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Вода и загадки жизни ЗемлиIn the press have repeatedly been reports of researchers that in ancient times the Earth has a smaller size, and speed of rotation around its axis is greater, in comparison with the present time. Naturally, if you increase the size of Earth and the slowdown in the speed of its rotation, the daily time increased. The main reason for the slow speed of the material body (including Land) is increasing its diameter. A clear example of this is the reception skaters on the ice used to accelerate or slow speed of their body by bringing or removal of arms from the axis of its rotation.

The second reason for the slowing of the Earth's rotation is periodic falling on the surface of large volumes of water in a World floods. It is known that the liquid has always been a deterrent by rotary and linear motion tel. In this case, an example is the egg. In its raw state it rotates slowly, and in the cooked faster. There are probably other reasons, influencing the course of the Earth's rotation. For example, the assumption that the daily turnover of the planet will be delayed for some time, and then with the cessation of growth of the Earth and by reducing the amount of water on its surface, the speed of its rotation will start to increase. The emergence of water on the Earth's surface, according to the ancient legends, myths, legends, connected with the high and low floods. Egyptian and Oriental sources report that the Earth periodic visits to all kinds of disasters, including: floods, fires, earthquakes, loss of meteor rain, ash, acquisition of land waters of the oceans, etc.

In order to understand this it is necessary to look at our Universe from the outside. Inside the Universe, our Solar system makes its flight around the World axis passing through the North star. On its way the Earth, the Solar system, meets and crosses different zones, nebulae (meteor, gas, temperature, energy etc). At a meeting with them on the Earth's surface and its atmosphere there are significant qualitative changes.

In addition to the water on the Earth's surface dropped many-layer space ashes and meteorites, changes in the composition of atmospheric air and temperature, which affected the changes to the flora and fauna of the planet. Ancient tradition and modern research shows that the surface of the Earth three times was covered by a huge mass of water at the expense of synthesis between the Earth's atmosphere and special space energobrazovania. Also thrice these masses of water evaporates from the surface, leaving the Land become desolate, like we see on the moon, Mars, Venus... Water from the surface of the Earth had disappeared with the advent of high temperatures and fire.

Now we live in a middle period of the fourth times of appearance of the water on the Earth's surface occurred approximately 120 thousand years ago. Interestingly, stable ice formation in the geographic poles of the Earth appeared about 40 thousand years ago. This figure is repeatedly mentioned in various ancient sources. Moving through the Earth's geographic poles (North and South) are moved and ice fields due to the formation of new centres in other locations and attenuation old.

In the initial period of Land her daily turnover duration was approximately three hours the modern time. A further slowdown in the speed of rotation of the Earth is connected with increase in diameter of the planet and the loss of water on its surface.

It is known that water was once on the surface of Mars and other planets of the Solar system. But still unclear pattern and sequence of appearance of water on the surface of planets, which then yields the period of devastation and temperature increase, as on Venus.

For researchers water remains largely a mystery, and only occasionally opening their new properties including healing. To water as to the fire, unconsciously reach children and adults. Water is used in magic experiences and tales give its properties "live" and "the dead". It is not yet clear assignment of water on the Earth's surface, which is present in the form of fresh and salt (sea). What keeps the water at the surface of the planet from its active evaporation into Space?

Studies have shown that the water available in the soil of the moon. Should it be in the bowels of the other planets. With the advent of water on the surface of planets appear and biological life. Involuntarily there is a question about the possibility of human survival on Earth when large and small disasters and especially after evaporation of water from the surface. It is known that the previous civilization established underground cities and a variety of habitats for a long period of life in water, air and all the necessary for life. Including artificial light from a physical source.

In the subcortical areas of the surface of the Earth people are protected from cosmic radiation, magnetic storms, the meteor rain, flood, fire... About underground dwellings of the people mentioned in a number of ancient tales, legends and historic written materials. It is known that the nation Tamils living in southern India and in Sri Lanka, out from under the earth in ancient times. The part of other Nations went into the underground city to the threat of disasters.

The founder of cosmonautics E. Tsiolkovsky, based on the fact that some of the planet be born, others die, cherished the idea of resettlement of people from one to other planets, where they have to build their own houses, laboratories in the crust of the planet. Inside the planets always find water, air and many other things necessary for life. So probably it was with the advent of the first people on Earth. Only after the formation of a reliable atmosphere near the Earth men began to appear on its surface, creating the city and other buildings.

Currently, experts from Russia, Finland, Japan, USA, developed projects for construction on the moon of a complex of buildings for housing and industrial purposes, is embedded in the ground.
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