saying that it is easier and less expensive than cattle. To "grow" 100 grams of beef requires one kilogram of food and the same amount of feed needed to get 600 grams of meat insects. By the way, in many countries, candied or saline insects are sold as a delicacy, like nuts or biscuits.

Mould for lunch

A great future is waiting and products from the mold. This is food that is created on the basis of mycoprotein obtained from molds. As part of this miracle-protein same amount of protein and essential to the body of amino acids, as in natural meat. Mycoprotein has no smell, no specific taste, so can be used as an additive in a wide variety of products. In addition, it's quite easy to produce.

Highlighted the substance was back in 1967, but actively use in the food industry it was only in 1994-m is the First manufacturer became a British company Sainsbury's.

Nanaea not done b harm...

In our age of nanotechnology significant development is expected in the production of needy. This food products on the nanometric basis. While it may be applied as nonopaque that allows for quite a long time to store food.

But not far off times, when using the new technologies will be received real nanaea. Imagine: you buy the same in appearance briquettes that with some simple manipulation of the house will turn into a strawberry ice cream or steak with blood - that at the moment you want.

But it later. And in the near future the addition of nanoparticles in fat-free products, it will provide them with the taste and allow the consumer faster to feel satiety. We can assume that the labels will be new names: in addition to the known additives E, we will see additives N.

According to opinion polls, most people will refuse artificial meat, products of mold or Anaedu. But in the interests of humanity is to find a replacement animal squirrels. It is not only the future of our ecosystem, but also in the cost of natural meat. The cost of its production will grow significantly in the coming years.

According to experts, the people's desire to eat well is growing with growth of well-being of the country. So, if it's meat consumption in developing countries is low, then soon in China, for example, the population will be administered in the diet of high-quality natural product. And this will entail the consequences mentioned above.
Scientists are developing methods, which will be received delicious artificial meat, and also seeking new possibilities of creating synthetic food. And if now critics of meat from a test tube" say it fresh-tasting, you will soon be able to create and artificial beef, and Turkey, which will be a real feast for the stomach.
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