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Не провалитесь в трещину времени!ONE of the most common misconceptions says: "constantly everywhere". Meanwhile, the scientists recorded the most accurate clock "lying" in the area of the fall Tungusskogo meteorite, in the area of nuclear weapons tests, near the Chernobyl nuclear power plant and other "bad" places. Most often clock off there for a split second in an hour. But sometimes there is something incomprehensible, like "breakdown of Time", and then...


In the XVIII century in Sicily, in the town of Tacon, lived craftsman Alberto Gordoni. may 3, 1753, he walked through the courtyard of the castle and suddenly "disappeared" on the front of his wife, count of Zanetti and many other witnesses. Amazed people dug all around, but did not find any hole, where it would fall through. And exactly in 22 years, Gordon appeared at the same place where it had disappeared. Himself Alberta claimed that he never vanished, so he was put in a home for the insane, where only seven years after he was first questioned about the incident the doctor, father Mario. Artisan continued to assert that returned almost immediately after "disappearance". Then, 29 years ago, he suddenly fell as if in a tunnel and left it to the "white and unclear" light. The doctor was sure that the craftsman does not lie, and therefore went with him in the Tacon. There poor Alberto took a step and... again disappeared, but now forever! Holy father, Mario, crossing himself, ordered to guard this place the wall, calling it ' Trap of the Devil".


Researchers have long studied the mystery of the island Barsakelmes in translation "'ll not be back", located in the North-Western part of the Aral sea. Local residents say that in the past centuries the fugitives after sitting on the island for several years, returned to the aged mother later... decades. Here disappeared whole families had gone and modern expedition.

Such terrible places are in Russia. In the 90-ies, a Moscow researcher Anatoly Kartashkin described a case when during the work in the anomalous zone of the North-East of Moscow region the girl from the expedition had disappeared in front of everyone and appeared at the same place the next day. She couldn't believe the stories about her disappearance is not a joke: the girl seemed only a moment.

In 1992, the Commission "Phenomenon" conducting an investigation into the disappearance of a man... two steps from the telecentre "Ostankino". He seemed to have sunk into the ground and appeared in the same place after 28 hours. By the way, the old-timers always insisted on the wrong place built teleperedach...


But more often than "turbulence time" happen in the air. So, in 1975, calling on landing at the airport of Miami airliner with 127 passengers on Board, suddenly, at 10 minutes disappeared from screens of radars and radio. And then, having arisen "the blue", returned from nonexistence crew and passengers who are late by 10 minutes for hours. This case is then described the journalists from the Swiss weekly newspaper "Weltwoche".

Before this episode in the same zone flying planes often flew ahead of time, but no one would pay attention to it.

Such cases are unclear overcome aircraft of time and space existed in the past. During the second world war, Russian bomber, who was returning to the airport, got into a strange white cloud and lost contact with the earth. And in half an hour flight he somehow overcame "extra" a thousand miles and emerged from "strange clouds" already beyond the Urals!

But there are incidents and even more strange. In 1934, sir Victor Goddard suddenly sank together with the plane... in the future. During the flight the pilot got into heavy clouds and suddenly noticed a piece of land, illuminated by the sun. Huddart considered flooded the blazing light of the airfield, a weird hangars and yellow planes near them. Nothing of the kind in Scotland! Sit failed, the plane fell again in some strange cloud and landed safely at its airfield. Four years later Huddart once again got on the same airfield. And saw the planes near new - exactly as he had seen from a height, - hangars painted in yellow. According to the testimony of Huddart, which later became air Marshal, he somehow saw the future of the airfield...

Danish physicist se of Haglund gathered 274 case anomalous observations Soviet and American pilots, similar observation of Huddart.

"...1976. The Russian pilot Viktor Orlov said that, performing flight on MiG-25, saw military action with muskets and cannons of the XIX century, once voraciousness under the wing of his plane...

1985. Pilot air force, NATO took off from the base, located in the North of Europe and, in his words, appeared in prehistoric Africa, watching grazing herds of dinosaurs...

1988. The Russian pilot Alexander Ustinov, doing homework, found that is located above the Ancient Egypt, he saw one built the pyramid and laid the foundations of several other around which was creeping mass of people.

1994. American pilot R. Whitman, who made a flight over the state of Florida, suddenly found that they were over the territory, reminiscent of medieval Europe: "I saw a huge fire and next to them piles of human bodies". Perhaps he was in a time when Europe was raging plague. Other NATO pilot described his brief but impressive flight over the Ancient Room, when he saw his car in the streets and the Coliseum, who looked as though he was recently built.

In all cases the drivers pass a medical examination, and the doctors have confirmed that they are mentally healthy. Was it seen by pilots deception of view as from a height to see such details? or actual evidence of their Time travel - and remains unclear.

Where did on our planet "enchanted places"? And can I really get into the funnel of time?

Some researchers believe: Yes, you can.

According to their observations, time slows down not only about the massive cosmic bodies and the motion of relativistic speeds. Numerous experiments have confirmed the relationship between the speed of rotation of bodies and the change of time near: near the center of rotation watch behind, on the periphery of a hurry.

Almost all places with abnormally long time on our planet are where there are currents of large masses of water in a circle. This giant whirlpools in Bermuda, and turns the sea and underground streams, the bends of the rivers.
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