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Холодящий кровь сценарий «конца привычного нам мира»Senator Tom Coburn in his book "Debt bomb" has presented a cooling blood scenario "end of the world familiar to us". The CIA ought to take it into account. Perhaps they have already done it.

Here are some excerpts from this book.

Fictional Boburnham "end of the world" started on 4 August 2014 in Tokyo, where the management of a large mutual Fund holds a meeting with representatives of dozens of private funds and officials of foreign governments. Mutual Fund - largest buyer of U.S. Treasury bills, the sale of which is funded by U.S. debt costs.

Representatives of the Japanese mutual Fund, disappointed by the fact that the US does not reduce costs, expressed concern that the Federal reserve will print more and more money, not to pay in full the debt holders of their bills. The head of the Japanese mutual Fund openly supports the sale of US Treasury bills, "before the Americans will have the opportunity to continue to devalue its currency.

After learning that some American investors also refuse to buy Treasury securities USA, Japanese mutual Fund officially votes for the sale of its GKO (state Treasury obligations; approx. mixednews.ru)reported on the following morning news Agency Asia.

The first reaction is calm. But later another big Asian Fund decides to sell his share of the U.S. bills. On the same day Singapore also sell their stocks of these securities. At this time open European markets, and all large private companies furiously rid of their GKOs. Even Japan, the second largest creditor of the United States sells his share of the bills, while China decides to wait.

Later at night, U.S. officials awakened by messages about the financial crisis of immense proportions. Newly elected Republican President, on holiday, speaks pointedly: "In my schedule says nothing about measures to salvation."

The next day I Wake up Americans, they would remember better days of the Kennedy assassination, or the terrorist attacks of September 11. All that they own, has depreciated by one third in comparison with the savings holders of other currencies.

At a press conference in the White house, U.S. President speaks to the strong fundamentals of the American economy, and that will be all right. Then opened trading on wall street, the Dow Jones in the first minutes decreased by 10 percent. Trades stop for an hour. After the resumption of trading, the Dow falls by 20 percent, and the Americans are rushing to the ATM. Websites banks hang from a huge number of requests, from coast to coast, people shoot from the Bank accounts of their savings.

A week after the start of the crisis, the dollar is losing 50 percent of its value, and oil rises in price from 80 to 240 us dollars for barrel.

Against the background of rumors about mass layoffs American workers take to the streets with matches in hand. From city to city for city blocks in the fire. The national guard mobilized to restore order.

The government faces the problem of tax revenues fell sharply, and since the leadership of the country already spends borrowed money (mostly in Japan and China), there are no reserves for payment of pensions, social allowances, payment of free medical services and other Federal benefits.

International community offers US loans, but only under the condition that the reforms will be implemented immediately. Great and mighty United States of America receive orders on reforms from abroad what they resisted a lot of years. The United States is the Greece number two. The retirement age immediately jumped to 72 years. Doubled taxes on social security.

The American economy is dragging another three years with unemployment reaching twenty-four percent.

Two years later, the people's Republic of China, conducting naval exercises in the Taiwan Strait, suddenly attacking Taiwan. The USA in response to threaten military action, but the Chinese threatened to discharge its part of U.S. Treasury bills in case of military intervention.

The great government devil is defeated. Defeated in the same way and another the devil - money. "Manifest destiny" that the American people will be the most numerous was untenable.

When fantasy becomes reality

Do not think that the CIA did not read the book Coburn. The above scenario is a fiction. But Senator Coburn says: "the End of may occur very quickly," even to the great Nations.

The script Coburn shows as the most advanced country in the world debts can kneel down. He quoted the words of Admiral Mike Mallen: "Our national debt is our biggest national security threat".

That's why in America are walking news purchased by the Ministry of national security bags for corpses. Why reconnaissance aircraft filled the air space of the country. Why there are preparations in FEMA camps. Expected uprising insolvent population.

Trumps Of America

Few Americans realize how many trump is the US competing against the world's economies. America has the most powerful army in the world's largest economy, reserve currency and the largest consumer market today. But these competitive advantages expire when the nation is running up unsustainable debts.

There are many examples of how the US used their trump cards. When was the currency, the Euro, the Japanese government started to play with the idea of purchasing the currency instead of the dollar. The Japanese wanted to see America's response to this idea.

States might respond to this by typing restrictions on imports of Japanese goods, such as cars and video equipment, or to affect the import duties in response to a turning away from the dollar to the Euro. But the US has chosen another way to demonstrate their displeasure with the idea of Japanese management.

Next week, North Korea fired a missile that flew over Japan and fell into the sea. America seem to be said, "come, see who you will protect in case". The Parliament of Japan never bought euros.

