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Павел Глоба: конца света не будет, Запад ждёт угасаниеPopular Russian astrologer came to Minsk to present his new book and chat with their fans and students.

Going to a meeting, I was expecting to see serious, even harsh man. It is therefore somehow got into my field of vision Pavel Globa through the media and news on the Internet. To say I was surprised not to say anything. Madly charming, erudite, with excellent sense of humor man, who held the attention of all the guests. It seemed that the time has stopped and you are following the words of Pavel Pavlovich, rushing into the future and see pictures of the past.

During the meeting, which was held in the shop "Svetoch", astrologer made predictions of Belarus, Russia and the whole world community. Immediately I hasten to reassure readers. The end of the world, is scheduled Maya on 21 December this year, will not be. But all mankind will face hard times. 2014-2016, under the assumptions of the astrologer, will be one of the most difficult for the economies of many countries and specifically for Belarus and Russia. And only a stable leadership of the two States will not allow you to step into the abyss. Help in these difficult years may come from China. But, unfortunately, the expansion of this country will decline.

And only in 2020, the situation will change for the better.

"In 2014-2020 will be held global crisis, instability full. Hunger I do not predict - it is not necessary to aggravate tensions. But the collapse of the stock market will occur mortgage crisis. Even a few years will be a construction boom. All prices will be blown up to the most incredible size, and then this financial pyramid will collapse. Will the opposition to the Yeltsin elite and supporters of the current government. And only at the turn of 2020-2021, when there will be a connection of Jupiter and Saturn, will rise and consolidation of power. But what will the new government, what kind of system of government, a new Constitution will show this crucial period. The connection of these planets we experienced in 2000, to replace the Yeltsin ruin and total chaos came Putin and Russia has turned to managed and authoritative state. That is, we expect the new huge leap in the development of stability and strengthening of Russia and adjacent countries", - said Pavel Globa.

In their forecasts Globa relies on the Customs Union of Belarus, Russia and Kazakhstan, which will become the basis for Eurasian Confederation. The creation of this powerful and promising Union is projected at 2020-2024 years. To the Customs Union countries will gradually join more and more States from the former USSR, and later members of then existed Warsaw bloc. And all this will happen under the new, strong leader, which will appear by that time in Russia due V.V. Putin. Globa compares the formation of a new Union with the unification of separate principalities of Germany in the second half of the NINETEENTH century, which later led to a change in the map of Europe.

"Bright future awaits us once will create Eurasian block: Ukraine, Belarus, Russia and Kazakhstan are four whales, four pillars, which will unite many countries. The unit will focus on Orthodoxy. And begin a normal life - but not now, unfortunately".

Not the most promising prospects promises Globa countries of the European Union and America. If the first education Pavel Pavlovich predicts the protracted crisis and then the death of the Euro and the Union itself, then America is in danger of losing prestige and influence on the world community. The dollar will lose its attraction for most countries.

"The West as a whole conglomerate is not eternal, like the US. This Empire, which moves to its decline. Is it in 10-15 years. And propose to begin the 44th President of the United States, or the next, or through one cannot tell exactly, because the Americans one of their President has counted twice. Come the end of the dollar dictatorship. The European Union is bursting. Starts to disintegrate. You will see what is there now dissatisfaction and problems! Many countries want to return its currency. And over time, many will return".

Itself begs the question: "What is the currency will be to 2020-2024 years the most powerful and stable?" Smiling, Globa complained that the stars you cannot read the name of the new currency. But it appears exactly in the Eurasian Confederation.

"I can only be determined by cyclical patterns. Astrology is the science of cyclical patterns. This is not clairvoyance, I can't say the name of the currency. Will the new currency, and very strong, full-bodied".

But our future is optimistic. Must return the family and human values. And life will become better and easier. The astrologer says that all previous predictions have come true. I would like to believe.

"There will be a need to bear children. Will give birth not one, but three to five. If you want - it will be fashionable. Happens reassessment of values. Not going to think like now that the extra child - is a blow to the budget. We will cease to be consumers. We won't live for yourself. Spirituality will rise in people".

Many fans and casual listeners really kept the astrologer. The questions were asked diametrically opposite, from naive to professional. Most interesting questions about our Belarus was not. Interesting, what will happen to our country? All he already transferred to the Eurasian Confederation? Or was present concerns to ask inconvenient questions?..

And finally, the Council of the astrologer: teach languages. They soon we all really need. Besides, forecaster says that everyone learned a foreign language extends the life of five years.
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