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Подводное "НЛО", или Высокие технологии Третьего РейхаIn the Gulf of Bothnia of the Baltic sea detected an unidentified object. Huge, presumably reinforced concrete drive off all electronic devices in the vicinity

Unknown destination round object was found at a depth of 92 m in the Gulf of Bothnia between Finland and Sweden in may 2011. Initial study of this object by sonar has determined that its diameter is 60 meters above the bottom of it rises to 3 m and is made of steel and concrete.

Are now retired senior officer of the Navy of Sweden, recognized in Europe as an expert on the issues of sea battles of world war II Anders Autilus believes that this structure was built by the Nazis as a secret base to counter the Soviet and British submarines, whose routes are basically ran these paths.

"This water area was of strategic importance for the military industry of Nazi Germany, because most of bearings for their tanks and trucks were delivered it from Sweden, and it is in this way. Without them, the German army would be stopped, " explains Autilus. - Similar buildings were erected during the Second world war at the bottom of the Baltic sea and the British. Design, these consisted of a grid, capable to mislead the radar of enemy ships, and this was the military value of these objects. But on the sizes none of the known British constructions of such purposes and not nearly reaches the dimensions of the object detected" - explains Autilus.

With its opinion and a member of the research team Ocean X Stefan Homeborn. After studying the results of underwater filming unidentified construction, he said: "Version of Autilus is quite probable answer to this mystery. The property is located right under the navigable waterways of those times".

Homeborn shared another feature found underwater "UFO": "All our IT equipment, including computers, cameras and satellite telephones off when our team was directly over the object, and again started to work with the departure of about 200 M. This pattern we checked, repeatedly returning, but every time in the same radius technique again gave complete refusal".
To study "UFO" is preparing a new expedition.

Sergey Lusin
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