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Шутки кончились! Мир вступил в фазу начала планетарной катастрофыNational Board of the USA on Aeronautics and research of space administration (NASA) informs about the incredible acceleration of the process of melting glaciers of Greenland. As suggested by experts that this phenomenon is already in the near future could lead to disastrous consequences for our planet.

In June-July 2012 from NASA satellites were record-breaking pace of melting glaciers, and the process of this large-scale phenomenon continues to accelerate. It is assumed that a large part of the glaciers of Greenland will melt already this month.

While scientists can not understand whether this is a natural process or due to global warming. The intensity of melting ice causes the surprise of scientists, and the currently active set of reasons for this, according to experts, "the unprecedented phenomenon".

Modeling variants of further development, most of scientists think that the Apocalypse is already inevitable. The planet is waiting for big trouble, and humanity is threatening the ecological and humanitarian disaster.

Candidate of geographical Sciences academician Nikolai Zhavrin forecasts that in a result of the melting of the glacier will move lithospheric plates, caved under the weight of ice. If the ice melts, the crust under the Greenland glacier will rise by about 1 km Between the North American and Eurasian plates will be violated a snug fit, and produced a fault. There will rush huge mass of water, which reached the top of the earth's mantle. There will be an explosion of space of cyclopean power is like a giant hot skillet splash of cold water. A huge explosion at 20 km will rise into the stratosphere planet mass of volcanic ash, but the evaporated water will be shed on the Earth biblical rain...

But that's not all the trouble that will immediately fall upon the Earth. Giant super-tsunami will blot out from the face of the planet thousands of kilometers and will cause our civilization fatal blow. In Russia alone can be killed up to 100 million people. Nikolay Zhavrin predicts that monstrous forces super-tsunami "will affect the whole of Russia. All, from edge to edge. But, of course, not as much as, say, the United Kingdom, which will be washed away and destroyed pieces. And a large part of North America, and much of Western Europe - there will be destroyed everything.”

Academician Zhavrin confident that this development is almost inevitable. However, when this will happen in 2 years or 40 years, to calculate not impossible. The time that is left before the hour "X"should be used to save people.

In connection with this in Greenland emergency scientist assures, drawing attention of the public, scientists and authorities on the need to take measures for evacuation of people from problem regions.

Of course, not all scientists are so pessimistic in their forecasts and not as categorical as academician Zhavrin. However, nobody can deny that the consequences of this unprecedented phenomenon as abnormal melting of the Greenland glacier in the near future will be able to enjoy all the inhabitants of our planet. The world is fragile and very sensitive to any distortions in the ecosystem, and at any moment can happen irreparable...

Mankind has no right to forget about it.
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