The US approach to the inability to pay Japan 1 trillion borrowed dollars, or to further inflating its debt through printing money. Which may lead to cases of suicide among Japanese Housewives, leading the family budget, because their Bank savings were used to purchase American bills. Fortunately, the weakening of the Euro has reduced the threat.

Another example would be how the us tried to convince South Africa to sign an agreement. This country goes to the USA by sea a lot of grapes, which in that moment, suddenly the American quarantine found E. coli. 't agree then South Africa on American terms - the grapes are left to rot in the ports. If some countries want to gain access to huge consumer market of the USA, it is better to play by American rules.

But with rising incomes, China, Brazil and India are developing at the expense of consumer markets, which could compete with the United States and their methods. It seems inevitable.

During the Clinton presidency, the US supplied to China ballistic missiles with nuclear warheads. Right-wing critics claimed that these missiles were then focus on the American interest. President Clinton has made the decision on delivery to China of these missiles for the balance of power. Russia and India, China's neighbors, had nuclear weapons, and China is no.

If you think that China would start these missiles to the US West coast - Seattle, San Francisco and Los Angeles, America didn't have to respond with military strikes. It would be enough to stop the supply of food in China and millions of Chinese people would die of starvation. United States - the breadbasket of the world and can produce food cost cheaper Chinese, even, despite the low cost of labor in China. Food can be used strategically.

Recently, Secretary of state Hillary Clinton almost with a grin threatened to China in case the value of the Chinese currency would be increased. Since then American goods would have lost in the price on the world markets.

The essence of the threat from the US Secretary of state Hillary Clinton was to promote American submarines close to the coast of China. And it looks silly. Again, all you had to do is to slow down the export of products in the PRC. But America cannot play this card, as a debtor. Debtor countries lose their power.

Global inflation

According to the world fact book-CIA world monetary base increased in the period from 2010 to 2011 with 24.07 to 26.34 trillion dollars. During this same time, the population of the planet has increased by 80 million (325 thousand dollars for the newborn). And so the world is trying to meet its financial obligations at the expense of printing money, but not at the expense of creating value with subsequent global inflation at 4.9 percent per year (the rate at which the value of savings or borrowing falls annually). If Bank interest exceeding the inflation rate (this occurs in 11 out of 30 countries), then over time the purchasing power of savings is reduced, and wealth accumulation does not occur.

All the Nations of the world produce GDP 78.95 trillionew dollars (data for 2011), and the total budget deficit amounts to 4.1% of GDP, or about three trillion dollars.

According to some forecasts, by 2050 China will lead the world economy to the rate of 123 trillion dollars and it will definitely change the global balance of forces.

New financial instruments

If something can bring down the world economy, it is a financial instrument, called derivatives.

Derivative is a risk associated with future assets, which divide the parties that signed the deal. For example, a farmer sells in cash to the Miller contract, which shows how much wheat farmer, he will be put. Both sides will reduce the risk, but if the wheat will not grow because of a poor harvest, the contract will be cancelled.

The total value of the world's derivatives exceeds the indicators of the global gross domestic product in 10 times. In 2010 derivative contracts in the total amounted to 1.2 quadrillion dollars, 20 times surpassing the size of the world economy at that time.

Using derivatives, the entire global economy was similar to the casino, where bets (derivative contracts) made on developments in the future. These financial instruments were illegal in the US between 1936 and 1983 for years.

Webster Tarpley describes derivatives as financial black holes that can easily absorb the wealth of the world. These tools are pushing the world towards an unrealistic scenario, where the fictional capital created outside of real production. Tarpley appeals to the international community to freeze derivatives for the salvation of the world economic systems from impending collapse.

Swaps of defaults on loans

If derivative contracts to present as ice cream, the swap defaults on loans - the cherry on top. Credit default swaps are financial agreements with the 1990-ies, when the seller shall reimburse the buyer non-payment of a loan. This type of insurance that is dragging the world into financial quagmire. The amount of swap defaults on the loans was estimated at 62,2 billion dollars before the financial crash of 2008, and later, these figures fell to 26.2 trillion by the middle of 2010. Now, in 2012, these amounts equal to 25.2 trillion dollars.

It is easy to forget that the bankers sell only one thing - the debts. When they sell debt is too much of the world will pay the price, this time much more. The price will be the collapse of global capital. Only the bankers will remain with large savings that we now observe.

When Nations are offended loans in exchange for political promises, that imposed a crippling taxes on working people, which in turn deprives the economy of the need for capital growth. Debtor countries face more than stagflation, they are faced with a falling standard of living. You can forget about such expensive success of nanotechnology in medicine, automatically managed cars for safe travel, about the development of safe solar energy - consumers will not be able to do this to allow. Bicycles, products grown in the yard and home generators is what seems more realistic future.
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